Impulse acne treatment review

For the past month I have been able to review the impulse three step acne treatment, using the products daily morning and night and I cant get enough of it. 

What they say:
The impulse three step acne is a unique three step system that uses anti bacterial ingredients and skin rejuvenating minerals free of benzoyl peroxide and sodium sulphate found in other acne treatments, it has a sensitive formulation which is gentle to the skin. The bio cleanser is said to clean and exfoliate dead skin cells as well as removing oily residue. The toner helps tighten pores and tone skin to ensure skin is supple. And the treatment gel treats and repairs acne prone skin. Impulse treatment is not tested on animals

What I say:
After using the treatment daily, I have reaped the benefits of a clearer healthier complexion, although I have not seen any help of reduction in acne spots or blemishes (as I have had none- maybe this is because of the three step solution's since using it), I have seen a dramatic difference in the appearance of my old acne scars fading as well as my complexion looking brighter. The three step system has not made me break out in anyway neither has it caused blockage to my pores due to build up of product. I have thoroughly enjoyed using and experiencing the Impulse system. In a daily routine I dampen my face with warm water and apply a pea size amount of the cleanser massaging it into the skin and rinsing. As the cleanser dries I then apply the toner mist either with a cotton pad or by spraying the toner to my face at arms length, leaving it to dry naturally. Thirdly I apply the acne gel to the target areas of my skin with obvious acne scarring/ blemishes, which is generally on my cheeks. Then I continue with my own skincare regime. The treatment works well with other skincare products so has enabled me to delve into this routine fairly easily. The acne treatment gets a definite yes from me and I look forward to doing another review in a months time to show how my skin has transformed over two moths of using the products.

Thank you to Impulse acne treatment for letting me trial the products mentioned.


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