Sunday, 29 March 2015

Beauty Blogger Tag

Today I thought I would keep it rather laid back this Sunday and hit you all with a tag post. I love writing lifestyle posts and thought this would be perfect for getting to know me better. Grab a cuppa and some biscuits, get cosy in your bed or on the sofa, wrap a blanket or duvet round ya and get stuck in, its a bit of a long one!

1. Is your hair naturally curly or straight?
I have curly frizzy natural hair but love to mix up my hair styles with extensions and constantly changing my hair colour because if you know me, I get bored so easily of the same thing, so can change up my hair monthly.

2.Do you dye it yourself or go to a salon?
I have no need to dye my natural hair at all unless I have extensions in, I have had many struggles with my natural hair and hairdressers before have made my hair fall out and all sorts so I try to steer clear. I like to go crazy constantly changing the colour of my extensions and that's the only thing I dye myself, love playing around with different colours. I've had so many hair colours, red, purple, burgundy, black, brown, blonde, ginger.

3.Do you wear the same hairstyle everyday or do you change it up?
I love having my extensions in and having my hair down, but at the same time my go to look is pinned up with a headscarf like a pin up doll. 

4.Do you do your own mani/pedi or got to a salon?
I certainly do my own everything, mainly because I am not made out of money and also there is something quiet relaxing having a day to yourself and having a good old pamper.

5.How often do you change your nail polish?
I prefer to do my nails for specific events so that whenever I have somewhere to go like, press event's or a birthday bash etc. But on average maybe twice a month, I make sure to give my nails a good pamper and pop of colour. 

6.Do you polish your toes in the winter or just the summer?
To tell the truth, I try to leave my feet alone. I hate feet so don't look forward to playing dress up on them. haha.

7. How long does it take for you to put on makeup?
This is such a hard question as it depends on where I am going and the occasions. If i'm just seeing family it can take 10 minutes or so if i'm not too bothered or trying to create a desired look. But if i'm going out or something with friends roughly about 30 minutes, (which to some probably seems like forever). I tend to take ages on getting the perfect base then finding the best lipstick for the evening and don't even get me started on the winged liner!

8. What do you do first? Face or eyes?
I don't get people who can do their eyes first, I find it rather backwards. But I guess each to their own. I start first with my foundation base for my face then eyebrows etc.

9.Do you collect makeup or just buy what you need, when you need it?
I don't collect for it to just sit there if that's what you mean. I buy makeup to review or when iv'e been eyeing up a product for ages, and also when I need to replace products I already have,

10.How often do you wear false lashes?
Haha never, not if you have to put it on yourself, i'm the biggest beauty blogger failure at that. I prefer getting eyelash extensions. 

11. Do you do a full face of makeup everyday?
Ain't nobody got time for that. I literally just do not have the time to do that every single day. Especially if you just need to pop out for like an hour, i'd just slap on some BB cream, mascara and a nude lip. 

12.Do you wear makeup when you are home alone or with family?
Again this is something i'd do if i'm in the mood i'll just put some BB cream on like I said above. I don't have time to put makeup on for no reason just to be at home. I'm learning to love my own skin as I used to suffer with really bad acne the scarring would upset me, but now I'm older and loving the skin i'm in. 

13.Will you leave the house without makeup?
If you asked me this question about two years ago I would have said hell to the no. I used to layer on makeup like I was icing a cake. My insecurities were so high I just couldn't bare people to see me for me. But now i'm in a different place in life and have no issues with doing so.

14.How many high end products do you own?
I would say its probably 50/50 I wouldn't go out of my way to go and count every single product, but I do like to find products I can use from both ends of the spectrum. For example I really like Collections eyebrow kit for a high street brand but also love Estee Lauder mascaras. 

15.Do you plan your OOTD every night or decide when your are getting dressed?
I am not and never will be a fashion blogger so OOTD are not important to me. I dress to be comfortable and that's it. The only time I plan my clothes beforehand is if I have a meeting the next morning so I want to make sure everything is organised and prepped the night before.

16.How often do you change your handbag?
Whenever I feel the need to change one or when one has too much junk in lol.

