Happy Sunday, so for all those who follow me on twitter you have probably heard that Iv'e joined a boot-camp. During my boot-camp sessions I attend three times a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday completing cardio and strength training exercises. And additionally I go out an complete my own workout on a Saturday morning.

I suffer with hypothyroidism in which stops (or in some cases for people slows down) metabolic rate, therefore I store unnecessary fats which encourages weight gain. Hypothyroidism is a diseases of the thyroid gland that stops producing the right amount of thyroid hormones which helps with the process of hair/nail growth and strength, irregular menstrual cycles which can stop altogether and much much more the list goes on and on. Over the years my small amount of workouts haven't been beneficial enough to keep the weight off and instead continued to let weight pile on. With my condition I take medication called levothyroxine that helps control and regulate hormones that I cannot make myself (which i will continue to take for life). Because of this I have sought help from numerous  nutritionists doctors and plenty more professionals in the past, even to the extent that an old GP decided to prescribe me with Orlistat tablets to help with losing weight, which was such a fail that I decided to stop as it didn't work for me and increased my palpitations. 

Several years I have struggled with my weight way before being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I battled with anorexia and other eating disorders from the age of 11 till 17. 

Bootcamp was introduced to me through social media and I just had to know more about what it was all about. With a team of well being coaches and personal trainers they go through with you, your well-being plan from the help of their health monitor after an initial registration sign up date (which I did about a week ago) and fit test. Unbelievably to my astonishment I was able to run a mile in 17 minutes! that's under 20!!!. I was so shocked to know I could even do that or complete a mile run because I am not the fittest person in the world. 

After going through my health results I am in pretty bad shape, a lot of it is to do with my thyroid disorder and vitamin d deficiency, I found out I had a metabolic age rate of 38! That's like 14 years older than I am. But as my coach knows my conditions she understands some of the disadvantages I face, I have been working with her for the week now and trying to figure out what is best for my diet and nutrition as I have lots and lots of allergies.... Nuts (apart from cashews), Caffeine ( including chocolates, alcohol, fizzy drinks, energy drinks etc), Bananas, Some Fish, Tomatoes, as well as being a very fussy eater, I do not eat rice, hardly drink milk and I guess you guys kinda get my drift. Overall I have a very sensitive stomach which has left me with a very bland palette. 

I have planned to concentrate on bringing down my metabolic age and get fit instead of focusing on my weight loss. as it seems like a healthier mind frame to be in. After constantly battling with my mind and weight for years, I need a safe logical and practical way to work with my conditions. The next time we have a fit test is three and a half weeks away which I am hoping I can complete in 15 minutes which will hopefully show my progress. Finally I will be working a lot more on my nutrition as the trainers say its only 20% workouts and 80% nutrition that helps and encourages your healthy  lifestyle change. 

The Boot-camp sessions I attend run for four weeks then have one week off, and you are able to sign up again to start it all over. 

That's all for now, I will continue to update my journey with you, including all the ups and downs. 


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