Beauty Wishlist V.1

So lately I have browsing so may high end goodies from the beauty section, and can't help not write a post about them. For someone like me who is a student I can't afford to buy them all at once plus pay my bills. So I will have to tick these beauties off one by one. 

So many people have been talking about this foundation for ages, and as a make-up lover it would be silly for me not to indulge into my curiosity whether this product would be perfect for someone like me, with oily/combination skin. Why would I not want to find out whether this beauty could possibly be the number one foundation or not. I am not sure what shade I would be just yet, but I am excited to go out and try samples! 
The silver serum has been  known to be a acne and blemish miracle worker, and if you have followed this blog for a while then you will know I used to suffer with pretty bad acne and thus has left me with blemishes and scarring. I want to be able to give this a whirl in order to see if it is just as good as many people have said in their reviews. 
What more can I say about The body shop, their products have been making headline news since the day everyone took note of the Vitamin D range along with many other skincare products the brand has to offer. Alas this the body shop instablur is fast becoming the most popular face perfecting primer amongst the blogging community. That's why I have got to get my hands on it.
Now this nifty product isn't new to the blogging scene, but has been around for years and I have heard so much about it from different age groups and the reviews are astonishing. Just what I need to take all the junk off my face at the end of the day and perfect for all skin types, from a brand that you can trust, you cant complain. 
I love a good MAC palette and also love a good coverage concealer so the two combined has literally won over my heart. Browsing the range, I now know I will need to purchase in medium and wait until I can finally play around with this product.
Have you got your eye on anything recently?


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