Wednesday, 29 July 2015


GOSH Cosmetics has returned with their new Autumn/Winter range exclusively to Superdrug stores in August 2015. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to be invited to the AW15 press event held at the oh so gorgeous Fortune Room in The Covent Garden Hotel. With its luxurious scenery I was greeted as usual by the lovely ladies from GOSH PR and showed around, the room taking in all the newest releases whilst being eager to swatch smell and test everything that was there. The room was filled with champagne, nibbles and lots and lots of chit chat, that you usually get when there are so many bloggers together.
The GOSH AW15 range has been inspired by the millennial generation. The millennial generation consists of 75million people globally that were born between 1977-1998, GOSH Cosmetics takes its inspiration from the individuals of this generation who show a great deal of self-confidence, those who are self-inventive and a generation that celebrates diversity.

Foundation Drops £12.99
GOSH has brought out an all new innovative foundation range that is available in five shades, Ivory, Natural, Tawny, Honey and Tan.  Of course as a woman of colour I was disappointed not to see any that was suitable for my skin colour the darkest being Tan in colour 10 which was still another shade of beige.  The foundation drops is something that is recently new to the scene by many of beauty brands, giving you the power to build and customise your own foundation by just varying the amount of drops you add in your makeup routine, which will either create a light/medium coverage to something that can be more buildable and offer a fuller coverage.  The unique glass pipette enables you to add just the right amount without losing too much product. This is certainly a product to pick up and try and one you can work with and build to your heart’s desire. The Foundation drops are said to give a silky flawless finish, and is infused with a blogger favourite that is argan oil and antiderm (a natural anti-inflammatory), as well as having that much needed protection of SPF 10 to protect your skin against UVA and UVB rays.
 Velvet Touch Lipstick £6.99
I have forever been a fan of GOSH lip products, always purchasing and repurchasing to make sure I never run out, so when I came across the new MATTE additions to the Velvet touch lipsticks, I was in LOVE. The amazing velvet touch lipsticks from GOSH are back, but this time with eight fantastic new matte shades. The range comes in a variety of dramatic colours such as deep purples, and vibrant reds to subtle everyday nudes. The matte finish lipsticks are long lasting, moisturising, soft and creamy in texture. As well as being highly pigmented without the need to top up continuously throughout the day *a beauty bloggers dream*. The new lipsticks offer a colour for everyday and every mood, the variety of shades are influenced by the bohemian trend of Autumn/Winter 2015 taking its inspiration from colours and patterns from native nations.
Bombastic Swirl Mascara  £8.49
GOSH has bought to the stores a new innovative swirl mascara infused with argan oil and bamboo extracts. Bombastic Swirl is the new addition to the Bombastic Mascara range. This new addition features a unique spiral shape combination of bristles and disks said to create spectacular volume and length. The bristles at the tip allow an even more precise application, grabbing even the tiniest of lashes and those in the inner corner of the eye. This is definitely a product I have to review on a separate occasion, as I cannot live without a decent lengthening and volumising mascara.
 New Nail Care £4.99 each
Something we have all been waiting for, and now it's here! GOSH has introduced the new nail care range consisting of four products to cater for all your manicured nail needs.
GOSH Nail & Cuticle Oil
The nail and cuticle oil is a mixture of natural oils such as almond and coconut that is enriched with Vitamin E. The formula revitalises dry brittle nails keeping them moisturised and nourished.
GOSH 2 in 1 Nail Hardener
The nail hardener ensures to stop nails from breaking by creating a strong and flexible shield enriched with calcium and iron for stronger healthier nails, which can be used alone or with GOSH nail lacquer to prevent nails from cracking or peeling.
GOSH Gel Look Top Coat
The GOSH gel look top coat finishes your manicured nails to create a shiny smooth and glossy finish with just one coat, whilst protecting your nails and manicure against external damages. Creating a professional salon looking manicure.
GOSH Fast Dry Drops
Haven't we all been bored  of waiting for our nails to dry, with the new GOSH fast dry drops no need to wave your hands around to speed up the drying process. The fast dry drops only needs one drop per nail, leaving the manicure luminous with a smooth and professional outcome. Enriched with jojoba oil and Vitamin E to protect, strengthen and add a nice amount of sheen to a finished polished look.
The evening was fab and you even had the chance to speak to GOSH's very own make-up artists about tips and tricks, getting the right coverage and even having a little mini makeover.

