Sunday, 30 August 2015


A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being sent over some George Asda clothing from their AW15 range. When Mr.Postman arrived at my door handing over the large box I was so keen to rip open the box, and pop the clothing on I forgot to say thank you to my lovely postman. George kindly sent over three pieces from their range, which you can buy here, and although I am not a fashionista or a really cool fashion blogger, I thought I would share with you the two ways I styled two of the items I was kindly gifted. The third item I was sent was a jumper, but it really didn't sit well and unfortunately bunched up in my chest area, probably due to my little A cups. But the longer tunic top and skater skirt were beautiful and both a size 16. 

I have always had issues with my weight so being able to share this with you showing my whole body is such a big step, I never thought I would see myself do this or reach the day where I would be typing away getting ready to post this. Even the idea of stepping in front of the camera is a big issue, all my flaws will be on show every piece of me will be out there for all to see... But I am doing it and it's a start, so I am sorry if you feel this is not a fashionista post but for my camera shy self this is the best that its gonna be at this moment in time, it may not mean nothing to you but its a huge leap for me. 

Tunic Top: George Asda | Belt: Dorothy Perkins | Skater Skirt: George Asda | Tights: Primark
This for me is an outfit that is comfortable and on the go, something I can just throw on that can work with this ever so changeable weather, all I need to take is a light jacket and an umbrella and I'm set to go. The tunic is actually quiet long, but I chose to tuck it into the skater skirt for this outfit and add the belt to break up the navy blue colour. I particularly love the tunic top and the pattern it has. I have always been one to love brash and loud patterns but always heard it makes you look bigger but I still wear them anyway. 

Tunic Top: George Asda | Belt: Dorothy Perkins | Jacket: Newlook
I thought I would switch it up slightly and show another look to the tunic top that I am so fond of, as I said above it is long enough to be worn as a dress with tights. And I am really feeling this look, whether or not I actually have the confidence to wear it out is another story though.  The belt helps to break up the pattern and help me create the illusion of a waist as I have no shape, i placed the sunglasses at the top of the outfit to also help with the illusion of curves as I have no breasts sometimes I dont feel very womanly. My boots and jacket add to my biker look, and my hair is just an added bonus being purple. And there we have it, two looks from a camera shy girl learning to be confident.
Sunglasses: H&M | Necklace: H&M | Boots: Newlook | Bag: Dorothy Perkins
My accessories are always basic and something that can be used in other outfits, I have never been the type to purchase something and only use it once, it's just not in my nature. I am a comfortable clothes wearer and never try and dress too daring or out of my comfort zone.
And as I said before I am certainly and never will be a fashion blogger but I thought I would pick up the courage to share with you all what I mocked up. 

And that's it. Hope you like 

Photography: SRFTaylor Photography

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Notting Hill Carnival is just days away and if your not sure yet, how you want to look so you can be *turnt up* then keep reading. I'm going to be sharing a few lip products with you all that I believe will get you carnival ready and looking on fleek. When going to rave it up on the streets no-one wants to be continually reapplying their make-up, especially their lipstick when the temptation of food is coming from every corner, and the music has turnt you into a twerking robot, all you want to focus on is getting your jerk chicken, plantain and hard soul food. So with that here are a few products that either need minimal to no maintenance once applied. 


By Fashion Fair
Now Ole Orange is actually a lip product I love to reach for when the sun is out and its blazing hot, although I don't do well in the blistering heat as long as my lipstick is on point and my make-up is in tact I don't mind if I be passing out haha as long as every one notices this masterpiece on the lips. Ole Orange is a very lovely orange with slight red tones, it is a rich creamy lipstick that easily glides on the lips effortlessly, it hydrates, moisturises and is long lasting as well as showing off its intense colour, there is no need to line with a pencil or prime the lips, this colour is exactly what you expect it to be. 

