Hair Chronicles: Grey Ombre Bob

So I jumped and joined in with the grey hair trend, all around me I have seen girls with luscious locks in silver or oap grey. And this was my turn, I ordered my hair on-line and was astounded by the results I received from everyone complimenting my hair via instagram. After seeing Natalie from Discoveries of Self  rocking a grey do, I just had to give it ago also. So off I went researching for a decent grey ombre weave, after my continuous search nothing caught my eye until I came across a bob grey ombre wig via YouTube many girls were wearing. 
I bought a 14 inch ombre wig from none other than Aliexpress yes you heard it here first, I chose Aliexpress because, not knowing if the grey wig would suit me I wanted to purchase something that was affordable and did the job without breaking my bank balance, or me having to go out and do the dye job myself. The wig came from China and took around two weeks for it to arrive, but in that time the seller kept in contact with the tracking of my parcel as well as making sure beforehand it was how I wanted it to be.

The wig is a synthetic grey ombre 14 inch lace front wig, after receiving the wig I did alter it by cutting the lace to suit my head shape, plucking the parting a little to make it have a more natural look, filling it with a little concealer to give the impression of a natural scalp colour, then finally shaping, trimming and layering the hair even more to give it some definition as well as changing it from a middle parting to a side part. 
The hair does shed but this could be due to my continuous adaptations to the wig, and the black roots give off a little synthetic shine, but the grey is completely opposite, no shine at all. The wig is very heavy and has good density therefore you are unable to see the cap of the wig  The wig is made from synthetic fibre blend but gives off a natural appearance that make it look full like a weave, as well as being able to use heat on it, but I wouldn't advise to just as a personal preference, in case it doesn't take that well. There is a fair amount of knotting but that is expected with any synthetic wig, you get what you pay for essentially. But if you are looking for something that is affordable, versatile, and looks like a actual weave then this is for you.

I have had so much good feedback from friends and family, even one asking if this was Brazilian hair and whether I dyed it myself!!! But no it's just a wig that only set me back £26.00!

What do you think of the Ombre trend, would you go silver or grey?


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