Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Snail Gel for Youthful Skin!

At some point many of us will be looking for products to keep our skin looking youthful, supple and fresh. I have always been keen to investigate just which anti-ageing serums would do the trick, and wanted to start my journey to youthful skin and anti-ageing products now, earlier is better than late. It is proven that the earlier you start to use products to reduce signs of ageing you will reap the benefits later on in life. So when I got my hands on the Dr. Organic, Organic Snail Gel Facial Serum I was eager to give it a try, I  had heard so many great reviews, comments and people talking about it in the blogging world and just had to try it out for myself.
With many anti-ageing products costing an arm and a leg, most of us want to find a serum that does the job as well as being cost effective, well maybe not everyone but I certainly do and being a student your not exactly loaded with cash.

Dr. Organics snail gel is one of the newest releases from the brand. the snail gel is said to improve skin hydration by 32% after four weeks of working it into your skincare regime, create a more youthful glow, protect skin against antioxidants, slow down skins cellular ageing and leave the skin with a smooth surface nourished and restored. 

The serum is a lightweight creamy consistency, that easily absorbs into the skin, I am very particular when finding the right products for my skin and find it peculiar when products don't easily absorb straight into the skin as it gives me the impression that it is loaded with lots of hidden ingredients which makes the product too thick. In this case the snail gel was able to absorb easy and quickly. The snail gel is best used before moisturising in the morning and also in the evening to get the best results. Although the snail gel is very lightweight, and suitable for all skin types the gel can leave a slight shine to the skin if you are prone to oily residue or if you have combination/oily skin type.

Overall I was very impressed with the serum, and haven't had any blemishes due to the product being used. The only fault I may have with the snail gel that many may not notice is that there is a faint product smell when using it which may put some people off. I have had the snail gel for some time now and I can certainly say a little goes a long way. A certified way to get youthful looking skin for more than half the price of other anti-ageing products.  

What do you think of the snail gel serum?


Sunday, 22 February 2015

Depressing Doctors

This past year 2014 to be precise, I had many complications with the doctors that I recently moved to. After being made homeless then moving into my hostel I was completely out of my depth moving from Essex back into London. This meant I had to change my doctors, as my old GP practice back in Essex was just to far to keep travelling to. As I had no set address as well as having hypothyroidism I needed to make sure I got all my various medication.So had to find a new doctor.
Many of you know I have been studying my Open University degree for sometime now, and when I found out that this year I would be sitting an exam, my student support had advised me to get my new doctor to write a letter for the exam board, in order to have extra time or a home examination due to my depression, panic attacks and anxiety disorder. 

When approaching the doctors I switched to four months ago to discuss the examination letter they had no recollection of who I was or where my files were. Long story cut short, once discussing the situation with the doctor I was with at the time, she told me that my anxiety and depression was not a disability. I tried to explain that actually it is under the DSA for students and was then told again that because she is a professional that I do not have a disability and do not need any help. After more months of trying to sort the issue I had to get my support worker involved, the doctors still couldn't find my records even knowing that I need medication or I will get unwell, because of my thyroid condition I have to take tablets for life and this was also causing strain as they couldn't provide me with the correct dose.

Only when I tried to make my first complaint, I was told in a threatening and patronising way that there was no point in complaining as they would win, as they would bring up information about me. Which in this case they meant in regards to leaving my psychotherapy sessions (I was set to go to for two years as I felt the therapist I was with never helped as we didn't have a connection) I chose to leave with my previous doctors consent, they would use this against me to say how I am not a cooperative patient. As I continued with my battle with this doctors (I will not name and shame) I wanted to file a proper complaint and get other people involved my mysterious files were found. They also told me a letter of my files for my university would cost me £80. 
Not only did I not want a copy of my files,  I only wanted a simple letter stating I suffer with depression and anxiety. The manager told me I do not suffer with these such claims as I had never told them I was feeling sad so never put it on file? (but hold on, I thought you never had my files) and also that when you change into a new doctors (by this time I had been with them for over six months) unless you state you have depression from the start it gets wiped off the system (what system you never had my records I thought?). The manager also went on to tell me because I am not on anti depressants, (which I chose to come off after four years relying on them with my old GP practice) that apparently I am not depressed, What kind of doctors is this!

