Sunday, 28 June 2015


So since the last post for the boot-camp series, I have had to slow down with my workouts and generally get fit plan, as the stresses of uni exams were taking it out of me and I just had no time to do anything. But now exams are over and I'm looking forward to kicking my backside back into gear. During the previous series, I was literally going to a boot-camp group every other day in my area and following a diet, that actually didn't fit too well for my personal taste and wasn't helping with my weight-loss and instead was doing the opposite. I moved forward and decided to throw in some workouts of my own including using products from the herbalife range.
Herbalife is an international independent distributor selling nutrition supplements, weight management, sports nutrition and personal care products. Now I haven't been using the products all as meal replacements but instead I have been purchasing the herbalife shakes instead of breakfast as I have never been able to eat breakfast due to always feeling ill after I eat breakfast. The shakes enable me to feel light but full and are really easy to make in less then 5 minutes, my favourite flavour is vanilla for breakfast and lunch if I'm not too hungry. I also have been fond of the protein bars that make nice snacks mid way between breakfast and lunch. If I am not too hungry I will have two shakes a day otherwise I will only have my shakes for breakfast. After being on the herbalife shakes I find it does give me more energy as well as all the vitamins and minerals that I need in a day, Hopefully soon I will do a whole post on the herbalife plan. 
Source: Thisgirlcan
Now free from uni exams, I will be planning to do more workouts and trying out new recipes and plans to see what works best for me and my conditions, and with this posts to go with them alongside the boot-camp series, filling you in on my triumphs and my fails. Hopefully cutting down carbs and increasing my protein intake. From the last time I checked my journey enabled me to lose two pounds in three weeks which is a stable amount to lose, but since then I have to hold up my hands and say it has come back on. So this post is to start afresh and see if I can start over in the new week and get the ball rolling again. 

Let's get to it!



Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Hot Spice by Makeup Revolution

So when my birthday came in April, one of my gifts was an assortment of Makeup Revolution products and I just had to share one that has easily become my favourite to use on a daily basis. Many people know that I have always had a thing for powdered blushes, it is my all time favourite version that you can buy in my opinion, then to be able to get an array of colours in a palette that is extremely affordable is right up my street.

The Makeup Revolution blush palette in 'Hot Spice' available at Superdrug for £6.00 can be used on all skin tones not just as blushers but offering 8 blushers in one that can also pair up to be used as highlighters and contours depending on how deep or light your skin tone is. The shades also give you a range of matte and shimmers including merged baked blushers and highlighters to choose out of to create the desired look your are aiming for. The blushes even go as far as being able to mix colours to make unique shades that nobody else may have, as well as them being extremely pigmented a little goes a long way and this palette is certainly one that is going to last you. 

I have only received a few items from the Makeup Revolution brand, but already I can't wait to invest in even more of the range.  

What do you think of the Makeup Revolution brand? Are you a fan of Hot Spice?



Sunday, 21 June 2015

Hair Chronicles: Blonde Bombshell

As you all know I came back with vengeance reviewing hair. My last review was the 'grey ombre' which you can read here, since then I have been on a role. If anyone knows me I love hair so much and being able to switch up my style as and when I want to, and colour it in a flash has always been something I love to do. I have always been one to get so easily bored with the same hairstyle or the same colour or cut, who wouldn't want to switch it up when they can?  Using weave, extensions, clip-ins or wigs allows me to express myself as well as it being a versatile way to protect my natural hair using protective styling. 
I recently ordered this unit in 14inches, styled like Beyonce's blonde bob, as I have never ever tried blonde hair this light, so wanted to give it a go. First starting short then if I like it maybe going even longer. Many people aren't a fan of Aliexpress as there has been plenty of horror stories in regards to people purchasing hair, but in my long line of orders I have not come across any issues or horror stories to share with the other victims. Aliexpress is a great place to find bargains and as a student I kinda love the place although I also have other hidden places I love to shop at. I bought the unit for around £25-£30 and was ecstatic with how quickly it came in the post, 10 days, 10 days! The seller was amazing from start to finish.
*Unit showing the colour and texture| Minimal shedding*
The unit compromises of  dark roots to give the wig a more natural look, as if the dark roots are my own, which then blends in very well with the blonde. The unit is super soft and doesn't easily tangle but of course it does shed just like many other units/ weaves that are bought, who ever says wigs/extensions or weaves don't shed was lying to you every unit sheds, if we have dead hair why wouldn't hair that is not our own also shed?
The unit is well constructed as a lace front wig, the lace was easy to cut into shape and the wig sits very well, it comes with fastening straps and also two combs on the sides of the unit. I am happy with making this purchase and would even consider buying another in a longer length, that's how much I like it. 

What do you think of the Blonde Bombshell wig? They do say blondes have more fun!