17.What time do you wake up and go to sleep?
I wake up roughly around 9am (which depends on what i'm doing and where i'm going). Other days such as for meeting etc I can be up at 7/8am but generally I will awaken from my tomb at 9ish. And I go bed pretty early sometimes 11pm or if i'm feeling wild then id go bed at 12!! >.<

18.How often do you workout?
With the new year kicking in I wanted to get fit, lose some weight and have a healthier lifestyle. I ended up joining a boot-camp that starts it 3rd week this Monday coming. Which you can read here. I officially now workout 3/4 times a week.

19.Left handed or right handed?
The right handed way

20.How tall are you?
I recently discovered (thanks to boot-camp) I am not 5'4 :( I actually am 5'1 and a half officially... *No comment*

21.Do you speak any foreign languages?
Oui comment tu t'applle?

22.How many pets do you have?

23.How often are you on blogger?
Every week, every day, every hour, every minute

24.Do you read comments posted on blogs?
No I have more interest in reading the actual blog post... or is that weird am I missing something?

25.Do you keep a list of products you want to try?
Certainly, come on every blogger does it, I have lists upon lists on my Iphone its starting to get ridiculous now. But I just love making lists and I hate not knowing what a products is. 

26.How did you come up with your blog name?
My blog name used to be called Shugahlicious if you haven't followed me since the start and I re-branded this year 2015 renaming the blog Sincerely Shug. My nickname is Shug as its short for Sugar/Sweet/Sweetness you get the drift and I thought it would be perfect for my blog.

27.What kind of camera do you use for photography?
I currently use a canon eos m. Best camera I have invested in, but would like to buy a Olympus pen generation camera soon. Fingers crossed (It's in my list lol).

28.How often do you clean your house?
Everyday I be cleaning I be cleaning everyday

29.Whats your favourite colour?

30. Do you swear?
Is this even a serious question? I'm sure we are all of age swearing is allowed (ain't it, if not i'm sorry). We are no longer in the playground and no one is going to run to Miss Hibbert and tell her I said shit (year 3 memories).

31.What are you doing with the rest of your day?
Sundays are made for relaxing and I will be doing exactly that!

Hope you enjoyed the post.
Happy Sunday All


Wednesday, 25 March 2015


I was contacted over twitter by the lovely people at NovaLash to trial some of their new cosmetics, starting off as an eyelash extension business and moving their way into cosmetics was something I wanted to know more about, especially as I was told that the mascara was meant to be as good as having false lashes on. NovaLash have moved the brand from the US all the way to their neighbouring country the UK. So when they contacted me asking to trial the products it was something I just had to get stuck into. if many of you don't know I LOVE mascaras and wouldn't pass up the chance to review them. 
I was particularly impressed when communicating over email they asked me to even write if I didn't like the products and how it could be improved as many companies avoid criticism and only want good reviews.

NovaLash was founded in 2004 by (biologist and cosmetic chemist), Sophy Merszei, she pioneered the very first distribution, training network for eyelash extensions.  NovaLash produces products and teaches techniques and has quickly became the world’s first global distributor of eyelash extension products. NovaLash is one of the leading brands in the field of eyelash extensions, and their commitment is to providing safe, flawless eyelash extensions to all. NovaLash has developed  adhesives and cosmetics including NovaLash Mascara and CleanLash. NovaLash Eyelash Extensions are available in thousands of salons and spas across the US and in over 40 other countries worldwide.

The mascara by NovaLash is formulated so it can be used in conjunction with NovaLash eyelash extensions or without, boasting of a deep black colour and benefiting from clump free stress, NovaLash mascara enables you to create perfect looking lashes with just a few coats. NovaLash mascara is adhesive friendly so wont cause any distress to extensions creating natural lengthening lashes looking full and beautiful. When used with eyelash extensions the mascara helps aid the filling of the lash line where lashes may shed, keeping them looking full until re-application.

