The perfect nights sleep

Lately my anxiety has hit me rough, and ever since my disorder rocketed last week and resulted me in blacking out and being in and out of consciousness. It has triggered of a case of anxiety every night, whenever it is time to unwind and go to bed my brain spins out of control and the constant thought of panic and worry haunts my brain in which I cant seem to escape. So I tried to find solutions for this before seeking advice from my doctor. 

I decided to invest in a few products and put things to work to see if they actually work and tried my best to make time to zone out relax and calm my nerves before heading to my bedroom to go to sleep. For the first time since last week Monday I was able to conquer a full nights sleep. 

The routine first started by avoiding television and trying to unwind by keeping the lights low and applying a good old face mask, my face mask of choice being the La Cure Mineral Mud Therapy which I have loved for years now but only reach for when I need a serious pamper. Whilst the face mask went to work, I made sure everything was ready and prepared for when it was time to fall asleep, by laying out my most comfortable pyjamas, covering my sheets under my quilt with baby powder because I love the smell and it keeps my skin smooth, and finally spritzing my pillows with the This Works Pillow Spray. After my bubble bath is as high as it possibly can go and as hot as my body can handle, I add a couple of drops of Maddi Alexander Rose Bath Oil. The oil makes the bath smell beautiful and helps to calm and soothe muscles as well as moisturise the skin. I make sure whilst relaxing in the bath to add a couple of my apple scented candles from Ikea to help me completely fall into relaxation. 

Once the bath is over and my jammies are on I tuck myself into bed and rest whilst using the Skyn Icelandic Eye Gels [Which I no longer have to show you as I used a sample]. The eye gels sooth and cool under your eyes and help to reduce fine lines. I leave it on for around 10-15 minutes whilst I meditate, strip them off and gently wait till I fall asleep. Which in this case only took around five minutes and I was gone. 

And that's it the few steps I took to maintain a perfect nights sleep and control night anxiety,


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