Sunday, 24 May 2015

Exam Tips & Tricks

So like many other students I'm having to revise hard for my upcoming uni exams, which is really stressing me out, but I have sought for a few tips and tricks to help me out. Generally I have never been really good to exams due to my anxiety and panic so find it very hard to retain information, so have been looking high and low to find ways for information to stick into my memory such as recording my notes and replaying it back to myself, to taking the easy route and reading when I feel less anxious. This year I will be sitting my exam in my own home, with an invigilator coming to my house to watch over the exam, which may ease my anxiety but now its to make sure the vital psychology notes and chapters stay in my mind. So here are a few bits and pieces I wanted to share with you.
Don't Work To Hard
As much as I and many others would love to cram in hours and hours of work, it realistically isn't a good way of retaining key information, as overloading yourself with hours and hours of study will not allow the correct information to be stored. Recommended hours of revision is around 4-6 hours of revision a day with regular breaks and as well as eating and drinking clean. 
Comfortable Surroundings
This one is a tad obvious, but it is better to revise in comfortable surroundings compared to surroundings that you aren't feeling relaxed. For instance I love to revise best alone in my living room with a little bit of music or the tv in the background as it doesn't cause me distractions and I don't like revising in complete silence. This may be different for other people who may like to revise in their bedrooms, or kitchens or in the library with or without people.
Start Revision in the Morning
Revision is best to be done as soon as you wake up, after having breakfast and your ready for the day, you will be more alert and aware of what you are doing. It is unlikely that you will be tired so if you have a good revision timetable to hand and organised structure it will be easy to get up at a reasonable time and revise 4-6 hours with solid breaks. 
Act Like a Teacher
Sometimes it is hard to know how to revise, and I find that revising as if you are a lecturer or a teacher preparing a lesson for a class the next day (then actually presenting and teaching to a friend or family) is a really smart handy way to let information sink in, 
Think Positive
As much as this is hard to do most of the time, even for me as usually I dwell at the idea of the exam looming upon me, thinking positive is the best way to be. Sending out positive energy can only bring back positive energy, so if you start thinking and acting in a negative way you or more likely to retain that energy and relay it into revision or even the exam.

I hope these few tips will help those with exams, even if you only take one thing away from this post. I hope it comes in handy!


Sunday, 17 May 2015

Hair Chronicles: Grey Ombre Bob

So I jumped and joined in with the grey hair trend, all around me I have seen girls with luscious locks in silver or oap grey. And this was my turn, I ordered my hair on-line and was astounded by the results I received from everyone complimenting my hair via instagram. After seeing Natalie from Discoveries of Self  rocking a grey do, I just had to give it ago also. So off I went researching for a decent grey ombre weave, after my continuous search nothing caught my eye until I came across a bob grey ombre wig via YouTube many girls were wearing. 
I bought a 14 inch ombre wig from none other than Aliexpress yes you heard it here first, I chose Aliexpress because, not knowing if the grey wig would suit me I wanted to purchase something that was affordable and did the job without breaking my bank balance, or me having to go out and do the dye job myself. The wig came from China and took around two weeks for it to arrive, but in that time the seller kept in contact with the tracking of my parcel as well as making sure beforehand it was how I wanted it to be.

The wig is a synthetic grey ombre 14 inch lace front wig, after receiving the wig I did alter it by cutting the lace to suit my head shape, plucking the parting a little to make it have a more natural look, filling it with a little concealer to give the impression of a natural scalp colour, then finally shaping, trimming and layering the hair even more to give it some definition as well as changing it from a middle parting to a side part. 
The hair does shed but this could be due to my continuous adaptations to the wig, and the black roots give off a little synthetic shine, but the grey is completely opposite, no shine at all. The wig is very heavy and has good density therefore you are unable to see the cap of the wig  The wig is made from synthetic fibre blend but gives off a natural appearance that make it look full like a weave, as well as being able to use heat on it, but I wouldn't advise to just as a personal preference, in case it doesn't take that well. There is a fair amount of knotting but that is expected with any synthetic wig, you get what you pay for essentially. But if you are looking for something that is affordable, versatile, and looks like a actual weave then this is for you.