This is a place where they are meant to be helping people yet made me go through hell because I never went to my doctors crying? And when needing my set prescribed medication couldn't help me. 
After all the issues I had with that doctors, I had decided to call my previous GP in Essex who gladly said they would write a letter for me as well as advising me to leave the doctors I was with, as some surgeries try to make money out of people and because I was young and vulnerable thought they could take advantage. 
In our society doctors are the first point of contact when we need help. If it is true that depression gets wiped off your file (which I doubt)  then this is disgusting! How can someone like me improve my health when being told I am not ill nor have I got certain conditions and that I am lying. How can a place make you feel so belittled and because of their profession act as if you know nothing and they are superior to you. How can a place that is meant to be compassionate and caring want to take advantage and be out right blatantly rude. If this is the case people in these positions need to leave these jobs and find something where they don't have to care for individuals nor need an ounce of compassion. 

Obviously not all doctors are like this, and maybe I should have done my research, but when being homeless and having conditions where you need medication the first thing on my mind is to change quickly to ensure my health is accounted for.

since the new year I have left this terrible doctors as I have moved house and moved to a nicer family orientated doctors. I never knew a place where you go to, to get better could make my health 100% worse for those months. On a lighter note I wanted to appreciate and end this post on the beautiful photograph taken by my friend which helped to lift my spirit as I wrote this post today. 

What are your thoughts on the depressing doctors?


Wednesday, 18 February 2015


I was kindly sent some products from DGJ Organics to trial, and was pretty excited to take the plunge. When it comes to looking after my hair whether it be extensions or natural hair, it needs to have a solid routine in order to be healthy nourished and strong. So when I was contacted I jumped at the chance to trial new products to see how well it works with my haircare routine.

I was sent the Hangover Hair range from DGJ which includes the luxury shampoo and conditioner, and also the intensive conditioning treatment. As with overcoming a hangover we reach for products food and hangover cures, DGJ have brought a range to deal with hair that has gone through its paces of everyday lifestyles from such things as pollution and diet. 

What they say: The luxury shampoo contains wheat protein, coconut extracts, honey, organic lavender and vitamins. The ingredients help to detoxify and revitalise all hair types.
What I say: The luxury shampoo is gentle and lathers just enough to ensure hair can be cleaned without too much excess. I particularly enjoy how the shampoo doesn't strip back hair of its essential natural oils and keep my hair completely soft and smooth without tangling or drying it out.
What they say: The luxury shampoo contains wheat protein, coconut extracts, honey, organic lavender and vitamins.  The ingredients help to detoxify and revitalise all hair types.
What I say: The luxury conditioner is the perfect pair to wrap up the washing process, it gently conditions hair, I prefer to leave it in for around ten minutes to soak up to ensure my hair is soft easy to detangle and shiny. The luxurious pair work so well together that I love using it on my extensions. My only down side to the might duo is that because they are both infused with lavender, I am not to keen or fond of the smell and also have allergies to lavender so find it best to use on my extensions.
What they say: The luxury shampoo contains wheat protein, coconut extracts, honey, organic lavender and vitamins.  The ingredients help to detoxify and revitalise all hair types,leaving hair glossy and full of shine. 
What I say: This is my favourite product out of the three it literally feels as though I am using salon professional products getting a professional treatment. The intensive conditioning treatment is perfect to use if you have more time on your hands to pamper your hair, which act as a hair repair to restore damaged hair as well as bringing back and revitalising your hair to ensure it has a glossy professional finish. I leave this in my hair for up to thirty minutes to an hour to take full advantage of its restorative powers and leaves my extensions feeling silky smooth and healthy,

Overall I have become a fan of all three trio hangover products and know exactly what I will be reaching for when my hair extensions become drab dry and dysfunctional. All three products are easy to use and enable me to work it into a haircare routine that I am thoroughly enjoying. Although not fond of the lavender I know this is definitely something I will reach for when I am at the point i need to call 999 for my dreary dreadlocks. 

Thank you DGJ Organics
Have you tried any other products from the range?


