Exclusive: Sincerely Shug Blogger Badge*

When attending events I always get stuck with remembering people's names, and never want to be put into an awkward situation in which  for some reason the one person I forget starts to approach me from across the room, then you get into a state of panic trying to figure out what their name is and settle with ''hey you! Haven't seen you in  a long time'' or something similar to that.
So when I was contacted by Simoney Badges to make me a free blogger badge for events, I was excited to see what they would come up with. No more forgetting people's names and also it works just like a business card, when attending blogger networking events, or press events, brands or other bloggers can easily distinguish your name and what blog/website you come from. 
Simoney was able to get my badge ready and sent out within a week after discussing how I would like the badge. I am very happy with the results and it came out true to what was discussed. The badge is really well made, and makes my brand look like a proper business.  I am ready to trial is out at my next event. I am so pleased I was contacted by Simoney to recieve a blogger bagde as I do think it is a really good idea especially for our community, as it helps us distinguish each other. Simoney also do customised badges, keyrings, and promotional products plus much more. 
So if you are interested in getting a blogger badge made for you head over to the website: www.simoney.co.uk 


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