I have had so much good feedback from friends and family, even one asking if this was Brazilian hair and whether I dyed it myself!!! But no it's just a wig that only set me back £26.00!

What do you think of the Ombre trend, would you go silver or grey?



Exclusive: Sincerely Shug Blogger Badge*

When attending events I always get stuck with remembering people's names, and never want to be put into an awkward situation in which  for some reason the one person I forget starts to approach me from across the room, then you get into a state of panic trying to figure out what their name is and settle with ''hey you! Haven't seen you in  a long time'' or something similar to that.
So when I was contacted by Simoney Badges to make me a free blogger badge for events, I was excited to see what they would come up with. No more forgetting people's names and also it works just like a business card, when attending blogger networking events, or press events, brands or other bloggers can easily distinguish your name and what blog/website you come from. 
Simoney was able to get my badge ready and sent out within a week after discussing how I would like the badge. I am very happy with the results and it came out true to what was discussed. The badge is really well made, and makes my brand look like a proper business.  I am ready to trial is out at my next event. I am so pleased I was contacted by Simoney to recieve a blogger bagde as I do think it is a really good idea especially for our community, as it helps us distinguish each other. Simoney also do customised badges, keyrings, and promotional products plus much more. 
So if you are interested in getting a blogger badge made for you head over to the website: 


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Beauty Wishlist V.1

So lately I have browsing so may high end goodies from the beauty section, and can't help not write a post about them. For someone like me who is a student I can't afford to buy them all at once plus pay my bills. So I will have to tick these beauties off one by one. 

So many people have been talking about this foundation for ages, and as a make-up lover it would be silly for me not to indulge into my curiosity whether this product would be perfect for someone like me, with oily/combination skin. Why would I not want to find out whether this beauty could possibly be the number one foundation or not. I am not sure what shade I would be just yet, but I am excited to go out and try samples! 
The silver serum has been  known to be a acne and blemish miracle worker, and if you have followed this blog for a while then you will know I used to suffer with pretty bad acne and thus has left me with blemishes and scarring. I want to be able to give this a whirl in order to see if it is just as good as many people have said in their reviews. 
What more can I say about The body shop, their products have been making headline news since the day everyone took note of the Vitamin D range along with many other skincare products the brand has to offer. Alas this the body shop instablur is fast becoming the most popular face perfecting primer amongst the blogging community. That's why I have got to get my hands on it.
Now this nifty product isn't new to the blogging scene, but has been around for years and I have heard so much about it from different age groups and the reviews are astonishing. Just what I need to take all the junk off my face at the end of the day and perfect for all skin types, from a brand that you can trust, you cant complain. 
I love a good MAC palette and also love a good coverage concealer so the two combined has literally won over my heart. Browsing the range, I now know I will need to purchase in medium and wait until I can finally play around with this product.
Have you got your eye on anything recently?


Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Happy Skin Tag

Source: balneodentbg
Hey guys, so recently I haven't been able to post on Wednesday's due to being overloaded with uni work and revision for exams. As many of you know here on Sincerely Shug, Wednesday's are beauty related posts whilst Sunday's are lifestyle related. So today I thought I would put up a beauty tag talking about skincare. But please stay tuned for foundation reviews, first impressions of products, hauls and much more during Beauty Wednesdays. 

How would you best describe your skin?
My skin is definitely combination-oily, but at times I can find my skin can get slightly dry in areas, especially in the winter months. 

What are your main skin care concerns?
My main concerns have always been my acne scarring, when I was a teen I suffered with acne really bad on my face, which left me with horrible dark blemishes, and I have quiet bad hyper-pigmentation which I have been getting treatment for on and off with the Harley Medical Group. My skin is nowhere as bad as it used to be but I also still wish I could have smaller pores. 

What is the weirdest natural ingredient you have used in your skincare routine?
I have tried the snail gel serum previously and incorporated it into my skincare routine for a little while, which people might find weird. I always since a child have used toothpaste to get rid of horrible spots that pop out of the blue. But to be honest in 2015 I don't think anything is weird to use now in this day and age. 