Sunday, 15 February 2015

Love yourself: You are unique

For a long time now, it has occurred to me that many of us don't love nor value ourselves. When did we get into this bubble of no longer feeling as though we are valued enough to love ourself.  As a generation many of us young people have hundreds of insecurities, which has been brought on by the media.
 Remember when we was young?  What happened to that curious little girl and the inquisitive little boy who enjoyed playing with the invisible friend, running around outside having adventures and climbing trees. As we have got older we have forgotten our inner child and the things we used to love the most, our imagination which in turn was ourselves. 

It is very healthy to be alone and enjoy the company of silence and our own thoughts. I never used to be keen on being alone and it has taken me a very long time to embrace the fact that no-one knows me like I do and I am therefore,my own best-friend. 
A few things that has helped me along the way is the smaller things that we tend to forget:

1. Being too critical 
As human beings we constantly criticise ourselves and compare our journey to other peoples accomplishments or achievements. We need to break out of this and remember that everyone has their own story, their own journey and with that their own struggles and triumphs. 

2. With all the bad there is always good.
When people feel as though only bad things are happening to them there is always something good that can be taken out of the bad. When I would pick at myself for how I looked, I had to learn that
surely there is something I like about myself and this helped me to come to terms with who I am.
''Stop hating yourself for everything you aren't and love yourself for everything you are''

3. Always make time for you
Do the things you love, they are what makes you who you are. 

We need to learn to love ourself and enjoy what we have. You are unique and noone can tell you different, what would you say to your younger self if they was feeling how you do now? You are wonderful, and if you don't believe it please believe I do! 



Workout Essentials

A month in since the new year, and hopefully those resolutions are still going strong. The new year new me, getting fit, eating clean and heading to the gym, was on many people's lists. Summer is not long away and we all want to achieve that summer body, or install a new healthy lifestyle. Whether you are working out at the park, jogging in your local area, hitting the gym or dusting off those old workout DVDs we all have those workout must haves to keep us in the workout mood.

Your workout essentials might be that killer workout tune and your new headphones, or those special running shoes. For me my essentials is all about feeling fresh even though I may not look it. 
Avene Eau Thermale Water Spray
This miniature water spray by Avene, is the perfect size to pop in my bag when I'm off to the gym or working out at my local park. It's a handy spritz that freshens the face when I become too hot and need to cool down. Not only can it be used on the face but can be used on the body also. Avene water spray is a multi-purpose product that can be used for irritated skin, sun burn, to set your makeup or as a refreshing mist. Available in 50ml up to 300ml
50ML RRP £3.50

Soft & Gentle Deodorant
I guess this is pretty self explanatory, the travel sized Soft and Gentle deodorant is again the perfect size to pop into your bag, and if you need a quick freshen up then this will do the trick. No one wants to leave the gym feeling all sweaty and moist. And if you cant hit the showers then this will cover you until you can reach your own shower in the comfort of your own home.
75ML RRP £1.89

Anti Bacterial Hand-Gel
Another miniature product that is easy to carry around is anti bacterial gel, not only do I have this on me where ever I go but when working out it is easier to spread bacteria around as people sweat. I love to use the outdoor gyms in parks so I make sure to use this before and after I finish a workout.
RRP £0.98P

Elle MacPherson The Body Compact Mirror
I love to carry around a compact mirror that I can use once a workout is over, something I can easily reach for to fix those straggly hairs into place and to look a bit more presentable. The compact mirror I am using is the Elle MacPherson compact mirror.
RRP £9.99

As you can probably tell I like to travel light when working out where ever that may be. Everyone needs those handy workout essentials and these few keep me feeling fresh after every workout. 
Let me know what your essentials are!



Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Simple Valentines

This valentines whether you've got a date with that special someone, or are having a pamper day with your mum, shopping with your girlies or just having some good old me time. Why not treat yourself, pull out that makeup bag and put your face on whilst listening to some of your favourite tunes. 
For a simple makeup look, why not opt for a subtle neutral smoky eye, bronzed highlights and that killer bold red lip.
Easy as 1,2,3 ... 4, 5.
To start off, choose your favourite base (foundation, BB cream or tinted moisturiser). I opted for my Lancome Teint Idole Foundation applying all over the face with a stipple brush. Then conceal under the eyes, forehead and cupids bow to add dimension to the face to get rid of that 2D effect. Only add to the areas the sun would naturally hit, I used the Make-up Forever full coverage concealer one shade lighter than my foundation.
After applying that flawless base, its time to work on those eyebrows. Remember eyebrows are sisters not twins so don't worry if they don't look completely identical. To get the perfect brows for me, I'm using the Collection Eyebrow Kit in the darkest shade of the trio with the provided eyebrow brush. I follow the natural shape and fill in lightly so they don't look OTT! After setting with brow gel I finish the look by highlighting my eyebrows and neatening them with some concealer.  
It's now time to set everything together, for under the eyes I opt for my trusty Ben Nye Banana Powder. Then for the rest of the face, I powder lightly with my Real Techniques powder brush using Gosh Prep n Prime translucent powder. To contour I always reach for the Sleek Contour Kit in medium and my Real Techniques contour brush for my cheek bones, chin, jaw-line and forehead near the hairline. To add that goddess glow I reached for my Collection bronze glow ultimate to highlight my cheekbones and the Collection bronze glow mosaic to highlight my forehead, nose bridge, cupids-bow and chin. To add a little colour to the cheeks go for a sweet rosy colour, I lightly added Collection blush in Cheeky the perfect pink to make the boys wink.   
To achieve that subtle smoky eye, I picked the Collection eyes uncovered nude bronze palette. I used the darkest bronze shade for the smoky outer corners of my eyelid working it into the crease, followed by the golden copper colour for the lid and blending them both together to ensure I had no harsh lines. Finally for the inner corners of the eyelid I used the light nude brown to brighten and waken up the eyes. For mascara I opted for the Collection big fake curves mascara to add some volume and length to the lashes without making them look to dramatic. 
For that killer bold lip I outlined my lips and filled slightly, using Nars Scarlett Empress, a plum purple lipstick to give the lips a subtle ombre effect and add dimension. Then I finished it off by using the Collection Deluxe Lipstick in Silent Movie.

This Valentines a simple make-up look is all you need to be that PYT! Seal the deal with taking that flawless instagram picture. 
Thanks to collection for providing the mentioned products in the post. 