By Mac Cosmetics
We all have heard of Mac Cosmetics haven't we and we all know how expensive their lipsticks can be, but this colour is a beauty, a soft orange that can also look peachy, with an amplified finish this lipstick glides on with its pigmented colour like a dream, and also smells just as good I could eat it (but I won't). A lipstick I have held close to my heart ever since I was aware it existed, Vegas Volt can certainly make you stand out from the crowd, just make sure you don't pack it with you before you lose it whilst grinding down the street, that's a lipstick you don't wanna lose. 

By Collection
I am sure I have mentioned the Collection lipsticks before and I am more than certain I featured 'Perrie' in my 'Sweet Lips' post, so you can certainly tell that I am a fan. Jesy is a vibrant and very pigmented red lipstick, that feels so velvety whilst applying, you don't want to take it off. The staying power of this lipstick is unbelievable especially as they are so affordable, sometimes you just don't expect a finish and staying power from a high-street lipstick as you would a high end one. A drop dead red lipstick that can take you from day to night, if you are a lover of the red lipsticks then this is the one for you. 


By GOSH Cosmetics
GOSH has always been a favourite of mine not only for their great lip products, but for affordability and a great range of finishes and colours. If your the type that loves fun bright lipstick then this has definitely got you all over it. Bright fun and creamy Funky Friday is not only moisturising and pigmented but is glossy too, it's not necessarily a lipstick but I just had to throw it into this post. Funky Friday is from the 'Forever Lip Shine' range but does a job of a lipstick but in the form of a glossy pencil. The staying power may not be as good as a lipstick, but this is a product that is very easy to reapply.

By Fashion Fair 
Again another fun flirty colour, a bright pink with effortlessly amazing staying power and an incredible intense colour that lasts literally all day. Divine Pink comes from Fashion Fairs very own Carnival Collection so of course you know I had to add this one up into the mix. One of my favourite pink lipsticks and if I was heading up to carnival, this would probably be my lipstick of choice for the day/night. Divine Pink doesn't need any priming or pencil before hand, it does it's job exactly how it should be done, it does it RIGHT. 

By GOSH Cosmetics
Another GOSH product as you can see I am indeed a fan. Plum may not be the usual colour someone may reach for during carnival because it's not deemed as vibrant and bright, but girl you be acting crazy if you don't think this beauty can run with the big dogs. Plum is from GOSH's new range of Matte Lipsticks, and when they say matte they mean matte. This one needs a few coats if you ask me but that is only due to it's non glossy formula, but once you got it working then you be WERKIN it right. This lip product is certainly for those of you who want to stand out from the crowd, all you need is a little Vaseline or lip balm before application and your good to go. Plum lasts all day and I actually find it quite difficult to take off, but at least my lips were looking fierce even if I don't feel it by the end of the day. 
And that's it, all the lipsticks I think will have you carnival ready. Please if your going to carnival  enjoy yourself but be careful. 


