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So like many other students I'm having to revise hard for my upcoming uni exams, which is really stressing me out, but I have sought for a few tips and tricks to help me out. Generally I have never been really good to exams due to my anxiety and panic so find it very hard to retain information, so have been looking high and low to find ways for information to stick into my memory such as recording my notes and replaying it back to myself, to taking the easy route and reading when I feel less anxious. This year I will be sitting my exam in my own home, with an invigilator coming to my house to watch over the exam, which may ease my anxiety but now its to make sure the vital psychology notes and chapters stay in my mind. So here are a few bits and pieces I wanted to share with you.
Don't Work To Hard
As much as I and many others would love to cram in hours and hours of work, it realistically isn't a good way of retaining key information, as overloading yourself with hours and hours of study will not allow the correct information to be stored. Recommended hours of revision is around 4-6 hours of revision a day with regular breaks and as well as eating and drinking clean. 
Comfortable Surroundings
This one is a tad obvious, but it is better to revise in comfortable surroundings compared to surroundings that you aren't feeling relaxed. For instance I love to revise best alone in my living room with a little bit of music or the tv in the background as it doesn't cause me distractions and I don't like revising in complete silence. This may be different for other people who may like to revise in their bedrooms, or kitchens or in the library with or without people.
Start Revision in the Morning
Revision is best to be done as soon as you wake up, after having breakfast and your ready for the day, you will be more alert and aware of what you are doing. It is unlikely that you will be tired so if you have a good revision timetable to hand and organised structure it will be easy to get up at a reasonable time and revise 4-6 hours with solid breaks. 
Act Like a Teacher
Sometimes it is hard to know how to revise, and I find that revising as if you are a lecturer or a teacher preparing a lesson for a class the next day (then actually presenting and teaching to a friend or family) is a really smart handy way to let information sink in, 
Think Positive
As much as this is hard to do most of the time, even for me as usually I dwell at the idea of the exam looming upon me, thinking positive is the best way to be. Sending out positive energy can only bring back positive energy, so if you start thinking and acting in a negative way you or more likely to retain that energy and relay it into revision or even the exam.

I hope these few tips will help those with exams, even if you only take one thing away from this post. I hope it comes in handy!


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