So since the last post for the boot-camp series, I have had to slow down with my workouts and generally get fit plan, as the stresses of uni exams were taking it out of me and I just had no time to do anything. But now exams are over and I'm looking forward to kicking my backside back into gear. During the previous series, I was literally going to a boot-camp group every other day in my area and following a diet, that actually didn't fit too well for my personal taste and wasn't helping with my weight-loss and instead was doing the opposite. I moved forward and decided to throw in some workouts of my own including using products from the herbalife range.
Herbalife is an international independent distributor selling nutrition supplements, weight management, sports nutrition and personal care products. Now I haven't been using the products all as meal replacements but instead I have been purchasing the herbalife shakes instead of breakfast as I have never been able to eat breakfast due to always feeling ill after I eat breakfast. The shakes enable me to feel light but full and are really easy to make in less then 5 minutes, my favourite flavour is vanilla for breakfast and lunch if I'm not too hungry. I also have been fond of the protein bars that make nice snacks mid way between breakfast and lunch. If I am not too hungry I will have two shakes a day otherwise I will only have my shakes for breakfast. After being on the herbalife shakes I find it does give me more energy as well as all the vitamins and minerals that I need in a day, Hopefully soon I will do a whole post on the herbalife plan. 
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Now free from uni exams, I will be planning to do more workouts and trying out new recipes and plans to see what works best for me and my conditions, and with this posts to go with them alongside the boot-camp series, filling you in on my triumphs and my fails. Hopefully cutting down carbs and increasing my protein intake. From the last time I checked my journey enabled me to lose two pounds in three weeks which is a stable amount to lose, but since then I have to hold up my hands and say it has come back on. So this post is to start afresh and see if I can start over in the new week and get the ball rolling again. 

Let's get to it!



  1. I've just started working for Herbalife as a Wellness Coach, so it's fantastic to see I'm not the only one utilizing the shakes for breakfast. I know there have been many mornings where I've missed out, but I'm glad to be back on track.

    Bootcamps are amazing! perhaps you should try Fitness Blender for home workouts, among other weekly classes :) x

  2. Thank you for the lovely comment, which lead to a conversation over on twitter. Stay tuned for herbalife plan review and how I schedule and plan meals as well as exercise routines and workouts. xxx


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