Let's Talk: Media Beautiful

As much as I know the media alters every appearance I see on television, magazines or newspapers I can not seem to shake the fact that I do not feel 100% complete with how I look.  For the longest time I have been struggling with how I feel about myself and this has been with me since childhood, from having a history of numerous eating disorders and body image issues it's no wonder why the media can make me and anyone else feel slightly inadequate. Already having to deal with bullying as a child, is this, is the media not a form of bullying indirectly?

In women's magazines you will forever have conflicting pages with how to look and how to feel about yourself, on one page you can have an article telling you to love yourself  for who you are and how to be confident, whilst only a few pages later how to achieve that perfect summer toned body like your favourite celebrities. Another page could have a feature focusing on ''who is hot or not'' which is just another title hiding the fact that they are body shaming men and women, turn the page and you will find an advertisement on diet tips and not to mention the shameless amount of images and clothing brands advertising their range with someone who is what is deemed as media beautiful. 

The media as much as I hate to admit it still affects me at 24, and although we all try to avoid the pix-elated versions of what is deemed beautiful we still avidly strive to become what we cant strive to be. 
Media beautiful is unattainable, we literally cannot be photo-shopped versions of ourselves, and if we did become our ideal selves there wouldn't be much room for our characters to shine through as we all would be striving for the same 'beautiful' that the media has made us crave. I am still on a very long journey of loving myself, even if it's only a few parts of myself or rare moments at least i'm loving me for me.

Picture Source- Dove Be Real Project

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