Brighton Daze

Thursday marked the day of my 24th Birthday, which I had been dreading for the past few weeks. I decided to make a day of it in Brighton (nothing to flashy) accompanied by my mother and best friend. The only person I was missing was my ever so brilliant twin who couldn't make the day trip as he was performing at the Opera that day. 

As I woke up officially aged 24, I opened half of the presents I received with sore eyes, and started to reflect on my age. haha. One more year away from 25 goodness gracious. Luckily April showers kept at bay and the sun graced me with its appearance being tucked behind a quilt of velvety clouds. All I had to do was make my way to Victoria for my 9.30am train. After buying a good supply of Millies cookies and some breakfast, I was hit with the news that all trains to Brighton were cancelled. *What? Are they kidding me?* I was literally no longer in chill zone and started to regret even thinking about doing something about the day.  Our previous one hour long journey diverged into becoming a long winded trip to Timbuktu... I joke.  After boarding another train that was too terminated my patience started to wear out and it was only 10am. Luckily we was able to transfer to another train towards Brighton and Hove then jump on a rail replacement bus. 

As I heard the squawking of several uncleanly seagulls I knew we had finally reached sunny Brighton, we decided to head straight for the beach with our munchies in tow and relax taking in the hypnotizing waves and calm breeze. 
We then explored the streets of Brighton (I took a few snaps here and there which I hope you enjoy). After much shopping and walking around aimlessly we decided to have a spot of lunch, at the wonderful Burgers and Cocktails, who provided us with tremendous service and delicious food. I would recommend and definitely go back.  I opted for the basic beef burger with bacon and caramelised onions with a side of crinkled chips *reminiscent drool*, whilst Sarah my bestie enjoyed a chicken schnitzel with crinkle fries and coleslaw, and my mother devoured her own creation of beef burger with onions and avocado with a side of sweet potatoe fries.
After our delicious meal we continued to explore the streets of Brighton, passing through the lanes and appreciating the local graffiti art *I wish I could do that but all I can achieve is scribbles. Then headed towards the Brighton Dome and explored even more. I'm so glad we didn't get lost but it was a lovely time and the weather was even better, not too hot and not cold. It was even more special as my mother is considering moving down there so was nice to show her around a bit.
All in all I had a lovely time by the seaside and doing some shopping for some home-ware bits and bobs, which I am sure you will see in a haul over the next few weeks or so. We then jumped (not literally) on the train back to London which was running smoothly again and headed to my flat for food, drinks, presents and a much needed movie night. I have never been one for a big shindig and would much prefer a more laid back casual thing. 

Popping away from London for the day was lovely, I want to travel all over the UK as there is some amazing places in little old England etc that doesn't get much recognition. We don't always need to speak about America and all these other places when we have beautiful beaches and alike in the UK. And if you didn't know, *here's a spoiler for you* that is one thing that is on my bucket list, travelling and exploring the UK.

Thanks for having me Brighton on my special day, I'm sure you will see me again soon, very soon. 
But for now Brighton is just a distant memory, a Brighton Daze.


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