Hot Spice by Makeup Revolution

So when my birthday came in April, one of my gifts was an assortment of Makeup Revolution products and I just had to share one that has easily become my favourite to use on a daily basis. Many people know that I have always had a thing for powdered blushes, it is my all time favourite version that you can buy in my opinion, then to be able to get an array of colours in a palette that is extremely affordable is right up my street.

The Makeup Revolution blush palette in 'Hot Spice' available at Superdrug for £6.00 can be used on all skin tones not just as blushers but offering 8 blushers in one that can also pair up to be used as highlighters and contours depending on how deep or light your skin tone is. The shades also give you a range of matte and shimmers including merged baked blushers and highlighters to choose out of to create the desired look your are aiming for. The blushes even go as far as being able to mix colours to make unique shades that nobody else may have, as well as them being extremely pigmented a little goes a long way and this palette is certainly one that is going to last you. 

I have only received a few items from the Makeup Revolution brand, but already I can't wait to invest in even more of the range.  

What do you think of the Makeup Revolution brand? Are you a fan of Hot Spice?


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