Let's Talk: Catathrenia

-Disclaimer: Not a post about cats in any shape or form-
So for the longest time I  have always been told I make noises in my sleep. Yep you heard that right... noises in my sleep. Originally I just assumed that everyone meant I was snoring when I was asleep but in fact I would make groaning and humming noises whist in REM sleep. I then sought to find out exactly what it was,  because it started to affect my sleep to the point I would 'groan' and wake myself up or other people. To my surprise this previously unknown snore I had was an actual thing, known as Catathrenia. 

'Catathrenia': Is also known as Nocturnal groaning (more prone in women), which has recently been classified with sleep disorders such as Parasomnia. Catathrenia is a relatively unknown condition with only a few recognising the condition. Catathrenia is described as a sleep related groaning or moaning or in some cases making funny noises as one sleeps, it is characterised by repeated episodes of the moaning or groaning sounds, which can often sound of a sexual nature.
To find more about the condition, click here- Nosleeplessnight

After being told about the condition, I was informed that it is more prone when someone has or has had sleep disorders, after suffering from insomnia for six-eight months a few years ago the nocturnal groaning become more prominent, and a lot more louder. My nocturnal groaning, (so I have been told varies) can be as little as a few hums, to a few seconds of confused sighs, and finally what some may think is sexual groaning. I do worry about it at times as I wouldn't want people thinking that I'm being naughty when in fact I'm just sleeping. Generally family and friends find my night noises hilarious, and it has become somewhat of a conversation starter when I meet new people. 
So if your making strange noises in the night, trust me your not alone. It is more common than most people think.
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Have you ever heard of or experienced Catathrenia?


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