SS was invited to go down to the new launch of Soft and Gentle's three new additions from their skin science range.  I was guided through each and every scene that was made for the individual sprays and was able to learn the science and wonder behind each and every one of the new launches. I was already excited before I even reached the event, as I have always been a fan of Soft and Gentle, it was the first ever deodorant my mum introduced me to and now at twenty three years old i'm still using it. 
Behold the three new innovative releases by Soft n Gentle ''Skin Science''range. Available at Boots, Superdrug, Asda and Tesco for £2.09
This is for you beauty conscious girls out there, the perfect underarm spray that enables you to stunt hair growth, yes I said it! A deodorant that slows down the production of hair growth with the infusion of Kelisoft (a clinically proven active ingredient). Visibly smooth offers hair minimizing protection that slows down hair growth and the thickness of hair which reduces the appearance of the shadow appearance many of us women get.This little beauty enables us ladies to have softer smoother underarms that smells great, and protects against sweating for up to 48hours. 
I am a beauty fanatic so when I heard that using this baby constantly can slow down hair growth (not that im hairy anyway) I was instantly hooked from when I was still in the room, it smells lovely and doesn't feel as though my underarms feel clogged as some antiperspirants do.
Any gym bunnies out there? This is your dream product. Ultra protect gives the perfect protection for all those who are constantly on the go, it has a unbelievably 72hour protection with a light fresh fragrance. Ultra protect contains skin synergy complex that offers skin soft and gentle protection, preventing irritation and ultimate sweat protection. 
I have been using this recently ever since I was handed it over from the launch, since starting a boot-camp and doing high intensity strength and cardio workouts, it has enabled me to keep cool and collected and not looking like a sweaty mess, it has become my favourite gym essential deodorant and I wouldn't change it for the world. 
My favourite out of the trio is the Really Pure deodorant. For anyone more interested in a natural alternative this is for you, Really pure gives confident freshness throughout the day whilst still giving your skin the freedom to breathe naturally. It is free from allergens, alcohol and aluminium chlorohydrate offering natural protection, instead it boasts of potassium alum which is a natural mineral which works as a PH adjuster to prevent odour-causing bacteria from growing, and is enriched with oat oil!  
I have always been head over heels for products that are better for your body and have greener qualities and this has to be my ultimate favourite from not just the trio but the whole Soft and Gentle range. Really pure is fresh lightweight and has such a gorgeous smell that is perfect for the spring weather that we are finally having. I use this not only as a deodorant but as a body spray also that's how much I love it!
As well as being new additions to the Soft and Gentle family and amongst the high street shelves, it has also had a makeover, with it looking more modern, sleek and not to forget this tiny product that is available in compressed size is as light as a feather, you can hardly feel it in your bag! 
Now when I say compressed you probably are thinking... 'well i don't really want to by a smaller size for the same price'... and that's where your wrong. 
The compressed cans allow you to spray less but ultimately receive the same amount of protection as it is doubly concentrated. 
Interesting Fact! Because the deodorant is compressed, less metal is being used in the making which means less waste for the environment. Every one million cans produced, saves 7.7 tonnes of aluminium which is equivalent to 4,000 aluminium bikes!!!
I thoroughly enjoyed the event and learning about the science behind each product and since then haven't looked back, and will continue to repurchase once my precious skin science range is over.

Let me know what you think of the new launch by Soft & Gentle!


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