Thank you so much  Sarah from SRFTaylor for coming with and doing the photography for me.
GOSH Cosmetics available at Superdrug


Sunday, 26 July 2015

Let's Talk: Media Beautiful

As much as I know the media alters every appearance I see on television, magazines or newspapers I can not seem to shake the fact that I do not feel 100% complete with how I look.  For the longest time I have been struggling with how I feel about myself and this has been with me since childhood, from having a history of numerous eating disorders and body image issues it's no wonder why the media can make me and anyone else feel slightly inadequate. Already having to deal with bullying as a child, is this, is the media not a form of bullying indirectly?

In women's magazines you will forever have conflicting pages with how to look and how to feel about yourself, on one page you can have an article telling you to love yourself  for who you are and how to be confident, whilst only a few pages later how to achieve that perfect summer toned body like your favourite celebrities. Another page could have a feature focusing on ''who is hot or not'' which is just another title hiding the fact that they are body shaming men and women, turn the page and you will find an advertisement on diet tips and not to mention the shameless amount of images and clothing brands advertising their range with someone who is what is deemed as media beautiful. 

The media as much as I hate to admit it still affects me at 24, and although we all try to avoid the pix-elated versions of what is deemed beautiful we still avidly strive to become what we cant strive to be. 

I am not 100% happy with how I look.
I am not that typical media size 8 beautiful but instead plus size.
I am not the typical media smooth glowy blemish free fresh face but instead scarred with old acne spots and blemishes.
Not the typical media fashionista but instead the comfortable recycled clothes wearer. 
Not the typical glossy long haired mermaid princess but the frizzy haired lockness monster. 

Media beautiful is unattainable, we literally cannot be photo-shopped versions of ourselves, and if we did become our ideal selves there wouldn't be much room for our characters to shine through as we all would be striving for the same 'beautiful' that the media has made us crave. I am still on a very long journey of loving myself, even if it's only a few parts of myself or rare moments at least i'm loving me for me.



Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Clinique beyond perfecting 2 in 1 foundation.

So the Clinique beyond perfecting 2 in 1 foundation has finally fallen into my grasp, and I wanted to give it a try and see whether it would be my cup of tea. As bloggers, in particularly beauty bloggers, we are always on the search for the best of the best, and even once we find something that may work extremely well for us we still search high and low for another treasure to add to our Pandora's box. 

The Clinique beyond perfecting 2 in 1 foundation appealed to me so much when it first caught my eye on television, then gradually was being advertised everywhere. I wanted to pick it up for the longest time but didn't want to travel to a store to buy one nor did I want to order online and pay for delivery.
I do love to venture out and research base products that would potentially be a perfect match to my skin tone, so this beauty was definitely on my wishlist. As I was in town one day doing my grocery shopping all the way back in April I stumbled across the Clinique counter, somehow I felt my feet turn and start to move towards the counter with all the make-up products gleaming at me.  I was stuck between two shades but with a little help from staff, I ended up picking up the foundation in Ginger 23 (the one I was previously looking at).
The Clinique beyond perfecting 2 in 1 foundation retails at £25 for 30ml and is a foundation and concealer all in one, with a light weight moisturising formula that covers pores and blemishes effortlessly without clogging the skin. The formula doesn't change colour or over oxidise during the day but instead stays true to your colour from start to finish even through sun rain or hail, and is suitable for all skin types.

My first experience of this foundation wasn't the best when I first tried it out, I was so eager to try it I packed it right on and was completely unhappy with the outcome. What I was forgetting is that the formula is both a foundation and concealer and well.... A little actually goes a very very long way. Once realising how to use this foundation I found it to be running alongside some of my top foundations, it has a smooth formula that is build-able for a full coverage look, but even without it covers up blemishes in an instant. Being a woman of colour I was over the moon at the amount of warmer and yellow tones they had to the range, so much so I think I might even pick up the other shade I was interested in to use for highlighting/concealing. This foundation is so versatile you can use it as a foundation or a concealer, or just use to conceal certain areas, such as dark circles under the eyes. Can we talk about the wand, yes this foundation has a wand, no need to fiddle, the wand allows you to get just the right amount of formula to use without the constant messy build up of pouring the foundation out on the back of your hand. I have fallen in love with the wand as its just like you would find with a concealer but bigger and better, you cant go wrong.

