Snail Gel for Youthful Skin!

At some point many of us will be looking for products to keep our skin looking youthful, supple and fresh. I have always been keen to investigate just which anti-ageing serums would do the trick, and wanted to start my journey to youthful skin and anti-ageing products now, earlier is better than late. It is proven that the earlier you start to use products to reduce signs of ageing you will reap the benefits later on in life. So when I got my hands on the Dr. Organic, Organic Snail Gel Facial Serum I was eager to give it a try, I  had heard so many great reviews, comments and people talking about it in the blogging world and just had to try it out for myself.
With many anti-ageing products costing an arm and a leg, most of us want to find a serum that does the job as well as being cost effective, well maybe not everyone but I certainly do and being a student your not exactly loaded with cash.

Dr. Organics snail gel is one of the newest releases from the brand. the snail gel is said to improve skin hydration by 32% after four weeks of working it into your skincare regime, create a more youthful glow, protect skin against antioxidants, slow down skins cellular ageing and leave the skin with a smooth surface nourished and restored. 

The serum is a lightweight creamy consistency, that easily absorbs into the skin, I am very particular when finding the right products for my skin and find it peculiar when products don't easily absorb straight into the skin as it gives me the impression that it is loaded with lots of hidden ingredients which makes the product too thick. In this case the snail gel was able to absorb easy and quickly. The snail gel is best used before moisturising in the morning and also in the evening to get the best results. Although the snail gel is very lightweight, and suitable for all skin types the gel can leave a slight shine to the skin if you are prone to oily residue or if you have combination/oily skin type.

Overall I was very impressed with the serum, and haven't had any blemishes due to the product being used. The only fault I may have with the snail gel that many may not notice is that there is a faint product smell when using it which may put some people off. I have had the snail gel for some time now and I can certainly say a little goes a long way. A certified way to get youthful looking skin for more than half the price of other anti-ageing products.  

What do you think of the snail gel serum?


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