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In London the weather fluctuates on a daily basis, this can cause your hair to constantly battle the ever changing weather. To keep my hair healthy moisturised and glossy, I use a few holy grail products to help combat frizz, dryness, and dull hair. 

[Picture shows sample size]
I was first introduced to the Philip Kingsley range last year due to a blogger chat over on Twitter, where fellow bloggers where discussing some of their favourite brands. I have been using the Philip Kingsley range ever since, and my favourite of the bunch being the Elasticizer. The Elasticizer is a intensive conditioning pre-shampoo treatment for all hair types, it helps to boost elasticity, restore shine and smooth out knots, kinks and tangles for manageability. Before I shampoo my hair, I wet it and apply a generous amount of Elasticizer to sections of my hair, then cover with a shower cap for up to thirty minutes before rinsing out and starting the rest of my routine.
Another brand that caters for all hair types is the Trilogy range, The refresh and shine shampoo protects the hair by creating a botanical shield that is enriched with keracyn, a rich antioxidant protein extracted from artichoke. Brightens hair with the help of infused calendula that gets rid of excess oils, Rosehip to bring back and restore glossy hair whilst chamomile helps to soothe itchy scalps. After using the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, I continue my regime by shampooing my hair with the refresh and shine shampoo by Trilogy, I massage the shampoo into the wet hair working it up into a lather and then rinsing out, I make sure to do this step twice to ensure my hair is benefiting from all the rich ingredients. 
Following on from the previous product of the duo, the refresh and shine conditioner is enriched with keracyn, rosehip and aloe vera to renew hair full of bounce. Keracyn protects the hair from the sun with the help of it's protective shield. Aleo Vera hydrates and moisturises hair to make it more manageable and tangle free whilst Rosehip infused with camomile conditions the scalp. With damp hair I massage a small amount of conditioner into hair and scalp, then rinse out.
*Thank you to Pegasus PR for sending over Trilogy products
Lee Stafford released the Ubuntu Oils and I was immediately hooked, especially with the repair oil. The repairing oil is rich with mafura oil that penetrates through the hair and restores coarse, damaged or brittle dry hair. Whilst my hair is still wet and in the process of drying I use a few drops of the Ubuntu oil and run it through my hair, focusing on the ends.Although the repair oil is most beneficial on dry or damaged hair, it can be used on all hair types, but must be used sparingly for those with thin hair. I let my hair dry naturally and avoid using heat such as hair dryers to deter drying out or damaging my hair. 
When my hair is nearing the mid stage between damp and dry I then apply a small amount of Ultimate Blends oil to boost shine concentrating mainly to the ends of my hair. The Marvellous Glow oil is blended with  Argan and Camellia oils and can be used in various ways. Before washing to pre nourish hair for added suppleness, before styling to help protect against heat damage from up to 230 Celsius of heat, after styling as it contains a UV filter to protect hair fibres, between washes for boosting shine to hair and leave hair smelling lovely. 

Once my hair is dry and complete, I style it in whichever style I am feeling for the day.  And thats it my holy grail products which I use to keep it bouncy, glossy and soft!


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