The longevity of the Clinique foundation is out of this world and even with my oily skin I find I don't have to keep the shine at bay, neither does it show lines or crack. I literally only need the smallest swatch to be able to get the coverage I want and to finish the look I just need to lightly dust some translucent powder of the top, and that's it easy as 1,2,3!
ginger 23 / colour group deep 

This has certainly been added to the front of my dressing table among many of my other favourite beauty products that I constantly reach for. If your looking for a foundation that doesn't crease, doesn't transfer onto clothes, doesn't budge, a foundation that has longevity, good colour match, conceals perfectly whilst leaving your skin being able to breath, then this is the product for you. It's a definite 10/10 from me!



Sunday, 19 July 2015


Friday the 17th of July saw the preview of Catalyst PR's Autumn/Winter showcase, exhibiting the latest launches from a range of their brands which includes the likes of Phytomer, Revlon Professional, Sexy Hair, NanoKeratin, Beauty Crowd and many many more. Hosted at the Orangery & Courtyard Gardens in Cavendish Square, Central London, the event kicked off with a bang from 9am for all you early birds till a cosy 4pm. 

The event was filled with a plethora of bloggers vloggers and press all gasping to get their hands on the latest products, create an array of multicoloured swatches on any part of the body that had clear skin and take hundreds and hundreds of photos. 
I arrived just after lunch when the event was in full swing and was greeted by the lovely people at Catalyst PR, then shown around the venue whilst getting into deep conversations with brands and falling in love with many of the new products I was dying to add to my wishlist. 
I was even lucky to meet the gorge Lucie from Fatbeautyx, who is literally my coloured hair soul sister (if you didn't know I am currently rocking bright purple hair).  Check it out on my instagram @xshugzx. I am really looking forward to reviewing all the products gifted by the brands, so much so that I'm even fantasising about them in my sleep. 
Thank you again to Catalyst for inviting me to come down on the day and I look forward to writing up plenty of posts, and hopefully collaborating together in the near future.


Sunday, 12 July 2015

The Beauty Tool Tag

Thank you to Jo from 'Jaeydarobin' for tagging me to do this tag. Which of course I accepted and thought I would give it a go myself. I have never been the biggest lover of doing tags myself as I never know what to say, but this one seemed a little different to all the rest, more of a challenge.

The beauty tool tag requires you to choose as many tools or gadgets as you wish during your beauty routine, that are not make-up, skincare or haircare products. Then you get to tag up to five more beauties to share their own favourite beauty tools. 
So here it goes...
When I finally got the Scholl Pedi, I was in heaven. The Scholl Pedi Velvet Smooth uses micro-abrasive particles with ground diamond crystals to buff away hard skin from the sole of your feet to leave you with incredibly smooth feet. And boy does it do just that, it's so easy to use and my feet turn baby smooth in seconds, perfect to use during my pamper sessions on the weekends.
This isn't just any compact mirror, not your typical average throw in the bag compact mirror, this is an ELLE MACPHERSON MIRROR. With the Elle Macpherson compact it is the perfect size to pop into my handbag as well as use indoors to shape up them brows. The mirror also can light up with the switch on the side so if I'm too lazy to get up and turn on my light then ping, on goes the led light from my compact mirror.
My go to lash curlers, no longer do I use cheaper lash curlers and notice such a huge difference between the two. When I want to curl my lashes (even though I have already been blessed with long curly lashes) for a more wide eye dramatic look this is what I reach for ever time no doubt. I wrote a full review on this bad boy here!
After receiving the Elle Macpherson body brush last Christmas, I was excited to try it out, as I had never bought or been involved in the hype in regards to face brushes, such as Magnitone and Clarisonic. So instead I turned my eyes onto something more affordable and Santa managed to surprise me with it Christmas day. I have fallen in love with this beauty tool especially as you have 4 changeable brushes that can be used all over the body. Definitely good value for money and although not overly talked about in the blogging community is a good addition if your one to treat and pamper yourself like me.

