A month in since the new year, and hopefully those resolutions are still going strong. The new year new me, getting fit, eating clean and heading to the gym, was on many people's lists. Summer is not long away and we all want to achieve that summer body, or install a new healthy lifestyle. Whether you are working out at the park, jogging in your local area, hitting the gym or dusting off those old workout DVDs we all have those workout must haves to keep us in the workout mood.

Your workout essentials might be that killer workout tune and your new headphones, or those special running shoes. For me my essentials is all about feeling fresh even though I may not look it. 
Avene Eau Thermale Water Spray
This miniature water spray by Avene, is the perfect size to pop in my bag when I'm off to the gym or working out at my local park. It's a handy spritz that freshens the face when I become too hot and need to cool down. Not only can it be used on the face but can be used on the body also. Avene water spray is a multi-purpose product that can be used for irritated skin, sun burn, to set your makeup or as a refreshing mist. Available in 50ml up to 300ml
50ML RRP £3.50

Soft & Gentle Deodorant
I guess this is pretty self explanatory, the travel sized Soft and Gentle deodorant is again the perfect size to pop into your bag, and if you need a quick freshen up then this will do the trick. No one wants to leave the gym feeling all sweaty and moist. And if you cant hit the showers then this will cover you until you can reach your own shower in the comfort of your own home.
75ML RRP £1.89

Anti Bacterial Hand-Gel
Another miniature product that is easy to carry around is anti bacterial gel, not only do I have this on me where ever I go but when working out it is easier to spread bacteria around as people sweat. I love to use the outdoor gyms in parks so I make sure to use this before and after I finish a workout.
RRP £0.98P

Elle MacPherson The Body Compact Mirror
I love to carry around a compact mirror that I can use once a workout is over, something I can easily reach for to fix those straggly hairs into place and to look a bit more presentable. The compact mirror I am using is the Elle MacPherson compact mirror.
RRP £9.99

As you can probably tell I like to travel light when working out where ever that may be. Everyone needs those handy workout essentials and these few keep me feeling fresh after every workout. 
Let me know what your essentials are!


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  1. Lovely post! Great to know what workout essentials you need! x


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