Tuesday 3rd February I was invited to attend the Gosh Cosmetics SS15 press event, as usual Gosh was an amazing host showcasing all that they had to offer at the stunning W Hotel in Leicester Square. The event kicked off at 5pm with a plethora of fine cuisine, champagne and cocktails. The PR girls guided me around the new makeup launches February and the magnificent hydrating primer that is due to come out in March exclusively for Superdrug, definitely the top product to look out for. As well as engrossing myself in the intriguing products I was able to take full advantage of the manicures that was being offered with the new nail lacquers, Snow White and Moroccan Night being my top favourites and adding my addition to the lipstick wall. It was truly a lovely evening with a exceptional ambiance!
Primer Plus+
"To create porcelain perfect skin"
The Primer Plus hydration aims to create perfect youthful skin with the help of snow algae an active anti-ageing skincare ingredient. The active ingredients enables the primer to safeguard skins youthfulness and skins longevity, Primer Plus hydration helps to rejuvenate,hydrate and protect the skin by strengthening cellular skin defense. The Primer is a perfect base for flawless smooth makeup blurring out fine lines and pores, but can also be used without makeup for a more natural look.
RRP £13.99
Nail Lacquers
"New season nails at your finger tips"
The Nail Lacquers offer seven new on trend colours including chic white, pale pastels and sumptuous purples. The new Nail Lacquers have a fast drying formula to ensure a flawless high shine manicure, as well as having a new wide brush for guaranteed easy application of one stroke, creating a perfect and professional manicured look in seconds.
RRP £3.99 Each
No Limit Lash Mascara
"Extra dimension and drama"
The No Limit Lash Mascara aims to create luscious long lashes and an open eye effect like the beautiful iconic Twiggy. With its high performance flexible brush and new formula, the No Limit Lash ensures to add instant dramatic length and maximum volume with just a couple of applications. RRP £7.49
Eyelight Trio
"New go to compact for sexy state of the art sexy eyes"
The Eyelight Trio sets contain three textures to create that perfect eye makeup consisting of an iridescent highlighter for the perfect shine, outstanding glitter eye shadow for intensity and drama and satin texture for contouring and adding depth. These four trio palettes will enable you to create flawless eyes with just one compact alone.
RRP £6.99 Each
Forever Lip Shine
"Twist up Lipstick in 10 bold colours"
Forever Lip Shine creates bold dramatic lips with just one stroke, the twist up lipstick enables effortless application in a jiffy. With its intense colour and creamy smooth texture the Lip Shine does not only just make your lips look good but feel good too, leaving your lips moisturised and magnificently soft. The Lip Shine is able to be used as a lip liner and a full on lipstick that lasts for hours without topping up, versatile lipstick with added lip-gloss shine and ten shades to suit any occasion from subtle nudes to dazzling brights.
RRP £6.99 Each
What is the Urban Vibes Campaign?
"Colours and lights of city nights"
The Urban Vibes campaign from Gosh cosmetics takes its inspirations from the city night streets of intensity and darkness combining it with funky neon colours. To present it's two new products, New Xtreme Mascara and Xtreme liquid gel eyeliner in 9 daring shades. Urbanize your look with colours and lights of the city nights! 
Extreme Volume & Length Mascara
"Deep black, intense as the night sky"
The Extreme Volume and Length Mascara provides lashes with maximum volume,length and definition, with its soft fiber brush and triangular shape it gives lashes a spectacular false lash effect with easy application. The Extreme mascara has rich ingredients to create the finest formula, thick liquid mascara with wet low viscosity and quick high drying viscosity allowing you to benefit from the best of both worlds without smudging or crusting. Extreme Volume and Length Mascara enables you to easily achieve volume curling and long lash effect. Extreme Volume, Extreme Length, Extreme Definition for an Extreme and undoubtedly effortless false lash look!
RRP £8.49 
Xtreme Liquid Gel Eyeliner
"Edgy, colourful, playful, fun and happy colours reflecting the colours and lights of city nights"
The new Xtreme Liquid Gel Eyeliner enables you to play around with makeup framing the eyes with bold colours. With nine, 13hr long-lasting bedazzling colours to add an urban vibe to your look. The gel formula is perfume and paraben free, with a fast drying, smudge resistant and water proof finish. The brush has a flexible soft and precise tip for extremely easy application and allows you to create individualized lines from ultra thin to extra wide. These intense colours range from black night, gun metal, bronze, plum, royal blue and turquoise to name a few. Feminine and fun products for daring women of all ages!
RRP £5.99
I had an exceptional evening and look forward to what else Gosh Cosmetics has to bring in the future. 


Sunday, 8 February 2015

Liebster Award & Tag

Picture from
This week I was nominated by the sweet Caprice from Fait Divers Blog for the Liebster Award. The Liebster Award is given to bloggers who have less than 1000 followers who deserve recognition for their blog and content that they create and to help others discover new blogs! 

So the rules are as stated: 
1. Give thanks to the blogger/bloggers that nominated you.
2. Answer the tag question from the other blogger.
3. Nominate 11 bloggers. 
4. Create 11 new questions.
5. Notify the nominees through social media or comment box

Caprice left me a few questions to answer for the tag, which I will be answering below. I'm so glad to be answering the tag and to have been nominated as I have wanted to do a get to know me tag in some way and this is the perfect way to let the readers out there to know a little more about me.

I hope you enjoy the posts and the answers! 

1.What is one of your best childhood memories?
Growing up in a big family I have so many that it is hard to pick one, but some of the best childhood memories is spending time with my twin brother Lei. We did literally everything together and my favourites are being part of 'Wildlife Club' at the age of 9-10 where we would go out with mentors to learn about nature and wildlife, go horse-riding, camping and we even learn how to chop down a tree.

