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Thank you to Jo from 'Jaeydarobin' for tagging me to do this tag. Which of course I accepted and thought I would give it a go myself. I have never been the biggest lover of doing tags myself as I never know what to say, but this one seemed a little different to all the rest, more of a challenge.

The beauty tool tag requires you to choose as many tools or gadgets as you wish during your beauty routine, that are not make-up, skincare or haircare products. Then you get to tag up to five more beauties to share their own favourite beauty tools. 
So here it goes...
When I finally got the Scholl Pedi, I was in heaven. The Scholl Pedi Velvet Smooth uses micro-abrasive particles with ground diamond crystals to buff away hard skin from the sole of your feet to leave you with incredibly smooth feet. And boy does it do just that, it's so easy to use and my feet turn baby smooth in seconds, perfect to use during my pamper sessions on the weekends.
This isn't just any compact mirror, not your typical average throw in the bag compact mirror, this is an ELLE MACPHERSON MIRROR. With the Elle Macpherson compact it is the perfect size to pop into my handbag as well as use indoors to shape up them brows. The mirror also can light up with the switch on the side so if I'm too lazy to get up and turn on my light then ping, on goes the led light from my compact mirror.
My go to lash curlers, no longer do I use cheaper lash curlers and notice such a huge difference between the two. When I want to curl my lashes (even though I have already been blessed with long curly lashes) for a more wide eye dramatic look this is what I reach for ever time no doubt. I wrote a full review on this bad boy here!
After receiving the Elle Macpherson body brush last Christmas, I was excited to try it out, as I had never bought or been involved in the hype in regards to face brushes, such as Magnitone and Clarisonic. So instead I turned my eyes onto something more affordable and Santa managed to surprise me with it Christmas day. I have fallen in love with this beauty tool especially as you have 4 changeable brushes that can be used all over the body. Definitely good value for money and although not overly talked about in the blogging community is a good addition if your one to treat and pamper yourself like me.

And that's it beauty tool tag done and dusted. What do you think of my sacred tools?

Bloggers I Tag:
Sarah from SRFTaylor
Rasida from HelloRasida
Grace from UglyFaceOfBeauty
Mariah from StarlaSays
Zeynab from TheBeautyLoad
That's it ladies you have all been tagged. Let me know when you have completed it, if you do so I can give it a read.

Love Ya


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