Sunday, 23 August 2015


So we are back with the third instalment of Boot-Camp Diaries. If this is your first time reading this instalment, not to worry I will leave links to the first and second posts. Since we last spoke, I previously updated you about all things Herbalife and how I was getting on a few weeks ago, since then although I haven't lost any weight, I am certainly not gaining any and for me that is better than nothing.
Recently I have been trying to work really hard with my diet and with food in general before throwing myself back into rigorous exercises. I have changed up  my eating habits not only to be more healthy but also to ensure my general health is better in regards to my conditions. In doing so I have been swapping a numerous amount of things, white bread has literally left my flat, and I no longer take note of it when I'm food shopping, and I have made the decision to change white bread to gluten free, wheat free, and sugar free bread. This is not because of following any type of trend or fad diet but instead because I recently found out I have allergies to gluten, so it makes a lot of sense to cut it out of my diet as much as possible.  I have never been a big, big fan of milk, and when I did opt for cereals I would choose semi skinned over anything else, now I still do choose semi-skinned but have changed over to lacto free milk, not because I am lactose intolerant but because I find the lacto free to be a lot lighter and easier to digest, as I tend to feel nauseous when I have milk in cereal, once I tried lacto free the nausea stopped. I am also looking into venturing into oat-milk as this is known to be even more healthier and beneficial, and is my alternative to almond milk and alike as I cannot drink due to my nut allergies.
Having hypothyroidism means there are certain foods I can and cannot eat, I have been doing a lot of research in regards to my condition with food and medication, and have decided to trial the Carb sensitive diet (Thyroid Diet) to see if this helps my progress with weight loss and maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle. There are three types of diets you can try with thyroid disorders, but I have decided to start with the Carb Sensitive and take it from there, of course I will continue to update you with my progress, and this will more likely be a monthly post now, as I want to share the in and outs of the diet as well as my how I am coping alongside thyroid condition. I am still thoroughly enjoying my use of herbalife products and found their products to be very beneficial with my lifestyle change, especially when it comes to breakfast.
Coming this September, I am preparing myself for a sugar free month to test myself and see how much better my body feels without it, opting for only natural sugars from fruit etc. It will also be the month I bring back HIIT training into my daily routines as well as venturing into Yoga and Chakra as they are beneficial to my condition. All in all September marks a big change towards my healthy lifestyle, September 1st is the day I will put everything in motion, and in the mean time the research still continues. But I can honestly say I am excited to be trying new things such as the Carb sensitive diet (thyroid diet), going sugar free for a month, and bringing back HIIT workouts. Wish me luck.

With all this new additions to my lifestyle I will be ensuring to get my thyroxine medication monitiored and my blood levels checked to see if my medication is correct, as well as seeing whether I need further help with my Vitamin D deficiency, of course this is needed to keep on the right track of having a healthy lifestyle, it's not all about weight loss healthy eating and exercise, there are other factors that need constant monitoring and if your someone like me with a condition or two lol  then you know where I am coming from. My illnesses and conditions alter daily and can have an adverse affect on my mood, and whole body performance, therefore I need to make sure I take the right steps to ensure I reach my goals, such as keeping in good contact with my GP and support team to ensure I stay as healthy as I possibly can both physically and mentally.
As you can probably tell this was a round up post, but I am looking forward to updating you all with my progress.

Wish me Luck



Wednesday, 19 August 2015


So this post has been well over-due, at first it was initially meant to be a review of the two products back in the early onsets of July but alas we are now in August, and it's no longer a review but instead a celebration post of how great the Nip + Fab skincare range is. 
I have been using these two products religiously and it has since then fallen into my daily ritual routine. The Nip and Fab skincare range has always been spoken about in the blogging community but I had never taken that jump to pick it up and purchase, just in-case it wasn't my cup of tea. Then one evening whilst doing a bit of browsing on the internet and stumbling across boots offer range, these two products just leaped into my online basket and that was that. Since then I have already repurchased the Nip + Fabs Glycolic Fix pads. 
The Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads are all the rage right now, even Kylie Jenner is obsessed. This is one product that you must of heard of by now, renowned for it's moisturising formula infused with glycolic and hyaluronic acid to brighten smooth and soothe the skin, leaving skin radiant and toned. I use the Glycolic pads every single day after cleansing the skin, and it is literally a godsend. I have found my skin is a lot brighter and less blemish prone, so I think I have finally found a winning combination of products here that I will be sticking too. 
Nip + Fab Skin: 'Glycolic Scub Fix'
The Glycolic Scrub Fix is a 3 in 1 micro facial exfoliator infused wit 3% glycolic and salicylic acid to help refine brighten and renew the skin back to its plum and youthful self. Although I do not use this scrub every single day of the week, I like to use it at least three times a week or whenever I feel as though my skin has lost its glow and is looking rather dull. I always reach for it if I have had a heavy day of wearing makeup so turn to this beauty to help  make sure my skin feels squeaky clean. The Glycolic Scrub Fix penetrates deep into the skins pores to help remove impurities and reduce the build up of oil and dirt as well as the onsets of blemishes. 
The Nip + Fab skincare range is fast becoming my baby love, and even as we speak, type? Or shall I say... even as you read I am eyeing up more from the range and adding it to my online basket once again. If your interested in picking up these two products or maybe some of the other products from the range then head over to their website Or pop into your local Boots and Superdrug that also stocks Nip + Fab. 