2. Name three things you hope to achieve in 2015?
Well this year my first achievement was ticked off already by beginning of Feb, I was able to move out of my hostel into my own one bedroom flat. My second thing I hope to achieve is to complete my third year of uni with a high grade then to go into fourth year. And my final thing I hope to achieve is to work even closer with the Princes Trust which I hold close to my heart.

3. What is your favourite season and why?
I'm sure many of you know due to my constant complaining on twitter that I love Spring. I am a spring baby and also its just the perfect time of year where blossoms come out flowers bloom the weather is sunny (but not boiling).

4. If you was an animal which animal would you rather be?
A chestnut horse with a long beautiful shiny mane, horses are elegant, strong and beautiful animals.

5. You are on a deserted island, tell me three things you would take with you?
A pot for boiling water also to ensure my drinking water is purified. A thermal blanket/ sleeping bag that keeps in the heat, and insect/mosquito repellent because I am not taken any chances! If you was hoping for cute items I'm sorry, I like to think practical lol. 

6. I dare you to share an embarrassing moment?
This is actually a very good and very hard question,  
This may be a little TMI but it would have to be my combo embarrassment, although as a youngen I had been told all about the birds and the bees, all about a girls body during puberty. 
At the age of ten on my tenth birthday I woke up to go to the toilet only to see that I was bleeding. I screamed for my mum and thought I was dying. As a growing girl I locked the bathroom as I went to do my business. My mum ran to the bathroom shouting to open the door and all I could do is cry and sit there thinking I was dying. She kicked opened the door only to tell me, it was my first period. Then my older sister came along laughing and said ''mother nature has bought you a present for your birthday''.  So not only did I think I was dying in a locked bathroom but I had been greeted with puberty on my birthday. How embarrassing!

7. What is your favourite sport?
I have a few actually, when I was younger I was on the track team, netball team and also did long jump. Things that I had thoroughly enjoyed.

8. What motivated you to start blogging?
As my depression started to worsen just over four years ago I set up my blog to keep me occupied as I was unemployed and at the time not doing anything. And I am so glad I did, my blog has been with me during my toughest times, when I have needed a break and then when I came back with vengeance to be healthier and better, and I think that shows with how I write now my openness and my progression of my blog.

9. What is the most bizarre food you have ever had?
I don't actually think I have eaten bizarre food, I have the most simplest palette I'm not very adventurous. 

10. Share your favourite quote
Mine has to be:
 'Always expect the unexpected '
' No-one can make you feel inferior without your consent '

11. If you was to have dinner with a celebrity, who would you pick and why?
 I would have to chose someone who is funny, someone with banter who can keep a conversation going and just have fun, like a comedian. I cant pick one but to give you a few ideas people like 
Alan Carr, Lee Evans, Jonathan Ross, Russell Brand,  Shappi Khorsandi, Miranda Hart, Gina Yashere, Katherine Ryan... Catch my drift

12. Describe yourself in three words
Mothering, Independent, Fun

That's it all the questions have been answered!
I would like to nominate these beautiful people listed below for the Liebster Award! Even if you have already been nominated, I nominate you again because you are great bloggers!
*Mariah from Starla Says*
*Sammy from Little Fickle*
*Lee-Anne from Wotshernameagain*
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*Rasida from HelloRasida*
*Claire from Fineanddandy*
*Jodie from Jaeydarobin*
*Julie from FashionBeautyAcne*
*Shanna from Erica Rosa*  
*Ally from Ally in Wonderland*
*Jo from JoBrlw*
These are the questions I would love you girlies to answer!
1. How did you come up with your blog name? What's the story behind it?
2. Favourite past time other than blogging?

3. If you could have one superpower what would it be and why?
4. Tell me your future goals and dreams?

5. If you had a dinner date what would you cook and why? Starter, Main, and Dessert?
6. You won £1000 on the lottery what would you spend your winnings on?

7. If you could only have one of your senses what would it be and why?
8. If you could be a fly on a celebrity wall for a day, whose wall would you be on? 

9. Favourite song you are listening to on repeat?
10. If you had to take the Queen to the 99p store with £5 what would you buy her?

11, What is the one thing you have accomplished that makes you so proud?

Please contact/ tweet me when you put yours up, look forward to reading your answers!



