Hair Chronicles: Blonde Bombshell

As you all know I came back with vengeance reviewing hair. My last review was the 'grey ombre' which you can read here, since then I have been on a role. If anyone knows me I love hair so much and being able to switch up my style as and when I want to, and colour it in a flash has always been something I love to do. I have always been one to get so easily bored with the same hairstyle or the same colour or cut, who wouldn't want to switch it up when they can?  Using weave, extensions, clip-ins or wigs allows me to express myself as well as it being a versatile way to protect my natural hair using protective styling. 
I recently ordered this unit in 14inches, styled like Beyonce's blonde bob, as I have never ever tried blonde hair this light, so wanted to give it a go. First starting short then if I like it maybe going even longer. Many people aren't a fan of Aliexpress as there has been plenty of horror stories in regards to people purchasing hair, but in my long line of orders I have not come across any issues or horror stories to share with the other victims. Aliexpress is a great place to find bargains and as a student I kinda love the place although I also have other hidden places I love to shop at. I bought the unit for around £25-£30 and was ecstatic with how quickly it came in the post, 10 days, 10 days! The seller was amazing from start to finish.
*Unit showing the colour and texture| Minimal shedding*
The unit compromises of  dark roots to give the wig a more natural look, as if the dark roots are my own, which then blends in very well with the blonde. The unit is super soft and doesn't easily tangle but of course it does shed just like many other units/ weaves that are bought, who ever says wigs/extensions or weaves don't shed was lying to you every unit sheds, if we have dead hair why wouldn't hair that is not our own also shed?
The unit is well constructed as a lace front wig, the lace was easy to cut into shape and the wig sits very well, it comes with fastening straps and also two combs on the sides of the unit. I am happy with making this purchase and would even consider buying another in a longer length, that's how much I like it. 

What do you think of the Blonde Bombshell wig? They do say blondes have more fun!



  1. Oooo you look gorgeous with blonde hair! And I think it would look amazing longer, too - definitely try it out!!

    Such a great idea, too - means no hair damage from bleach!

    Hazel xx

    1. Thank you honey. I certainly love the blonde look so I think I will go longer. x


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