Depressing Doctors

This past year 2014 to be precise, I had many complications with the doctors that I recently moved to. After being made homeless then moving into my hostel I was completely out of my depth moving from Essex back into London. This meant I had to change my doctors, as my old GP practice back in Essex was just to far to keep travelling to. As I had no set address as well as having hypothyroidism I needed to make sure I got all my various medication.So had to find a new doctor.
Many of you know I have been studying my Open University degree for sometime now, and when I found out that this year I would be sitting an exam, my student support had advised me to get my new doctor to write a letter for the exam board, in order to have extra time or a home examination due to my depression, panic attacks and anxiety disorder. 

When approaching the doctors I switched to four months ago to discuss the examination letter they had no recollection of who I was or where my files were. Long story cut short, once discussing the situation with the doctor I was with at the time, she told me that my anxiety and depression was not a disability. I tried to explain that actually it is under the DSA for students and was then told again that because she is a professional that I do not have a disability and do not need any help. After more months of trying to sort the issue I had to get my support worker involved, the doctors still couldn't find my records even knowing that I need medication or I will get unwell, because of my thyroid condition I have to take tablets for life and this was also causing strain as they couldn't provide me with the correct dose.

Only when I tried to make my first complaint, I was told in a threatening and patronising way that there was no point in complaining as they would win, as they would bring up information about me. Which in this case they meant in regards to leaving my psychotherapy sessions (I was set to go to for two years as I felt the therapist I was with never helped as we didn't have a connection) I chose to leave with my previous doctors consent, they would use this against me to say how I am not a cooperative patient. As I continued with my battle with this doctors (I will not name and shame) I wanted to file a proper complaint and get other people involved my mysterious files were found. They also told me a letter of my files for my university would cost me £80. 
Not only did I not want a copy of my files,  I only wanted a simple letter stating I suffer with depression and anxiety. The manager told me I do not suffer with these such claims as I had never told them I was feeling sad so never put it on file? (but hold on, I thought you never had my files) and also that when you change into a new doctors (by this time I had been with them for over six months) unless you state you have depression from the start it gets wiped off the system (what system you never had my records I thought?). The manager also went on to tell me because I am not on anti depressants, (which I chose to come off after four years relying on them with my old GP practice) that apparently I am not depressed, What kind of doctors is this!

This is a place where they are meant to be helping people yet made me go through hell because I never went to my doctors crying? And when needing my set prescribed medication couldn't help me. 
After all the issues I had with that doctors, I had decided to call my previous GP in Essex who gladly said they would write a letter for me as well as advising me to leave the doctors I was with, as some surgeries try to make money out of people and because I was young and vulnerable thought they could take advantage. 
In our society doctors are the first point of contact when we need help. If it is true that depression gets wiped off your file (which I doubt)  then this is disgusting! How can someone like me improve my health when being told I am not ill nor have I got certain conditions and that I am lying. How can a place make you feel so belittled and because of their profession act as if you know nothing and they are superior to you. How can a place that is meant to be compassionate and caring want to take advantage and be out right blatantly rude. If this is the case people in these positions need to leave these jobs and find something where they don't have to care for individuals nor need an ounce of compassion. 

Obviously not all doctors are like this, and maybe I should have done my research, but when being homeless and having conditions where you need medication the first thing on my mind is to change quickly to ensure my health is accounted for.

since the new year I have left this terrible doctors as I have moved house and moved to a nicer family orientated doctors. I never knew a place where you go to, to get better could make my health 100% worse for those months. On a lighter note I wanted to appreciate and end this post on the beautiful photograph taken by my friend which helped to lift my spirit as I wrote this post today. 

What are your thoughts on the depressing doctors?


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