How do you define happiness?
I personally don't have a clue what this has to do with happy skin, but happiness to me is feeling loved, valued and feeling as though you are comfortable in whatever you are doing. Content and positive.

Describe your skincare routine in five words?
Precise, Relaxed, Simple, Pamper, Gentle

What is your top skincare tip?
Find something that works and stick to it, there is no point jumping from one product to the next to confuse your skin. A solid routine is golden and speaks a thousand words and you will reap the benefits. Take your time pampering yourself and your skin. Use anti ageing products earlier rather than later. 

What make you laugh everyday?
This may sound rather odd but I genuinely make myself laugh 9/10 times doing or saying stupid things without any thought. If it's not that, then it is certainly without a doubt my best friend Sarah, her witty sarcasm is out of this world.

What steals your skins natural radiance? 
Not taking my make-up off properly is most probably the thing that takes away my skins natural radiance, making it look dull and lifeless the next day. I know I should kick myself out of the bad habit but when your so tired and just want to go sleep it can't be helped. Not getting an early night also can make me look like a punch bag with dark circles, certainly need to get into a set routine of going to bed at least 11pm latest.

Top Tips for healthy glowing skin?
Drink lots and lots of water, and cut out sugary  drinks and caffeine, because it is not doing anyone any favours. Having a good solid routine will definitely make your skin happy, finding a good cleanser for your skin type, exfoliating twice a week and moisturising everyday, and you ill be glowing in no time!

What is your skincare 101?
If you look after your body from the inside it will reap the benefits on the outside, obviously I'm talking about eating right and maintaining a balanced healthy diet will help you achieve blemish free healthy skin. 

What is your happy place?
My happy place has to be my flat now, I have officially been here three months now this week and it has completely helped change my life, its made me a happier healthier person and I love it so much. 

And that's it tag complete. Be sure to stay tuned for up coming beaut posts every Wednesdays including news, reviews, hauls and tags!   

On that note, your all tagged! Let me know if you do the tag would love to read your answers.



Sunday, 3 May 2015

Let's Talk: Catathrenia

-Disclaimer: Not a post about cats in any shape or form haha-
So for the longest time I  have always been told I make noises in my sleep. Yep you heard that right... noises in my sleep. Originally I just assumed that everyone meant I was snoring when I was asleep but in fact I would make groaning and humming noises whist in REM sleep. I then sought to find out exactly what it was,  because it started to affect my sleep to the point I would 'groan' and wake myself up or other people. To my surprise this previously unknown snore I had was an actual thing, known as Catathrenia. 

'Catathrenia': Is also known as Nocturnal groaning (more prone in women), which has recently been classified with sleep disorders such as Parasomnia. Catathrenia is a relatively unknown condition with only a few recognising the condition. Catathrenia is described as a sleep related groaning or moaning or in some cases making funny noises as one sleeps, it is characterised by repeated episodes of the moaning or groaning sounds, which can often sound of a sexual nature.
To find more about the condition, click here- Nosleeplessnight

After being told about the condition, I was informed that it is more prone when someone has or has had sleep disorders, after suffering from insomnia for six-eight months a few years ago the nocturnal groaning become more prominent, and a lot more louder. My nocturnal groaning, (so I have been told varies) can be as little as a few hums, to a few seconds of confused sighs, and finally what some may think is sexual groaning. I do worry about it at times as I wouldn't want people thinking that I'm being naughty when in fact I'm just sleeping. lol. Imagine how awkward that can be when meeting a new man/woman in your life or having new friends over for a sleepover. Generally family and friends find my night noises hilarious, and it has become somewhat of a conversation starter when I meet new people. 

So if your making strange noises in the night, trust me your not alone! It is more common than most people think and I wanted to address it in my current Let's Talk Series, that occurs once a month (even though this went up a week late). 
Find the last Let's Talk post here- Sleep Paralysis

Have you ever heard of Catathrenia? Was your first thought, that it was about cats?
Let me know.


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