Battle of the cleansing milks

Escentuals recently ran an anonymous cleansing milk edit to see which would prevail over the rest. 100 beauty lovers (including myself) were put to the test to trial seven anonymous cleansing milks for over a period of 14 days.

Over the time span I trialled each product morning and night and wrote a few notes about what I liked and disliked of each. When the packaged arrived the anonymous cleaning milks were labelled  'Sample A-G' in small glass jars. This is what I thought of the cleansing milks before they were revealed, and then the reveal and result of what each cleansing milk received. 

Sample A
As this was my first cleansing milk of the whole trial I was pretty impressed in how well this worked with my skin. The scent and texture was luxurious and left my skin feeling delicately pampered refreshed hydrated and clean. Removed make-up with ease My Score 9/10 
Result: Guerlain 48.8% Would use it again 

Sample B
Sample B didn't win me over as much as Sample A but I was still delighted to use it, It didn't leave my skin completely hydrated but I can say it was gentle to my skin. Overall I wasn't greatly impressed but at least it never broke me out. My Score 6//10
Result: Clarins 35% Would use it again

Sample C
I did not enjoy this product at all, and I can say that mainly because I hardly wrote notes on it. Wasn't impressed with the smell and I think that is what put me off. My skin felt a little tight after use. My Score 3/10
Result: Caudalie 36.3% Would use it again

Sample D
After my terrible time with Sample C, I was happy to be trialling the next cleansing milk on the list. This sample was almost as enjoyable as the first the texture was silky and was very delicate on my skin. I love a cleansing milk that is silky to use and is easy to remove makeup. My Score 8/10
Result: Vichy 37.5% Would use it again

Sample E
Another lovely product to use, which I found very similar to Sample D in consistency and texture. Very light refreshing and cooling to the skin. Another cleansing milk that worked wonders with breaking down make-up! My Score 8/10
Result: Eucerin 38.8% Would use it again

Sample F
Unfortunately Sample F was definitely not for me, I was uncomfortable with the consistency in the jar even before using the product. It made my skin feel as though there was still product or residue sitting on my skin. Which I think is the reason why I broke out slightly on my cheeks. My Score 1/10, probably would work better for someone else. Had a nice smell. 
Result: NUXE 50% Would use it again

Sample G
At last another product I could use. Although I held off a day to let my breakout try and settle Sample G really helped with the soothing of the breakouts. Very refreshing kept skin soft, moisturised and plump, definitely battling for my number one spot against Sample A. My Score: 9/10
Result: La Roche Posay 61.3% Would use it again

The cleansing milk trial had to be submitted within the two week deadline and I was eager to await the results. Escentuals announced the cleansing milk edit over on their website and you can see the overall result below. 
My two winners of the battle was the magnificent Guerlain and the ever so popular La Roche Posay. I should have known one of my favourite brands would have been in the line up and that it would be the one I would have liked best. After trialling the Guerlain luxurious cleansing milk, it has been officially popped onto my wishlist to purchase. And La Roche Posay well what can I say I already own quite a few of your products so i'm already obviously a fan girl. 

Although I may not of been fond of a few of the cleansing milks, this could have been due to them not being completely compatible for my skin type. So be sure to pop over to to find the one that best suits you and for a more in-depth result.  

Overall on Escentuals the winner was La Roche Posay with an astonishing 60% of 100 beauty lovers willing to reuse the fabulous cleansing milk. 

Let me know if you find your perfect cleanser. and in your opnion who won that battle?

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