The Spring Edit: Birthday Wishlist

We can officially stop saying spring is around the corner, and enjoy the beautiful weather, with the birds singing and the bees humming (even though I am terrified of bees). Spring has always been my favourite month, when ''the weather is not too hot and not too cold, all you need is a light jacket''.  

So I decided to put together a small spring must have post, which could also be a birthday wishlist as my birthday is only a week away. So family and friends if your reading this and stuck for ideas. haha.

There isnt much more to say about this little beauty, you can see and read exactly what it is. I have been longing for the Miss Dior perfume for the longest time, and ever since I tested it at a counter, it has been on my wishlist ever since. And this spring 2015 it has to be mine.

White anything and everything really, crisp white clothes, trainers and shoes is perfect in spring and summer weathers as it makes you look so fresh and so clean. I haven't had my chance to pick up the white converses as I am always worried about getting them dirty but now is the time.

The perfect lipstick colour for this time of year, I absolutely love peach/coral lipsticks for spring and the colour compliments all skin tones so well. Estee Lauder is also one of my favourite brands for high-end makeup such as lipsticks and mascaras.

This is not necessarily a wishlist birthday item but definitely a spring must have, if you have had your brushes a while (regardless of washing them) upgrade them to the real techniques brand, very affordable and great brushes in general. I already have a few and would like to continue upgrading all my brushes with real techniques. 

Many of you may know I recently moved out of my hostel and into my very own one bedroom flat, and I was ecstatic to find out they were completely new flats fresh and I would be the first person to live there. I have been here now around two months and still in the process of buying things and getting the property to how I would like it as my home. My kitchen is the place I spend most of the time as when guests are coming over I love to cook, hence why the Kitchen Aid would be the perfect addition to the Shug household. Preferably in cream as that is the current theme.

And that's it. A few things i'm lusting for my birthday or things I might just treat myself with in the near future. 


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