Reflection: 2014

2014 Reflection
Happy New Year, to all of you that follow my blog and whoever is reading it now, I hope the new year brings you good health and happiness. I want to say a thank you to all that have supported me an my little blog and I look forward to continue to grow on this little space on the interwebs. 

So I have never been one to make new year resolutions and I don't plan on changing that, but when it comes to an end of a year into the new year I tend to reflect back on everything that has happened. And as we came into the new year I only just realised how far I have come in only a year, now i'm not going to babble on and on about every achievement before I bore you but wanted to share a few highlights that I really need to learn to be proud of.

1. Depression: I officially came out of the worst part of my depression and the dark days are gone, I also chose without the decision of my doctor to come of my anti-depressants.

2. Anxiety: This year I learned how to somewhat manage my anxiety, I haven't had a blackout since April 2014. (See more details here on my anxiety)

3. Events: Along with coming out of the worse parts of my depression and anxiety, it enabled me to grab opportunities and I ventured out to blogging events and events in general alone without needing a chaperon (which i've had for 4 years) and without a hint of paranoia.

4. UNI: I was able to complete my second year of uni and enter my third year of my part time combined social sciences course and attend some tutorials alone.

5. PRINCES TRUST: I finished and completed a Princes Trust Team Programme (see here for post).

6. Ambassador: I officially became a Princes Trust ambassador promoting the trust, representing young people and being able to talk to MP's and larger organisations about the challenges young people face today such as bullying, youth unemployment, the homeless and mental health.

7. Blogging: I became more comfortable to develop and to  turn my blog into a lifestyle blog as well as a beauty blog and talk about current topics such as my own battle with my anxiety and mental health. 

8. People: With getting past the sticky stages in my life I was able to grab opportunities and with this gave me the chance to meet some incredible people, such as attend and be invited to a number of blogging events, talk at parliament, train with Morgan Stanley and give a speech to the women's institute. All in which I met some incredible people both ambassadors, bloggers and business men and women.

9. Home: After being homeless I was housed into my hostel where I currently reside, this helped to change my life around. (For further info on my hostel life)

10. Love: Last but certainly not least, I have changed my views on the world and myself and i'm starting to love myself and the skin i'm in, flaws and all. Learned to value my self worth and realised even through the dark times, light can appear in the most unexpected places.

To round this up, I never even planned any of this to happen to me a year ago. Going into 2014 I had no resolutions I was homeless, suffering severe depressed, paranoid and my anxiety was out of this world I couldn't even walk to the shop. After four years of this I thought I was entering another year of misery. Who knew my life would turn around in only just one year.

This is now why I don't want to start making resolutions, sometimes things are best unplanned, the world works in mysterious ways and I am going to continue taking the good with the bad.



  1. Girl, this is one of the best "year round-up posts" i've read. I remember reading your anxiety post and thought, you're not alone! I also went through years of SHIT! Times does heal and I am so happy for you, on top of all that, congratulations on completing your second year of uni and your programme! I gotcha back girly ;)

    I also have a A MAC Lipstick Giveaway (of your choice) happening RIGHT NOW on my blog ;)

    May your NEW YEAR fill you with joy and prosperity

    Shanna | My Curves and Lashes

    1. You are such a darling and I always look forward to your comments babe. Thank you so much x


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