And that's it beauty tool tag done and dusted. What do you think of my sacred tools?

Bloggers I Tag:
Sarah from SRFTaylor
Rasida from HelloRasida
Grace from UglyFaceOfBeauty
Mariah from StarlaSays
Zeynab from TheBeautyLoad
That's it ladies you have all been tagged. Let me know when you have completed it, if you do so I can give it a read.

Love Ya


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Sweet Lips

Well hello guys and girls, this post is all about the lips I wanted to do a mini series on lipsticks I love and also think others would love also due to the pigmentation, the colour and the finish. In today's segment I have called this one Sweet Lips. Originally I thought of calling it Doll House due to the colours of the lipsticks are light and somewhat powdery, but instead decided to call it Sweet Lips as I think they do make your overall look pretty sweet. 
Avon- Purple Hazed
I was never the biggest fan of Avon products in the past, when I was younger I would dabble and play around with the products I purchased from the Avon catalogue, when I first started to getting into make-up at the age of eighteen. Back then I had no idea what I was doing and was learning all on my own, then there was no YouTube to turn to and my sister and mother wasn't that interested in make-up. Forwarding to the present I have learnt a hell of a lot due to trial and error and I personally feel that Avon products have become so much better. Purple Hazed was bought during a blogsale, still brand new  and at less than half the price. Avon Purple Hazed is from the 'Colour Ultra Colour Rich' Lipstick range, unfortunately hard to get your hands on now due to it being part of their limited edition spring shades. Majority of the time I am not one for a sheer lipstick but for a sweet and subtle look this beauty works wonders adding a little hint of colour to the lips whilst hydrating and leaving a glossy sheen.  Purple Hazed is a powdery pink with a hint of lilac giving a creamy smooth sheer finish to the lips.

Fashion Fair- Sweet Maple
For years and years I have been a huge fan of Fashion Fair, especially for their large representation for women of colour. A trusted brand that won't fail to surprise you with how wide their range is and how reputable the brand is to millions. Fashion Fair was first introduced to me by my mother and the few items she would have on her dressing table for special occasions that I would try to sneak and play with. I then got to learn about the brand on my own accord and once I started blogging made a very lovely connection with those behind the face of the brand. Sweet Maple was sent over by the lovely team at Fashion Fair HQ part of last years fall collection, and this has been my automatic go to lipstick for no make-up, make-up days. The name gives it away and you can see just why I had to feature it into the Sweet Lips series, Sweet Maple is pinky brown in colour with hints of gold and makes for a perfect nude,creamy in texture and finish work, very versatile lipstick to work with that needs minimal topping up throughout the day!

GOSH- Flirty Dreams
GOSH over the years has fast become one of my favourite brands and their lipstick range is out of this world. I have attended many of GOSH event and the team are always friendly and welcoming. The best thing about GOSH cosmetics, is how affordable their products are, so if you are just getting into make-up and want to buy a few pieces here and there that you can afford look no further. Although Flirty Dreams isn't exactly a lipstick I could not leave it behind as it needs to be praised within this post. Flirty Dreams is part of GOSH's Forever Lip shine range which I received at the press event last year for SS15, it is a very pigmented colour that only needs one application to achieve that one stroke perfect pout. and lasts literally all day. The perfect pinky nude with peachy undertones the creamy texture moisturises and leaves lips glossy and ready for the day. 

Collection- Perrie 
Collection is another brand known for its affordability, I have always been impressed with the quality of the brands products and at such a reachable price for everyone. Now not that I am a fan of Little Mix, but the Little Mix collection impressed me a great deal with the pigmentation and variety of colours they had to offer no to mention retailing at a sweet sweet price of £2.99.  The only thing that I am not too keen on is the packaging but it's not even a big deal. Perrie is a unique muted mauve purple that is so pigmented that at the end of the day leaves a light stain that lingers on the lips so it definitely lasts all day without a doubt, no need to top up. Collection Perrie lipstick glides on and is super moisturising but dries into a semi matte lipstick. 
And that's it four lip products that will leave you with sweet lips and others wanting to know what exactly you have on. Next to come in the series is Carnival Lips. I hope you look forward to the next post in the series. 

