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Welcome to Sincerely Shug, now many of you will know that my previous blog name was Shugahlicious but with a new year I felt it was time to also redesign and rename my beloved blog that I cherish. I have grown so much with my blog and have been writing almost just over four years now, I wanted something fresh and new but didn't want to totally lose what my blog is and who I am, therefore keeping the Shug part of both blog names. With a new layout and now a custom domain I am looking forward to continuing my blogging journey with the rest of the blogging community as well as those who read my blog. I will continue to blog of course but now on two days of the week instead of just one!! Wednesday's and Sunday's will be the allocated days that you will see fresh new beauty and lifestyle posts, may it be a product review, a moany rant or just expressing what I have been up to as of late. I cannot express how proud of my blog I am as it has always been there through both difficult and glorious times in my life especially in the past four to five years. So welcome or welcome back to the new Sincerely Shug!


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