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Hey guys, so recently I haven't been able to post on Wednesday's due to being overloaded with uni work and revision for exams. As many of you know here on Sincerely Shug, Wednesday's are beauty related posts whilst Sunday's are lifestyle related. So today I thought I would put up a beauty tag talking about skincare. But please stay tuned for foundation reviews, first impressions of products, hauls and much more during Beauty Wednesdays. 

How would you best describe your skin?
My skin is definitely combination-oily, but at times I can find my skin can get slightly dry in areas, especially in the winter months. 

What are your main skin care concerns?
My main concerns have always been my acne scarring, when I was a teen I suffered with acne really bad on my face, which left me with horrible dark blemishes, and I have quiet bad hyper-pigmentation which I have been getting treatment for on and off with the Harley Medical Group. My skin is nowhere as bad as it used to be but I also still wish I could have smaller pores. 

What is the weirdest natural ingredient you have used in your skincare routine?
I have tried the snail gel serum previously and incorporated it into my skincare routine for a little while, which people might find weird. I always since a child have used toothpaste to get rid of horrible spots that pop out of the blue. But to be honest in 2015 I don't think anything is weird to use now in this day and age. 

How do you define happiness?
I personally don't have a clue what this has to do with happy skin, but happiness to me is feeling loved, valued and feeling as though you are comfortable in whatever you are doing. Content and positive.

Describe your skincare routine in five words?
Precise, Relaxed, Simple, Pamper, Gentle

What is your top skincare tip?
Find something that works and stick to it, there is no point jumping from one product to the next to confuse your skin. A solid routine is golden and speaks a thousand words and you will reap the benefits. Take your time pampering yourself and your skin. Use anti ageing products earlier rather than later. 

What make you laugh everyday?
This may sound rather odd but I genuinely make myself laugh 9/10 times doing or saying stupid things without any thought. If it's not that, then it is certainly without a doubt my best friend Sarah, her witty sarcasm is out of this world.

What steals your skins natural radiance? 
Not taking my make-up off properly is most probably the thing that takes away my skins natural radiance, making it look dull and lifeless the next day. I know I should kick myself out of the bad habit but when your so tired and just want to go sleep it can't be helped. Not getting an early night also can make me look like a punch bag with dark circles, certainly need to get into a set routine of going to bed at least 11pm latest.

Top Tips for healthy glowing skin?
Drink lots and lots of water, and cut out sugary  drinks and caffeine, because it is not doing anyone any favours. Having a good solid routine will definitely make your skin happy, finding a good cleanser for your skin type, exfoliating twice a week and moisturising everyday, and you ill be glowing in no time!

What is your skincare 101?
If you look after your body from the inside it will reap the benefits on the outside, obviously I'm talking about eating right and maintaining a balanced healthy diet will help you achieve blemish free healthy skin. 

What is your happy place?
My happy place has to be my flat now, I have officially been here three months now this week and it has completely helped change my life, its made me a happier healthier person and I love it so much. 

And that's it tag complete. Be sure to stay tuned for up coming beaut posts every Wednesdays including news, reviews, hauls and tags!   

On that note, your all tagged! Let me know if you do the tag would love to read your answers.



  1. This was lovely to read! I too have issues with scarring - have you tried La Roche Posay's Effeclar Duo? It's quite effective in clearing up blemishes and reducing pores!

    Sinéad xo ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

    1. Thank you so much honey! Yeah i live by la roche posay products. xx


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