Sunday, 16 August 2015

Kera Care: Hydrate With Care

So hello my lovelies, I hope you have been having a lovely Sunday, full of family time, relaxation and Sunday roast. Today's post is all about hair, and keeping hair hydrated soft smooth and glossy. A while ago I was sent over the 'Kera Care Hydrating Detangling Shampoo and the Kera Care Overnight Moisturiser'.*
We all know (and if you didn't know now you do) that I have pretty long and big natural curly frizzy hair, so choosing the right products to use when it comes to hair wash day is vital, if you have afro or big curly hair then you know the struggles of how your wash day turns into an all day hourly shampoo and deep condition ritual. It takes hours to wash, hours to condition, de-tangle, moisturise... I think you get where I am going with this. So when I was sent a few of the Kera Care range I was ecstatic to give them ago, Kera Care are already one of my favourite leading natural hair care products for my hair so this was the perfect duo to add to my hair station. 

Kera Care: Hydrating Detangling Shampoo
As a natural, I have been through many of shampoo and conditioners finding the right products to cater for my hair and although I have an elite few that I love I am always on the hunt for something better something I can deeply adore. The Hydrating Detangling shampoo although not in my top three, is definitely number one for making sure all this bush hair does not tangle up and cause a huge mess in the process. It is such a smooth rich and luxurious product that creates a good amount of lather that removes excess dirt and oils from the hair and scalp without completely stripping the moisture from the hair. So many times have I used products that leave my hair limp, and without any moisture at all, so with that, I can fill you all in that the name does what it says on the bottle and leaves your hair hydrated and de-tangled.
Kera Care: Overnight Moisturiser
Now this is a beauty, I have already made plans to possibly write a post of this all alone, and share with you all the products I use to cater for my natural hair. The Overnight Moisturiser by Kera Care is something I can see myself purchasing and repurchasing constantly over and over again. This easily sits in my top three favourites for conditioning, moisturising and repairing my hair overnight. To be honest when it comes to my natural hair, these are the products I favour the most. The Kera Care Overnight Moisturiser is said to soften and smooth dry, rough, hard or brittle hair, but my natural hair is none of the listed adjectives. Instead my hair always after being shampooed and conditioned is left moisturised, but my hair always seems to be more grateful when I apply a night product, and by morning you can see noticeable results, my hair is a lot stronger, bouncier, shinier, curls become more prominent and hair full of life. If you are looking for something that will restore your hair or maybe just need to add that extra oomph this is the one for you, the product I am swearing by.
If you have never heard of Kera Care before now, then certainly find out more about the brand, i'm sure it is something you will be pleasantly surprised you picked up and tried, and believe me i'm sure you will be as hooked as I am.

Kera Care can be purchased in stores like your local beauty supplier and of course online. Kera Care is available online at Look Fantastic.

W: Look Fantastic


Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Every one loves a pamper night, whether it be when you have come back from a long day of work, or its finally the weekend and you can spend some quality time with your bath salts. Sunday's have always been my pamper days, starting straight from the moment I wake up with a good hearty breakfast and binge watching episodes in my cosy dressing gown and slippers.
Although I do love to try and experiment with new products, I have my holy grail favourites which will always fall into a good old pamper sesh.