I enjoyed using the NovaLash mascara particularly on days where I wanted a natural look, or when I wanted no make-up at all and just a touch of mascara. The bristles enable me to create lengthening lashes with just one coat as well as them not clumping together and being able to see every separated lash with ease. When trying to create a more dramatic look, I found that the mascara was unable to build the fullness I desired which caused me to double up on mascara's mixing two to find the right balance. The Mascara was lovely to use for general daytime looks but couldn't reach the potential I was hoping for it to have.
NovaLash CleanLash is the ultimate eye-make up remover, specifically formulated to use in conjunction with NovaLash eyelash extensions and mascara. The CleanLash benefits from being free from glycol and carbonate as well as boosting with pomegranate seed oil. CleanLash is easy to use, swipe directly on eyelashes to break down the build up of mascara. 
I had very high hopes for the CleanLash remover pads and to my surprise I was pleasantly impressed, the remover pads are multi-purpose benefiting from a three in one formulation. 

1.Removes eyemakeup
2. Cleanses
3. Conditions 

 What more could a girl ask for, not only did I find it easy to wipe away old mascara it also cleansed all around my eyes and left my eyelashes and lids completely moisturised. In some cases make-up remover pads can completely strip you of moisture leaving skin around the eyes dry and tight. The CleanLash pack comes with approximately 50 pads, so I know I will be mindful when using them

You can purchase products here
Overall I am rather impressed with the brand, from eyelash extension to cosmetics range, I think they have done fairly well. Unfortunately the lashes don't give that hopeful desired fake eyelash extension look but do get extra bonus point for being a dazzling mascara able to both separate and lengthen lashes. I will certainly continue to use the two together and would say its worth giving it a go. Look out for the NovaLash products over on the website or why not even try their eyelash extensions. I'm curious as to see how the extensions would end up, so might even book myself in for one and review.


Sunday, 22 March 2015


Happy Sunday, so for all those who follow me on twitter you have probably heard that Iv'e joined a boot-camp. During my boot-camp sessions I attend three times a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday completing cardio and strength training exercises. And additionally I go out an complete my own workout on a Saturday morning.

I suffer with hypothyroidism in which stops (or in some cases for people slows down) metabolic rate, therefore I store unnecessary fats which encourages weight gain. Hypothyroidism is a diseases of the thyroid gland that stops producing the right amount of thyroid hormones which helps with the process of hair/nail growth and strength, irregular menstrual cycles which can stop altogether and much much more the list goes on and on. Over the years my small amount of workouts haven't been beneficial enough to keep the weight off and instead continued to let weight pile on. With my condition I take medication called levothyroxine that helps control and regulate hormones that I cannot make myself (which i will continue to take for life). Because of this I have sought help from numerous  nutritionists doctors and plenty more professionals in the past, even to the extent that an old GP decided to prescribe me with Orlistat tablets to help with losing weight, which was such a fail that I decided to stop as it didn't work for me and increased my palpitations. 

Several years I have struggled with my weight way before being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I battled with anorexia and other eating disorders from the age of 11 till 17. 

Bootcamp was introduced to me through social media and I just had to know more about what it was all about. With a team of well being coaches and personal trainers they go through with you, your well-being plan from the help of their health monitor after an initial registration sign up date (which I did about a week ago) and fit test. Unbelievably to my astonishment I was able to run a mile in 17 minutes! that's under 20!!!. I was so shocked to know I could even do that or complete a mile run because I am not the fittest person in the world. 

After going through my health results I am in pretty bad shape, a lot of it is to do with my thyroid disorder and vitamin d deficiency, I found out I had a metabolic age rate of 38! That's like 14 years older than I am. But as my coach knows my conditions she understands some of the disadvantages I face, I have been working with her for the week now and trying to figure out what is best for my diet and nutrition as I have lots and lots of allergies.... Nuts (apart from cashews), Caffeine ( including chocolates, alcohol, fizzy drinks, energy drinks etc), Bananas, Some Fish, Tomatoes, as well as being a very fussy eater, I do not eat rice, hardly drink milk and I guess you guys kinda get my drift. Overall I have a very sensitive stomach which has left me with a very bland palette. 