Wednesday, 4 February 2015


After going through my products and getting rid of a few empties I decided to write a post on the five top products I feel that keep me alive, fresh and rejuvenated. 

1&2. Creme of Nature Argan Oil Sulfate Free Moisture And Shine Shampoo & Intensive Conditiong Treatment
After purchasing this duo, I have thoroughly enjoyed using these two products in my hair care routine. I had seen many of vloggers bloggers and you-tubers speak about this holy grail product and finally gave in and popped to the local shops to join in with the great reviews and comments. I am very familiar with the brand in general but had never tried the shampoo and conditioner, and boy am I glad I did join the bandwagon. The Shampoo nourishes my hair without causing it to tangle and leaves it smelling oh so good, whilst the conditioner helps to strengthen, moisture and de-tangle my hair with ease.

3. Rituals Fortune Scrub
I received this beauty in a beauty box a few months ago and completely forgot about it until moving into my new flat. Without even using the product you can just smell a burst of citrus that is crying to be lathered over the body. The Rituals Fortune scrub is a delicate mild exfoliant with small gentle exfoliant beads that massage effortlessly into the skin creating a luxurious silky foaming cream texture. My whole body feels so so clean and as if I am literally a made out of citrus.

4. La Roche-Posay Serozinc
The La Roche Posay Serozinc! What can I say there is not much I can say, it is a miracle worker if you suffer with oily blemished skin like I do.  This product is so handy to have in the house or in my handbag, to use with or without makeup on. I prefer to use the Serozinc without makeup on in my skincare routine as I find it helps my skin to feel toned and fresh, although I do love to use it when my makeup has become a mess of an oil painting and with one spritz it makes my makeup look like a matte masterpiece.

5. The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask
Another product that has blown up in the blogger community and the YouTube community is this diamond. It is the masks of all masks easily making my top two. The body shop mineral mask warms on the face during application and penetrates and cleanse deep into the pores. The warming sensation  whilst the mask is doing its miracle work is so relaxing and invigorating that once you wash it off your skin feels fresh and new again.

Do yu have any products that make you feel alive?


Sunday, 1 February 2015

Tips for a first time mover

As many of you may know I have recently moved from my hostel into my first official flat. Before the move it was pretty daunting having to prep everything, I have lived on my own now for a number of years but this move was causing me to be a little more anxious about it. Now that I have somewhat settled in, I wanted to write down a few pointers as to what helped me with the smooth transition of moving home.

1, Boxes are Boxes
In the world of television when people are due to move home, there has always been this unrealistic perception of using pristine boxes of all the same size, tapped and labelled in a beautiful manner. But in the real world a box is just a box, and there is no need to order boxes online just to move it from one place to another. A handy tip would be to go to your closest corner shops and ask for their leftover boxes that they no longer need. Collect as many beforehand to ensure you have enough and the best thing about it is that they are free. 

2. Metres, Metres Everywhere
Before nesting into your new home, if possible it would be handy to try and organise those important bills before you move in. Call up the water company, gas and electric to find out who your providers are. Do a little background work to ensure you want to stay or move to a cheaper provider, that way all you have left to do is to read your meters. (Ensuing you know where they are before hand)

3. Walking Google Maps
Not everything we do has to be with the help of the internet. It is handy before the move or as you move, to scope the local area, so that you know where your nearest emergency services, supermarkets, post offices and alike are. I recently took a stroll to find my local parks which i'm sure will be used in blog posts to come.

4. Gumtree is your Friend
Going back to the fantasy of the perfect move, not everyone has the money or the time to hire out large moving vans and their services. So why not do research before to see whether you can find services at a more affordable price such as gumtree or local mini cabs. 

5. All hands on Deck
With moving house its always easier to get a smooth transition with more people on board, so grab you cousin, your best friends uncle, your dad and your nanna to help move all those boxes out of the old house and into the new one.

6. Know Thy Neighbour
As you begin to settle in, this may not be an easy task but it is always comforting to know who your neighbours are. Whenever you see them introduce yourself and say hi. As they will be the people to keep an eye on your property when your away, and its just nice to be nice.


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