I was contacted over twitter by the lovely people at NovaLash to trial some of their new cosmetics, starting off as an eyelash extension business and moving their way into cosmetics was something I wanted to know more about, especially as I was told that the mascara was meant to be as good as having false lashes on. NovaLash have moved the brand from the US all the way to their neighbouring country the UK. So when they contacted me asking to trial the products it was something I just had to get stuck into. if many of you don't know I LOVE mascaras and wouldn't pass up the chance to review them. 
I was particularly impressed when communicating over email they asked me to even write if I didn't like the products and how it could be improved as many companies avoid criticism and only want good reviews.

NovaLash was founded in 2004 by (biologist and cosmetic chemist), Sophy Merszei, she pioneered the very first distribution, training network for eyelash extensions.  NovaLash produces products and teaches techniques and has quickly became the world’s first global distributor of eyelash extension products. NovaLash is one of the leading brands in the field of eyelash extensions, and their commitment is to providing safe, flawless eyelash extensions to all. NovaLash has developed  adhesives and cosmetics including NovaLash Mascara and CleanLash. NovaLash Eyelash Extensions are available in thousands of salons and spas across the US and in over 40 other countries worldwide.

The mascara by NovaLash is formulated so it can be used in conjunction with NovaLash eyelash extensions or without, boasting of a deep black colour and benefiting from clump free stress, NovaLash mascara enables you to create perfect looking lashes with just a few coats. NovaLash mascara is adhesive friendly so wont cause any distress to extensions creating natural lengthening lashes looking full and beautiful. When used with eyelash extensions the mascara helps aid the filling of the lash line where lashes may shed, keeping them looking full until re-application.

I enjoyed using the NovaLash mascara particularly on days where I wanted a natural look, or when I wanted no make-up at all and just a touch of mascara. The bristles enable me to create lengthening lashes with just one coat as well as them not clumping together and being able to see every separated lash with ease. When trying to create a more dramatic look, I found that the mascara was unable to build the fullness I desired which caused me to double up on mascara's mixing two to find the right balance. The Mascara was lovely to use for general daytime looks but couldn't reach the potential I was hoping for it to have.
NovaLash CleanLash is the ultimate eye-make up remover, specifically formulated to use in conjunction with NovaLash eyelash extensions and mascara. The CleanLash benefits from being free from glycol and carbonate as well as boosting with pomegranate seed oil. CleanLash is easy to use, swipe directly on eyelashes to break down the build up of mascara. 
I had very high hopes for the CleanLash remover pads and to my surprise I was pleasantly impressed, the remover pads are multi-purpose benefiting from a three in one formulation. 

1.Removes eyemakeup
2. Cleanses
3. Conditions 

 What more could a girl ask for, not only did I find it easy to wipe away old mascara it also cleansed all around my eyes and left my eyelashes and lids completely moisturised. In some cases make-up remover pads can completely strip you of moisture leaving skin around the eyes dry and tight. The CleanLash pack comes with approximately 50 pads, so I know I will be mindful when using them

You can purchase products here
Overall I am rather impressed with the brand, from eyelash extension to cosmetics range, I think they have done fairly well. Unfortunately the lashes don't give that hopeful desired fake eyelash extension look but do get extra bonus point for being a dazzling mascara able to both separate and lengthen lashes. I will certainly continue to use the two together and would say its worth giving it a go. Look out for the NovaLash products over on the website or why not even try their eyelash extensions. I'm curious as to see how the extensions would end up, so might even book myself in for one and review.


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