It seems like being classified as a glorified well known blogger follows a few quintessential rules. I really enjoy my hobby, the posts I put up, the time I take aside to write them, taking my own photography by using the tools that I have and have come accustomed to, but in this ever so static industry everything is slowly becoming the same. 
Every conversation over social media becoming even more tedious than the next, everyone purchasing the on trend item or being hooked to a TV series.

Am I considered a blogger? Because I'm not really interested in having conversations with everyone over social media discussing the latest candy coated eye-shadow launched by a glittery new brand or whoever is the in thing to talk about, when actually sometimes it would be aesthetically pleasing to discuss actual realistic life topics instead of being consumed in each others unrealistic realms of cosmetic hoarding, overspending and indulging in symptoms of shopaholic syndrome.

I cannot succumb to verbally vomit all things Disney because I don't actually think I'm a Disney princess. I have become bored of seeing every single picture of perfect pristine white walls with the perfect pintrest and kitsch bedroom, what ever happened to personality and originality, painting rooms the colours that you actually like or wallpaper? Who remembers wallpaper?
Can we no longer eat at places just to eat, or does everywhere a blogger goes to have to be the new IT thing. Smart phones on hand of course, to take a hundred and one potential instagram photos, to then choose the lucky one to achieve instagram notoriety but only of course if it has sufficient amount of likes. 
I guess I don't necessarily fit the 'perfect' blogger profile, but then that's ok with me I like my mix and match bedroom, wearing odd socks my misplaced furniture, talking about life itself and having an opinion on what really matters. Blogger DNA may be contagious and maybe blogger clones is actually a thing... who knows. 

The list could have gone on for days but even clones have feelings. 


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