Tips for a first time mover

As many of you may know I have recently moved from my hostel into my first official flat. Before the move it was pretty daunting having to prep everything, I have lived on my own now for a number of years but this move was causing me to be a little more anxious about it. Now that I have somewhat settled in, I wanted to write down a few pointers as to what helped me with the smooth transition of moving home.

1, Boxes are Boxes
In the world of television when people are due to move home, there has always been this unrealistic perception of using pristine boxes of all the same size, tapped and labelled in a beautiful manner. But in the real world a box is just a box, and there is no need to order boxes online just to move it from one place to another. A handy tip would be to go to your closest corner shops and ask for their leftover boxes that they no longer need. Collect as many beforehand to ensure you have enough and the best thing about it is that they are free. 

2. Metres, Metres Everywhere
Before nesting into your new home, if possible it would be handy to try and organise those important bills before you move in. Call up the water company, gas and electric to find out who your providers are. Do a little background work to ensure you want to stay or move to a cheaper provider, that way all you have left to do is to read your meters. (Ensuing you know where they are before hand)

3. Walking Google Maps
Not everything we do has to be with the help of the internet. It is handy before the move or as you move, to scope the local area, so that you know where your nearest emergency services, supermarkets, post offices and alike are. I recently took a stroll to find my local parks which i'm sure will be used in blog posts to come.

4. Gumtree is your Friend
Going back to the fantasy of the perfect move, not everyone has the money or the time to hire out large moving vans and their services. So why not do research before to see whether you can find services at a more affordable price such as gumtree or local mini cabs. 

5. All hands on Deck
With moving house its always easier to get a smooth transition with more people on board, so grab you cousin, your best friends uncle, your dad and your nanna to help move all those boxes out of the old house and into the new one.

6. Know Thy Neighbour
As you begin to settle in, this may not be an easy task but it is always comforting to know who your neighbours are. Whenever you see them introduce yourself and say hi. As they will be the people to keep an eye on your property when your away, and its just nice to be nice.



  1. Loved this! I remember doing all of these when moving into uni houses (nowhere near as scary as getting your own flat!), it was so confusing but once you get into routine it is such a lovely feeling :)

    Do you think you'll do a few interior posts? I'd love to see how you decorate! :)

    Hazel xx

    p.s. loving the blog design!

    1. Thank you darling, I defo will put up a few cheeky posts of homeware hauls etc! xx

  2. Truly amazing post! I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. Check out my post here for your questions:

    1. Thank you honey, will be sure to check it out and get it done this week! xxx


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