Tuesday 10th March saw the release of Simple's newest launch of their kind to skin Micellar Cleansing Water.  I was invited to the event that was held at the beautiful Mondrian hotel Spa, as I entered the I was greeted by the lovely Dominique from Beauty Seen PR, who gave me an overview of the new launch and what the evening would consist of. 
Followed on after trialing the new micellar water was a talk from some of the experts, the great Lisa Valencia makeup artists to the stars and catwalk models has fallen in love with the miracle micellar water, she has even got her sons hooked! Lisa gave top tips and tricks on how best to use the cleansing water within your makeup routine and the best ways to use it dependent on your skin type. Dermatologist Dr. Phillipa Lowe an advocate for the brand with other sixteen years professional experience, talked about the science behind the secret as to why Simple's kind to skin Micellar water is the best of the best.
THE SECRET: Want to know the secret as to why Simple's micellar cleansing water is becoming so popular? The secret is that the cleansing water has a unique special formula in which it has been triple filtered, yes that's right triple filtered! By doing this technique it leaves the water to be free from minerals like iron, magnesium and calcium that you find in hard water (which is the same reason you find limescale around your taps, or why you can find you skin to go tight after washing it in the bathroom) that dehydrates the skin. The purity of the water is enriched with skin loving ingredients like Vitamin B3, Vitamin C and glycerin that enables the skin to stay hydrated without irritation so the skin is left happy soft and super super clean.
When using Simple micellar cleansing water, soak a cotton pad and sweep over the skin until it comes away clean, it can be used to remove makeup, dirt and impurities leaving pores clear and skin refreshed. The cleansing water is specially formulated to grab dirt and impurities and leave it on the cotton pad. Try cleaning your face with face wipes and then using the simple micellar water on a cotton pad you will be pleasantly surprised to see just how much dirt is left on the skin.
This multipurpose product can be reworked into any skincare regime before and after using your chosen face wash or cleanser, to prep the skin before moisturising or makeup, as a toner or in a spray bottle for setting makeup when you are finished. It is literally an all in one product for a simple little price of £4.49! You can't go wrong. Imagine reaching for one product that can literally do everything and not having to go here there and everywhere for all your other products.
TOP TIP: Many of us have very busy days working in the office or running errands all day, pop this simple secret into the fridge for a couple of hours and take it out with you whilst out and about to freshen up throughout the day with one spritz (of a spray bottle).
Be sure to pick this miracle worker up and give it a try, you'll regret it if you don't. If its good enough for the catwalk then its good enough for my dressing table back at home and i'm loving every bit of it!


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