What do you think of these Sweet Lip products?

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Let's Talk: Trichotillomania/Trichophagia

The ''Let's Talk'' series comes along at the end of every month (read the previous instalments here and here), this post should have went up last week so it is a little late. But better late than never. The series discusses topics that may be either seen as taboo to society or just something I believe should be shared that isn't well known. As you read the title of the third instalment of the ''Let's Talk'' series your probably either wondering how the hell do I say these words or if you have figured out how to pronounce them, then instead probably wondering what the hell are they?

Trichotillomania is an impulsive-control disorder in which the individual feels compelled to pull out their own hair.  Due to the nature of the disorder the individual is unable to stop themselves from the impulsive actions as there is a uncontrollable urge which causes relief once the action is done.
Trichophagia is a disorder usually connected to Trichotillomania, in which an individual feels the need to pull out and eat their own hair. The disorder is closely linked with Trichotillomania and both go hand in hand with one another, although Trichotillomania can stand alone.

Both disorders are a psychological condition, and to many is seen as a form of self harm as the individual is deliberately causing injury to themselves to find temporary relief, this can have a long lasting effect. Usually known to derive from anxiety and stress, self loathing, OCD, or compulsive behaviours amongst a variety of many other causes, these impulsive-control disorders is an escape route and usually hidden. With both disorders harm can arise from the actions that take place, causing a person to create bald spots (which in turn heightens a persons low self esteem and encourages the cycle to continue), or with the consumption of hair causes an individual to create hair balls also known as Trichobezoar. 

After overcoming my eating disorders years ago,  I started to find myself in a uncontrollable routine of pulling out my eyelashes, eyebrows and hair continuously, and then finding a need to chew/ eat the hair follicles. I used to have a craving to want to pull out my hair and ultimately it would end up in my mouth. For a long time I never even noticed I was doing it and was hiding it, until people started to point out I had hair stuck in my teeth. Embarrassing was an understatement, once people started to notice, I became aware of what I was doing and made it even more secretive when the urge would win. The need to succumb to the urge was so uncontrollable that I would find myself becoming so frustrated, guilty and ashamed of my actions. I started developing bald spots on my head which when I realised made me want to stop but I just couldn't, I then subconsciously only started pulling out hairs on my head that would be at the back of my neck so no-one would notice. My eyebrows had become so so thin I almost had none and that's when I started to fill in my eyebrows with make-up. It got quite bad when hair would get stuck in my throat and teeth that I would even avoid going to see the dentist, ashamed that he may pull hair out again from my gums. 
I didn't understand what I was doing and didn't understand why I couldn't be normal like everyone else.  

It was only till my family and friends noticed they tried to stop me from my actions, whenever they saw my hands near my head or my mouth they would make sure I stopped, but unfortunately this only made the itch even more greater at times, making me feel embarrassed and angry. We tried to find solutions to my apparent addiction such as buying dummies to keep me occupied. It was obvious that I would have fallen into this unfortunate trap, as a child I would always bite my nails and when I never had any nails left, I would chew on cotton, t-shirts, string, nearly anything all due to my bouts of intense anxiety that would flair up due to my GAD. After receiving therapy in 2012 for my depression and anxiety, is when my trouble with the disorders started to slowly decease. I still sometimes have urges and fall into my old patterns without noticing but it will never be what it was.  

 I am glad I was able to get help for so many things and in turn helped me overcome this issue, luckily I didn't experience the more severe cases of Trichotillomania/Trichophagia but for those of you who may be experiencing something similar or this sounds like you at this present time, do not feel embarrassed, find someone you are comfortable with and trust to talk to, and speak about it with your GP.  Notice the signs and don't Google anything, use a trusted website. 

Linked is the NHS and Trichstop website which is reliable sources, where you can get reliable answers.

Photo Source: Trichstop

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