Dr,Organic Dead Sea Mineral Bio Plasma Mud Mask £7.99
I am a sucker for a mud mask and can hand on heart say I have tried plenty of mud masks in the past, and the Dr.Organic Dead sea mask certainly is one of my favourites. We all like to take time out relaxing in a hot bubble bath with bath oils and bath salts slapping on that mud mask and maybe even adding cucumbers to the eyes.
The Dr.Organic Dead sea mud mask is an oil regulating, detoxifying and anti-ageing face treatment which leaves skin feeling rejuvenated, penetrates deep into the pores to remove excess oil and impurities as well as stimulating cell regeneration. I particularly favour this mud mask over others as it leaves my skin ever so smooth without drying it out. Dr.Organics is well known for their natural products, their mud mask is paraben free, fragrance free and free from harsh preservatives. 
Mandara Spa*
Body Butter £6.00 & Bali Santi Body Milk £5.00
Mandara Spa is a fairly new brand that has landed into my pamper routines. The Mandara Spa range is a luxurious line of bath and body-care products, inspired by natural ingredients used in the unique treatments by the Mandara Spa brand across the world.
Diving in and letting your body immerse in the lavish hot bubble bath that you have been patiently waiting for whilst it rises, is the best part of the pamper routine. And once I have placed on my face mask and my candles are fluttering in the background whilst watching something on Netflix is when I lather myself in the Bali Santi Body Milk and I don't use it sparingly, I like to know my body is being caressed by the nourishing blend of coconut, essential oils and lotus flower milk and reap the full benefits this product has to offer. Unfortunately no bath pics this time haha.
I have fallen in love with the Mandara Spa Body Butter infused with lime and coconut. This is one of the products that I so often have reached for once climbing out of the bath, I lather myself in the sweet  exotic infusions, the body butter leaves my skin feeling pampered, nourished and delicate to touch. This is something I wouldn't use on a everyday basis but certainly on pamper nights, special occasions and maybe for a date night, when I want to smell like a tropical queen and feel as though my skin is as soft and delicate as rose petals.

And finally the last part of my pamper routine, whilst watching comedies or chick flicks and eating sweet  and salty popcorn is having a mini manicure hour to get those nails glossy and pristine, as well as wearing a colour that will see me through the week.

If you want a day, evening or night of pamper bliss then make sure to check out these few heavenly products sure to make you smell and feel amazing.



Sunday, 9 August 2015

New: Dr. Organic's Coconut Range*

Are you a lover of products infused with coconut? Well stop what you're doing and keep on reading. Dr. Organic has released an all new range and it's full of coco-nuty goodness, I simply can't get enough. The new virgin coconut oil range offers known benefits such as nourishing and hydrating properties, rejuvenates dry dull skin and hair, replenishing it back to its healthy state, and deeply moisturises. 