I have planned to concentrate on bringing down my metabolic age and get fit instead of focusing on my weight loss. as it seems like a healthier mind frame to be in. After constantly battling with my mind and weight for years, I need a safe logical and practical way to work with my conditions. The next time we have a fit test is three and a half weeks away which I am hoping I can complete in 15 minutes which will hopefully show my progress. Finally I will be working a lot more on my nutrition as the trainers say its only 20% workouts and 80% nutrition that helps and encourages your healthy  lifestyle change. 

The Boot-camp sessions I attend run for four weeks then have one week off, and you are able to sign up again to start it all over. 

That's all for now, I will continue to update my journey with you, including all the ups and downs. 


Thursday, 19 March 2015

NEW LAUNCH: Simple's Micellar Cleansing Water

Tuesday 10th March saw the release of Simple's newest launch of their kind to skin Micellar Cleansing Water.  I was invited to the event that was held at the beautiful Mondrian hotel Spa, as I entered the I was greeted by the lovely Dominique from Beauty Seen PR, who gave me an overview of the new launch and what the evening would consist of. 
Followed on after trialing the new micellar water was a talk from some of the experts, the great Lisa Valencia makeup artists to the stars and catwalk models has fallen in love with the miracle micellar water, she has even got her sons hooked! Lisa gave top tips and tricks on how best to use the cleansing water within your makeup routine and the best ways to use it dependent on your skin type. Dermatologist Dr. Phillipa Lowe an advocate for the brand with other sixteen years professional experience, talked about the science behind the secret as to why Simple's kind to skin Micellar water is the best of the best. 
THE SECRET: Want to know the secret as to why Simple's micellar cleansing water is becoming so popular? The secret is that the cleansing water has a unique special formula in which it has been triple filtered, yes that's right triple filtered! By doing this technique it leaves the water to be free from minerals like iron, magnesium and calcium that you find in hard water (which is the same reason you find limescale around your taps, or why you can find you skin to go tight after washing it in the bathroom) that dehydrates the skin. The purity of the water is enriched with skin loving ingredients like Vitamin B3, Vitamin C and glycerin that enables the skin to stay hydrated without irritation so the skin is left happy soft and super super clean.
When using Simple micellar cleansing water, soak a cotton pad and sweep over the skin until it comes away clean, it can be used to remove makeup, dirt and impurities leaving pores clear and skin refreshed. The cleansing water is specially formulated to grab dirt and impurities and leave it on the cotton pad. Try cleaning your face with face wipes and then using the simple micellar water on a cotton pad you will be pleasantly surprised to see just how much dirt is left on the skin.
This multipurpose product can be reworked into any skincare regime before and after using your chosen face wash or cleanser, to prep the skin before moisturising or makeup, as a toner or in a spray bottle for setting makeup when you are finished. It is literally an all in one product for a simple little price of £4.49! You can't go wrong. Imagine reaching for one product that can literally do everything and not having to go here there and everywhere for all your other products.
TOP TIP: Many of us have very busy days working in the office or running errands all day, pop this simple secret into the fridge for a couple of hours and take it out with you whilst out and about to freshen up throughout the day with one spritz (of a spray bottle).
Be sure to pick this miracle worker up and give it a try, you'll regret it if you don't. If its good enough for the catwalk then its good enough for my dressing table back at home and i'm loving every bit of it!