Wednesday, 17 June 2015


With the good weather gracing the UK, I have been embracing one of my all time favourite makeup brands to ensure my make-up stays in tact or how others would put it 'on fleek', during the warmer months. The True Finish foundation by Fashion Fair is a light-weight dewy foundation available in 18 true match shades.
Fashion Fair has been one of those trusted brands that have graced our cosmetic counters for years, I remember my mother would have a few items on her dressing table and I would be eager to try a little bit of foundation here a little lipstick there in secret making sure to keep my eye on her bedroom door at all times so I didnt get in trouble. Now a young woman I am wearing that very same brand, that offers a wide range of cosmetics, that I am sure will be around for generations to come
True Finish Foundation has become the foundation I find myself reaching for daily for a flawless breathable light coverage, which is easy to work with, bendable and versatile. My true finish match shade is in ''Alluring Cocoa'', which is so close to my own complexion it is unreal, I even find myself reaching for a slightly lighter shade to use as a highlight (where the sun naturally hits) and a slightly darker shade to contour. During my routine I make sure to use a moisturiser after cleansing that is not too oily to make sure my oily residue doesn't seep through, then apply a small amount of primer to my T-zone, this will ensure to keep shine at bay. And to finish the look after I apply the True Finish Foundation I dust my face with a translucent powder to achieve a natural slightly dewy everyday look in less than ten minutes. 
Swatched & Blended
This foundation is perfect for all those who love a dewy finish, and if you don't then not to worry, pop a little powder on top to reach your desired look and your good to go. If you want to create a look that is more natural and minimal why not mix a few pumps of foundation to your moisturiser creating your own BB cream.
It is the ideal foundation to reach for during the summer months for light coverage that still enables you to conceal blemishes. It's definitely become a winner in my eyes and a strong contender for my top three foundations. 

Light-weight & Breathable
Lasts up to 8 hours
Versatile and easy to work with
18 True Finish Shades
People with oily skin may want to avoid the foundation if they do not like a dewy finish.

What do you think of the True Finish Foundation by Fashion Fair?
Available at Boots & Debenhams



I have finally got around to writing up my mini review for the Eyeko lash curler, and it's been a long time coming. The Eyeko limited edition blue velvet lash curler has easily become a favourite of mine, I was so used to using cheaper eyelash curlers in the past, I never knew or really noticed the difference until I received this in my Christmas You Beauty Calender.  
I have always naturally had long curly lashes, thanks to both sides of my family so on a general day to day basis I wouldn't reach for eyelash curlers but just mascara instead but when I want to achieve a more dramatic look I have found myself reaching for the Eyeko eyelash curlers. The curlers give my lashes an open wide look and the silicone pads achieves the curl in no time then all I have to do after is apply a generous amount of mascara and I'm done. The Eyeko eyelash curler can really make a difference to those who don't have as long or as curly lashes as mine, and as cliché as it sounds you get what you pay for, if you invest in curlers that are cheaper, then they wont work as well as ones that you have had to pay slightly more for. I have found the curlers easier to use than some others that I have previously owned, easier precision without any pinching or tugging on my lashes giving me an achieved and desired optimum curl to my lashes, it also makes it very easy for those who like to wear false lashes for them to blend together effortlessly. 
The Eyeko limited edition blue velvet lash curler is very cute in its design, the blue velvet giving it a little bit of character over other curlers on the high-street. With the lash curler you also receive two extra replacement silicone pads which should be changed and cleaned every three moths if you are one to frequently use. Similar eyelash curler can be purchased from the Eyeko website for around £12 and if not you can purchase these ones from Spacenk.

W: Eyeko | W: SpaceNK
Are you a fan of Eyelash curlers, let me know what ones you use?


Sunday, 14 June 2015


It seems like being classified as a glorified well known blogger follows a few quintessential rules. I really enjoy my hobby, the posts I put up, the time I take aside to write them, taking my own photography by using the tools that I have and have come accustomed to, but in this ever so static industry everything is slowly becoming the same. 
Every conversation over social media becoming even more tedious than the next, everyone purchasing the on trend item or being hooked to a TV series.

Am I considered a blogger? Because I'm not really interested in having conversations with everyone over social media discussing the latest candy coated eye-shadow launched by a glittery new brand or whoever is the in thing to talk about, when actually sometimes it would be aesthetically pleasing to discuss actual realistic life topics instead of being consumed in each others unrealistic realms of cosmetic hoarding, overspending and indulging in symptoms of shopaholic syndrome.

I cannot succumb to verbally vomit all things Disney because I don't actually think I'm a Disney princess. I have become bored of seeing every single picture of perfect pristine white walls with the perfect pintrest and kitsch bedroom, what ever happened to personality and originality, painting rooms the colours that you actually like or wallpaper? Who remembers wallpaper?
Pictures from Pinterest lol
Can we no longer eat at places just to eat, or does everywhere a blogger goes to have to be the new IT thing. Smart phones on hand of course, to take a hundred and one potential instagram photos, to then choose the lucky one to achieve instagram notoriety but only of course if it has sufficient amount of likes. 
I guess I don't necessarily fit the 'perfect' blogger profile, but then that's ok with me I like my mix and match bedroom, wearing odd socks my misplaced furniture, talking about life itself and having an opinion on what really matters. Blogger DNA may be contagious and maybe blogger clones is actually a thing... who knows. 

The list could have gone on for days but even clones have feelings. 


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