The new range allows you to nourish yourself from head to toe, not only being rich in coconut oil but also that of papaya and aloe vera leaf juice to leave you feeling relaxed pampered and feeling as though you are in a tropical paradise. Dr. Organic's Organic Virgin Coconut range is loved by celebs such as model Miranda Kerr and actress Jennifer Aniston. 
I was kindly sent over two products from the range to review and share with you all, which consisted of the 'Organic Virgin Coconut oil Body Soufflé' and the 'Organic Virgin Coconut oil Eye Perfect'. The range boasts of a variety of products from face, body and hair, with an amazing 11 products to choose from there is certainly something for everyone that won't cost the earth.
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Body Soufflé £9.29
The Oil Body Soufflé by Dr. Organic's is a light and very absorbent body cream, that I have started to use everyday as it leaves my skin very moisturised and smooth, and the benefits lasts all day without feeling greasy like you would from other oil products. The Body Soufflé is formulated with Organic virgin coconut oil and enriched with coconut extracts, with the added benefits of aloe vera leaf juice and fruit extracts to help hydrate, nourish and moisturise the skin. The Soufflé literally melts into the skin without the need for constant massaging and leaves the skin soft but smelling like a tropical paradise. It is perfect to use in these summer months as although I suffer with combination/oily skin the rest of my body suffers with eczema and dry spots, this little beauty has made a difference in the condition of my skin and has given it a new glow. Certainly worth a try!
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Eye Perfect £8.99
The eye perfect by Dr.Organic's is said to achieve an immediate anti wrinkle and smoothing effect within 15 minutes. The anti-wrinkle filler is said to instantly minimise the appearance of crows feet and fine lines and naturally plump/smooth the delicate eye area. When I was first sent over the product and whilst researching I thought the price was a bit steep for 15ml, but considering it is a anti-wrinkle product it makes sense. The skin under my eye hasn't always been a problem area for me, and although I do not suffer with crows feet or fine lines I do find that it tends to feel tight and dry in the mornings. I was keen to see whether the Eye Perfect would make a difference as I can not comment on its anti-wrinkle benefits. It has certainly helped my skin feel softer and smoother under my eyes and a lot more delicate making it easier to create a smooth base and less creasing for concealer which I am very happy with. On the other hand I am unable to comment on the anti-ageing effects, but non the less prime time to use anti-ageing products is in your twenties so I sure will be continuing to add it to my beauty regime to make sure I stay looking 21 when I turn 41. 
So if your looking to try a new range of eco-conscious beauty that doesn't cost the earth for fabulous skin and hair free from nasty chemicals Dr. Organics is the one for you.


Wednesday, 5 August 2015


Yesterday I was invited to the Vichy press event at the Rook and Raven in Central London starting at  6pm and finishing at 8pm. I reached the venue just after 6pm after having a brief detour into Primark, which just has to be done when your so close to one. I was so excited to see what Vichy was going to share with us on that sunny Tuesday evening. Greeted by the lovely team at Dowal Walker and showed around the pristine room, I was met with some of my all time Vichy favourites such as the Idealia Life Serum , Purete Thermale 3 in 1 cleanser, and Dermablend Setting Powder. 
I was so glad to be accompanied by my good friends Sarah from SRFTAYLOR and Lucy from The London Girl having a good old catch up and talking about all things Vichy. As we ventured round the room I also got to meet Dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto who informed us about the benefits of using anti-ageing products in your early 20's to prevent the early signs of ageing, luckily I am an avid user of anti-ageing products and couldn't agree more with everything she had to say.
 Vichy has officially launched a brand new product to the Idealia range, *drumroll please* the Idealia Skin Sleep. Skin Sleep is a night cream capable of recreating the restorative effects of deep sleep enabling you to wake up feeling as though your skin has had a perfect nights sleep. Idealia Skin Sleep stimulates cell regeneration, hydrates, plumps and soothes the skin whilst moisturising the skin to ensure it feels as soft as a babies bottom. Idealia Skin Sleep has been clinically tested by a panel of poor sleepers, nurses, flight cabin crew and new mothers. 50 women felt as though their skin appeared healthier felt softer and felt more comfortable.
We was also treated to be colour matched by Vichy's very own make-up artist Claire Ray, with over 18 years experience in the beauty and skincare industry she was able to match us all in an instant and with that I found my true Dermablend shade in Coffee. Dermablend has been around for a while but have now added two new darker shades to the range in Coffee and Espresso and also a lighter shade in porcelain. Available from Boots and leading pharmacies.
Finally at the end of our venture we was able to pop to the pharmacy display section and choose two Vichy products from the entire range alongside our gifted Idealia Skin Sleep and colour matched Dermablend. I picked up two products from the Normaderm range, catering especially for those with acne prone, sensitive and combination skin. I ended up with the 3 in 1 cleanser, scrub and mask, and the purifying pore tightening toner.
The evening had a lovely atmosphere with drinks and nibbles a plenty, along with good conversation. Thank you again to Vichy and Dowal Walker for the invite, I look forward for many more in the future.