Wednesday, 18 March 2015

NEW LAUNCH: Soft & Gentle Skin Science Launch

Last week Tuesday I was invited to go down to the new launch of Soft and Gentle's three new additions from their skin science range.  I was guided through each and every scene that was made for the individual sprays and was able to learn the science and wonder behind each and every one of the new launches. I was already excited before I even reached the event, as I have always been a fan of Soft and Gentle, it was the first ever deodorant my mum introduced me to and now at twenty three years old i'm still using it. 
Behold the three new innovative releases by Soft n Gentle ''Skin Science''range. Available at Boots, Superdrug, Asda and Tesco for £2.09
This is for you beauty conscious girls out there, the perfect underarm spray that enables you to stunt hair growth, yes I said it! A deodorant that slows down the production of hair growth with the infusion of Kelisoft (a clinically proven active ingredient). Visibly smooth offers hair minimizing protection that slows down hair growth and the thickness of hair which reduces the appearance of the shadow appearance many of us women get.This little beauty enables us ladies to have softer smoother underarms that smells great, and protects against sweating for up to 48hours. 
I am a beauty fanatic so when I heard that using this baby constantly can slow down hair growth (not that im hairy anyway) I was instantly hooked from when I was still in the room, it smells lovely and doesn't feel as though my underarms feel clogged as some antiperspirants do.
Any gym bunnies out there? This is your dream product. Ultra protect gives the perfect protection for all those who are constantly on the go, it has a unbelievably 72hour protection with a light fresh fragrance. Ultra protect contains skin synergy complex that offers skin soft and gentle protection, preventing irritation and ultimate sweat protection. 
I have been using this recently ever since I was handed it over from the launch, since starting a boot-camp and doing high intensity strength and cardio workouts, it has enabled me to keep cool and collected and not looking like a sweaty mess, it has become my favourite gym essential deodorant and I wouldn't change it for the world. 
My favourite out of the trio is the Really Pure deodorant. For anyone more interested in a natural alternative this is for you, Really pure gives confident freshness throughout the day whilst still giving your skin the freedom to breathe naturally. It is free from allergens, alcohol and aluminium chlorohydrate offering natural protection, instead it boasts of potassium alum which is a natural mineral which works as a PH adjuster to prevent odour-causing bacteria from growing, and is enriched with oat oil!  
I have always been head over heels for products that are better for your body and have greener qualities and this has to be my ultimate favourite from not just the trio but the whole Soft and Gentle range. Really pure is fresh lightweight and has such a gorgeous smell that is perfect for the spring weather that we are finally having. I use this not only as a deodorant but as a body spray also that's how much I love it!
As well as being new additions to the Soft and Gentle family and amongst the high street shelves, it has also had a makeover, with it looking more modern, sleek and not to forget this tiny product that is available in compressed size is as light as a feather, you can hardly feel it in your bag! 
Now when I say compressed you probably are thinking... 'well i don't really want to by a smaller size for the same price'... and that's where your wrong. 
The compressed cans allow you to spray less but ultimately receive the same amount of protection as it is doubly concentrated. 
Interesting Fact! Because the deodorant is compressed, less metal is being used in the making which means less waste for the environment. Every one million cans produced, saves 7.7 tonnes of aluminium which is equivalent to 4,000 aluminium bikes!!!
I thoroughly enjoyed the event and learning about the science behind each product and since then haven't looked back, and will continue to repurchase once my precious skin science range is over.

Let me know what you think of the new launch by Soft & Gentle!


Sunday, 15 March 2015

The perfect nights sleep

Lately my anxiety has hit me rough, and ever since my disorder rocketed last week and resulted me in blacking out and being in and out of consciousness. It has triggered of a case of anxiety every night, whenever it is time to unwind and go to bed my brain spins out of control and the constant thought of panic and worry haunts my brain in which I cant seem to escape. So I tried to find solutions for this before seeking advice from my doctor. 

I decided to invest in a few products and put things to work to see if they actually work and tried my best to make time to zone out relax and calm my nerves before heading to my bedroom to go to sleep. For the first time since last week Monday I was able to conquer a full nights sleep. 

The routine first started by avoiding television and trying to unwind by keeping the lights low and applying a good old face mask, my face mask of choice being the La Cure Mineral Mud Therapy which I have loved for years now but only reach for when I need a serious pamper. Whilst the face mask went to work, I made sure everything was ready and prepared for when it was time to fall asleep, by laying out my most comfortable pyjamas, covering my sheets under my quilt with baby powder because I love the smell and it keeps my skin smooth, and finally spritzing my pillows with the This Works Pillow Spray. After my bubble bath is as high as it possibly can go and as hot as my body can handle, I add a couple of drops of Maddi Alexander Rose Bath Oil. The oil makes the bath smell beautiful and helps to calm and soothe muscles as well as moisturise the skin. I make sure whilst relaxing in the bath to add a couple of my apple scented candles from Ikea to help me completely fall into relaxation. 

Once the bath is over and my jammies are on I tuck myself into bed and rest whilst using the Skyn Icelandic Eye Gels [Which I no longer have to show you as I used a sample]. The eye gels sooth and cool under your eyes and help to reduce fine lines. I leave it on for around 10-15 minutes whilst I meditate, strip them off and gently wait till I fall asleep. Which in this case only took around five minutes and I was gone. 

