I have finally got around to writing up my mini review for the Eyeko lash curler, and it's been a long time coming. The Eyeko limited edition blue velvet lash curler has easily become a favourite of mine, I was so used to using cheaper eyelash curlers in the past, I never knew or really noticed the difference until I received this in my Christmas You Beauty Calender.  
I have always naturally had long curly lashes, thanks to both sides of my family so on a general day to day basis I wouldn't reach for eyelash curlers but just mascara instead but when I want to achieve a more dramatic look I have found myself reaching for the Eyeko eyelash curlers. The curlers give my lashes an open wide look and the silicone pads achieves the curl in no time then all I have to do after is apply a generous amount of mascara and I'm done. The Eyeko eyelash curler can really make a difference to those who don't have as long or as curly lashes as mine, and as cliché as it sounds you get what you pay for, if you invest in curlers that are cheaper, then they wont work as well as ones that you have had to pay slightly more for. I have found the curlers easier to use than some others that I have previously owned, easier precision without any pinching or tugging on my lashes giving me an achieved and desired optimum curl to my lashes, it also makes it very easy for those who like to wear false lashes for them to blend together effortlessly. 
The Eyeko limited edition blue velvet lash curler is very cute in its design, the blue velvet giving it a little bit of character over other curlers on the high-street. With the lash curler you also receive two extra replacement silicone pads which should be changed and cleaned every three moths if you are one to frequently use. Similar eyelash curler can be purchased from the Eyeko website for around £12 and if not you can purchase these ones from Spacenk.

W: Eyeko | W: SpaceNK
Are you a fan of Eyelash curlers, let me know what ones you use?


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