W: Vichy


The struggles of being a #WOC

As a new high street brand unveils a new range of foundation shades open to the public, available in what they say to be a diverse array of shades from neutral, warm and cool tones, I jump at the excitement of being able to readily access this new product on the market, excited to grasp my fingers around, and give it a good old blogger review to see whether or not it falls into my top ten hot or not list.

Pacing the streets to head to the retailer that will presumably stock the latest foundation, I walk through the automatic doors and search for the beauty section, at a halt I scan the shelves looking for this diverse range. And to my surprise or to my ever so expected knowledge, the shelves are stocked with every shade of beige, the closest to my skin tone being the darkest tan sitting in the corner, which will no doubt turn my skin into an ashy mess if I were to use this shade. I ponder and stand wondering where is the exclusive range I have been hearing about and viewing on my television screen. Too many a times has this happened to me, and presumably many other women of colour (woc) trailing the high-street to find their match, to find that their is none. As I ask a member of staff about the rest of the range, I am told... they do not stock the whole range or the rest is 'out of stock' even though week after week I pop in and have never seen the 'out of stock shades'. 
Of course it means I have to leave my mission for an affordable high-street foundation and instead head towards the department stores that will stock more shades from high-end beauty cosmetic lines, but of course with a much higher price tag. The jump from a mere £8-10 foundation to £20-30 foundation is not always in my price limit, let alone anyone else's, so where has this expectation for woc to venture out to department stores and buy a brand that will more likely cater to, and colour match them. Why aren't high-street retailers stocking all of the brands line, if it's due to the fact the target market is women who are not in the woc bracket then surely department stores would be doing the same thing, to increase sales and profit? But it can't be the answer, as many department stores along with well known brands stock whole ranges, all shades that can colour match a wide range of people. So my question is, what are the high-street retailers doing? Now of course many shops do stock all of the range, but you will come to find many do not.

After reading an article by Stylist Magazine, I was in the midst of writing this post, in my notebook where I draft all of my posts before typing them up and letting them free for all to read. I took part in a Facebook conversation by Stylist Magazine, and this is when I noticed even more that my post is more relevant than ever. Why should woc have to pay more for beauty products to ensure the correct colour match? Or for treatments at salons, beauty parlours, hairdressers etc.
Read Stylist Magazine article here.

I have luckily been able to colour match with many brands, and trialled/reviewed as many as possible to become a source for woc to see what is out there for women to reach for. No longer do you have to reach for the same products over and over again. Many people are familiar with MAC Cosmetics, and as much as I love my Studio Fix Fluid in either NC50 or NC55, I do want to be able to swap between brands to cater to my desired look, of course we don't all want to be forking out money for make-up which is understandable, but depending on your price tag, I'm sure once you finish reading this post you will find at least one brand you can turn to.