And that's it the few steps I took to maintain a perfect nights sleep and control night anxiety,



Thursday, 12 March 2015


Mothers day is approaching fast and I know many of us haven't bought that special lady in our life a gift. So here are a few ideas to get your brain ticking and you feet moving to spend the cash to show your love, whether it be for your nana, sister, mum or auntie be sure to treat them this mothers day.
The Youthful Mum
The women who will forever look 38
For the youth concious ladies in your life, why not treat her to some luxurious products such as the *Bio Oil and *Manuka Doctor. A perfect duo to keep skin youthful, supple and soft, keep those fine lines at bay, as well as leaving your skin as smooth as a baby's bottom.
Bio Oil, everybody's best friend for smooth silky moisturised skin and to ease the appearance of stretch marks and scarring. Infused with its breakthrough ingredient PurCellin oil that helps to break down the thickness of oil to ensure easy absorption into the skin. What more can a girl want than extra smooth skin. Available from most retailers. Bio Oil 60ml ranging from £4.49-£6.99
Manuka Doctor, a slightly more expensive brand but worth every penny. The Illusionist rapid lift mask is an award winning anti-wrinkle mask that encourages blood circulation to plump the skin to feel much firmer, toned and youthful. The rapid lift mask is infused with bee venom to increase collagen for skins elasticity. Available at the Manuka Doctor Website 40ml £29.99
She won't be able to resist using these luxurious products right away, she might just snatch it out your hands and thank you later.
The Cosy Mum
The women that say 'put the kettle on love'
This one is for all the ladies out there who like to put on their slippers, brew a cuppa and cosy up with a good book. Nothings better than jumping into your cosy lounge wear, or that fluffy dressing gown and losing yourself into the depths of your favourite authors fictional world. Here are a few suggestions that may be of interest to that special lady.
The Casual Vacancy written by the notorious J.K Rowling has recently been adapted into a TV series on BBC 1, now if that's not enough to tempt you to purchase I don't know what is.
North-West (NW) written by popular author Zadie Smith is her latest novel, and a big hit amongst both older and younger generations.
Bring either of these home with some delicious biscuits, and a huge cup of tea, and you will be in her good books for day. 
The Sassy Mum 
The women that love to twerk
For all the ladies who have a bigger make-up bag than their daughters. Why not hit them up with the ultimate surprise of some of their favourite beauty products. One can never have too many make-up bags. Treat them to their favourite foundation, nail polish or lipstick. Why not opt for
 Lancome Teint Idole Ultra, a foundation that has a flawless finish, an array of shades and lasts all day to keep her looking like perfection. When a sassy lady wants to look her best it always starts with the base. 
 Essie 'lots of lux' is the perfect nail colour for the girl who loves to party, adding a bit of glitz and glamour to her outfit is bound to make her shine bright like a diamond.
Estee  Lauder 'Michael Kors- Very Hollywood', now who wouldn't want a lipstick called very Hollywood? This nude lipstick with a hint of pink, adds just the right amount of undercover diva to show everyone who's queen bee.
Get the tissues ready (to remove the lipstick) she might just give you a big kiss for the gifts you buy.
Whether she's the youthful lady, the sassy queen or the cosy comfort lover, she is bound to fall in love with anything that you buy for her this mothers day. Remember its the thought that counts right?lol



Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Maintaing my healthy hair

In London the weather fluctuates on a daily basis, this can cause your hair to constantly battle the ever changing weather. To keep my hair healthy moisturised and glossy, I use a few holy grail products to help combat frizz, dryness, and dull hair. 

