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Vashi Diamonds Private Viewing Event

Hey yall, im so sorry I was unable to post last Sunday due to unforeseen circumstances but as I have always said better late than never, so lets get into the post. Wednesday 26th November I was invited to the private viewing of the Vashi Diamonds collection at Tart Bar London, and bought my best friend ie my photographer along with me. Vashi Dominguez is the founder and owner of, a diamond expert with years of experience, starting his trade in the early 2000s and launching his online business in 2007. The event was hosted in the wonderful Tart Bar London which had a lovely ambiance, dimmed lights to set the scene and a plethora of bloggers and vloggers alike. The bar was in full flow of mojitos whilst the DJ created a backdrop of fresh tunes. 

The collection hosted a variety of jewellery from diamond engagement rings to a multiple of precious stones such as sapphire and ruby. Guests were able to try on necklaces, rings, and bracelets and oogle the collection in its full glory. With tunes pumping and drinks flowing guests mingled amongst one another discussing the beautiful collection and indulging in blogger chit chat. The event was full of Vashi’s favourite bloggers and vloggers until it was time to go.

Amongst the private viewing you were able to pamper yourself with what the collection had to offer. From be-spoke pieces such as the yellow sapphire, white diamond halo ring and the letter necklace to other divine pieces that bloggers where a fan of included an array of diamond engagement rings, earrings and necklaces as well as a set of diamond sapphire necklace and matching stud earrings, and a set of diamond ruby necklace with matching hoop earrings. The collection of jewellery pieces ranged from £239 to £6,065 and can be purchased from the Vashi website.

Thank you again Vashi for inviting me, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

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What do you think of the brand and the beautiful jewels?


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  1. Those rings look beautiful, I bought an engagement ring recently in the centre of London in Diamond Boutique which has a similar feel to this. They helped me design a bespoke diamond engagement ring, it's lovely.


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