[Picture shows sample size]
I was first introduced to the Philip Kingsley range last year due to a blogger chat over on Twitter, where fellow bloggers where discussing some of their favourite brands. I have been using the Philip Kingsley range ever since, and my favourite of the bunch being the Elasticizer. The Elasticizer is a intensive conditioning pre-shampoo treatment for all hair types, it helps to boost elasticity, restore shine and smooth out knots, kinks and tangles for manageability. Before I shampoo my hair, I wet it and apply a generous amount of Elasticizer to sections of my hair, then cover with a shower cap for up to thirty minutes before rinsing out and starting the rest of my routine.
Another brand that caters for all hair types is the Trilogy range, The refresh and shine shampoo protects the hair by creating a botanical shield that is enriched with keracyn, a rich antioxidant protein extracted from artichoke. Brightens hair with the help of infused calendula that gets rid of excess oils, Rosehip to bring back and restore glossy hair whilst chamomile helps to soothe itchy scalps. After using the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, I continue my regime by shampooing my hair with the refresh and shine shampoo by Trilogy, I massage the shampoo into the wet hair working it up into a lather and then rinsing out, I make sure to do this step twice to ensure my hair is benefiting from all the rich ingredients. 
Following on from the previous product of the duo, the refresh and shine conditioner is enriched with keracyn, rosehip and aloe vera to renew hair full of bounce. Keracyn protects the hair from the sun with the help of it's protective shield. Aleo Vera hydrates and moisturises hair to make it more manageable and tangle free whilst Rosehip infused with camomile conditions the scalp. With damp hair I massage a small amount of conditioner into hair and scalp, then rinse out.
*Thank you to Pegasus PR for sending over Trilogy products
Lee Stafford released the Ubuntu Oils and I was immediately hooked, especially with the repair oil. The repairing oil is rich with mafura oil that penetrates through the hair and restores coarse, damaged or brittle dry hair. Whilst my hair is still wet and in the process of drying I use a few drops of the Ubuntu oil and run it through my hair, focusing on the ends.Although the repair oil is most beneficial on dry or damaged hair, it can be used on all hair types, but must be used sparingly for those with thin hair. I let my hair dry naturally and avoid using heat such as hair dryers to deter drying out or damaging my hair. 
When my hair is nearing the mid stage between damp and dry I then apply a small amount of Ultimate Blends oil to boost shine concentrating mainly to the ends of my hair. The Marvellous Glow oil is blended with  Argan and Camellia oils and can be used in various ways. Before washing to pre nourish hair for added suppleness, before styling to help protect against heat damage from up to 230 Celsius of heat, after styling as it contains a UV filter to protect hair fibres, between washes for boosting shine to hair and leave hair smelling lovely. 

Once my hair is dry and complete, I style it in whichever style I am feeling for the day.  And thats it my holy grail products which I use to keep it bouncy, glossy and soft!


Sunday, 8 March 2015

Let's Talk: Sleep Paralysis

Ever since I was diagnosed with depression back in 2010, I have also suffered continuously with sleep paralysis. Now many of you are probably wondering, hey? what is sleep paralysis...
What is it?
Sleep paralysis, is when the body goes into a temporary paralysed state, but the mind is awake. In other words your mind is no longer in sleep mode, you can see, you can hear but your body cannot make any movements. This is due to the muscles in your body being so relaxed during sleep, that when you are awakening from your REM sleep there is a delay, in which your body is still in a temporary paralysed mode, whilst trying to catch up with the mind.
My Experiences
The first time I had ever experienced my sleep paralysis, it was the most frightening thing ever, I knew I was awake as my eyes where open and I could look around the room, but I couldn't move my body nor speak any words to call out for help. It was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. It is scary to think that when you go to have a nap, and you wake up and you see a friend or family in the room, you cant talk to them. Or sometimes you feel as if you are but in fact it is just what the brain is thinking and not speaking.

Now moving on four and a half years, it is still and always will be a terrifying experience, but I have now learnt it is a temporary thing. With the help of counselling and the GP I have been able to understand the science behind Sleep paralysis and I am working round having less paralysis states, 

Sleep paralysis can last from a few seconds to several minutes and never any longer. But when you are experiencing it, it can feel like ages. It is a condition that can happen to anyone but is more prone to teens and young adults and also those who may be going through insomnia or having sleeping difficulties.

 I had a serious case of insomnia for over six months in which I was unable to sleep, and whenever I did I would either fall into sleep paralysis, suffer with night terrors or wake up into sleep paralysis. This is when I experienced having sleep paralysis everyday and night. During this time of my insomnia I was going through a serious case of hallucinations, in which it maximised my sleep paralysis, during my paralysed state  I would see my hallucinations without being able to call out for help or run with fear.  

If you are going through sleep paralysis the main thing to remember is that it is only temporary, and will soon pass, try to keep calm and breathe. Many of you know that I suffer with an anxiety disorder and this condition has been able to trigger off my anxiety but remember also to use techniques to keep you away from that state of panic and to avoid blackouts and panic or anxiety attacks.
As discussed previously symptoms would be feeling that you are awake you can see hear and smell but cannot move the body. In some cases such as mine you may feel as though someone is in the room with you (hallucination) but this is very rare.  After the episode is over you may feel very anxious. 
There are a few tips that can help aid sleep paralysis, although sleep paralysis isn't something that can be cured simple steps can be taken to ensure it doesn't happen as often.

1. Try not to nap during the day
2. Find a solid bed time routine and stick to a bed time
3. Have 7/8 hours sleep per night
4. Try not to sleep with distractions that can affect sleep ie TV or Radio
5. Try to unwind before bed with a bath to relax the mind nothing to stimulated.

See your GP
These are just tips and tricks I have used before with the help of counsellors and the GP, but if you are finding that you think you may be suffering quite frequently with sleep paralysis, you should contact your GP and discuss this further with a professional.

I hope this was an informative post, and I will be doing more Lets Talk series on Sundays during my lifestyle posts, discussing things I have personally been through and much more. If you have suffered or do suffer with Sleep paralysis I hope this post helps. 



Wednesday, 4 March 2015


A month since the press event with Gosh cosmetics, I have been indulging myself into the box of goodies they provided to all guests who attended. It's like a box of chocolates that I just can not put down and keep away from. The box has made me really excited to try out and play with. For details of the press event please find my post here
Eyelight Trio
The eyelight trio is the perfect compact eyeshadow for on the go, giving you three eyeshadows to create a easy step by step look. I have fallen in love with the trio compact. For me I personally like it because it is in the shades I love most. I am not the biggest eyeshadow wearer so like to play it safe and stick to neutral colours such as browns golds coppers and bronzes and this does just that, with the added diva touch of shimmer and glitter to make your eyes pop!
Extreme Volume & Length Mascara
 I am enjoying using the mascara at the moment in time, and look forward to keep working with it to find how to use it best. This mascara is still in my process of reviewing but I do like how dark the mascara is as well as the hold it has, easy to use wand that is not messy.
Xtreme Liquid Gel Eyeliner
When attending the press event and looking at the new products that would be launching, I wasn't very drawn to the coloured gel eyeliners, i'm not sure if its because my application is terrible or because i'm not used to experimenting and wearing lots of colour on my eyes. But the gel eyeliners are something I look forward to using for fun and when doing makeup for other people. I was surprised to see every single colour from the range in the box though. For me I really love the dark black liner (although i'm not the best at applying) and the nib of the liner is very flexible so makes it easy to work with, and probably even more easer if you aren't me. 
Primer Plus+
This primer at the moment is the most talked about primer and I was so glad to see this new beauty sitting amongst the rest of the other products. I am still currently enjoying using the primer plus, and working it into my routine to see which way works best, but at the moment I am really enjoying it and look forward to reviewing this further in detail.
Forever Lip Shine
This is easily one of my favourite products from the SS15 launch, probably because i love lipsticks so when Gosh said they was launching 10 colour Lipshine's I couldnt wait to try it out, just six more to buy. I love how you only need one coat of the lipshine as it is so pigmented you dont need to keep going over, lasts almost all day and keeps lips moisturised soft and kissable! haha. 
Nail Lacquers
Running in joint first place of my favourite products of the range has got to be the new nail lacquers, the colours are absolutely stunning. I have been wearing them over and over, and they last about a week without chipping so that's a bonus. All of the colours I received are sitting pride of place on my dressing table. With spring opening its arms to us all, it is the perfect time of year to break out these beauties of pastels and muted colours. 

What are your thoughts on the latest Gosh cosmetics products being added to the collection?

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