Many overlook brands such as Clinique, without realising that many of their foundations offer and cater to woc although being over the £20 price tag, rest assured they have a very wide range of shades suitable for woc. I particularly have fallen in love with the Beyond Perfecting 2 in 1 Foundation in Ginger by Clinique. A foundation that is both infused with concealer and foundation to give you a ultimate flawless coverage, at £25 it is not the most expensive, and I can hand on heart say I have had this foundation since April and haven't even made a dent in how much product I have used, a tiny amount honestly goes a long. And while were at it, I'm sure we are all familiar with brands such as Bobbi Brown and Lancome. When I do have money and time to purchase Lancome, I reach for my much adored Teint Idole Foundation in number 10, this is a perfect match to my skin tone and the formula lasts all day without oxidising or creasing. And for Bobbi Brown a good old favourite of mine would have to be the Skin Foundation in Warm Almond. Again these cosmetic ranges have a more expensive price tag ranging from £28-£30 (depending on where you purchase), but none the less if you can get your hands on them they are great brands for woc, that have such a wide range of foundation shades.
Other than the obvious brands that are embraced in the department stores, I wanted to alert your attention to brands that may not get as much coverage, but are certainly fine contenders in my eyes. These brands have a loyal following, cater to their customers, have a very large range of shades in regards to all of their product range, and are possibly more affordable and more attainable to people like me and you. Not everyday do we want to be heading out of our way to department stores to repurchase MAC, Bobbi Brown and the others, or searching on the internet. Make up Forever is a brand I have been loving for just over two years now, I fell in love with their HD Foundation in N173 and the Full Cover Concealer in 14, when first venturing into IMATS back in 2013 and just had to get my hands on it. Ever since then it has been a product I repurchase continuously, previously only available at Guru Make-Up Emporium or online, it was pretty hard to get your hands on in the UK but now Makeup Forever has hit Debenhams so can be located but is still not as readily available as if you were to purchase on the high-street.
La Girl is a beauty bloggers dream for their creamy blend-able Pro Concealers, with such a good range to match you no matter who you are. These concealers are super easy to use and are so affordable and readily available on Ebay, that's how popular they are. If your not interested in a more expensive concealer, then this is certainly the one for you. I have come to find that I use the LA Girl concealer particularly for highlighting (in the colour Fawn) and concealing blemishes (in the colour Toffee) and it does such a good job.
The leading woc beauty brand Fashion Fair is another cosmetics company that has catered for woc for many years, but people seem to forget about this luxurious brand with such an affordable price tag. Not only do they have a very wide range of foundations/concealers, you can get all your beauty needs from one place including their incredible skincare range. I have personally been using Fashion Fair from the age of 16 till now at age 24, and will continue to repurchase again and again. Fashion Fair is a brand you can be proud of, a brand that caters to all your needs and a brand that can colour match you in an instant, just visit your closest Fashion Fair counter. After being able to review the True Finish Foundation in Alluring Cocoa by Fashion Fair for only £23, it has quickly become the product I reach for most when I want to achieve a glowy flawless look and the weather is absolutely boiling, this foundation stays in tact without slipping and sliding throughout the day. A winner for being Summer ready! Fashion Fair is stocked in Debenhams, Boots and online.
Cake Cosmetics has recently been a new venture for me, but none the less a brand that can certainly run alongside the big dogs with a more affordable price tag, especially great for those who are newly venturing into the world of make-up. Knowing I was going to write this post I got in contact with the ever so wonderful Stevie, founder of Cake Cosmetics and within an instant she was able to colour match me just by knowing other foundation shades I use by other brands. I was matched to the Cake Cosmetics cream foundation compact in N95 similar to that of MAC NC50 but for almost half the price. Your looking at a foundation for only £13! YES £13, so I just had to purchase, you can create an effortlessly airbrushed matte flawless look with this creamy formula that won't break your bank balance. The Cake Cosmetics concealer in Butterscotch has also become a favourite of mine, a full coverage concealer that can blend well, and works as a perfect highlight for only £5! Which is super affordable that I want to buy so much more so it never runs out. The duo work so well together you don't really need to reach for much else, a little bit of blush, mascara and something on the lips and your ready to go, just like that! A full review will be coming soon on Sincerely Shug, so stay tuned for that.
I had always heard of Cover FX* but never went ahead to investigate and purchase the brand further, until not long ago I became obsessed and just had to get in touch with Cover FX themselves. After having a long discussion with their PR team, I was colour matched and sent over the Cover FX liquid foundation in G80 which is heavenly to use. Cover FX is a brand that many are not yet familiar with and I want to draw everyone's attention to this brand, although not readily available in the UK you are able to purchase online or from House of Fraser. Cover FX also offers a good quality range of shades, from pink, neutral and golden tones,they have you covered. A bit more pricer than your average foundation at £34 this brand is certainly not average. With it's light weight, oil free formula you can achieve a natural looking smooth flawless finish, either with a sheer coverage or building it up to successfully reach a fuller coverage. Need I say more? This is a brand that you should add on your Christmas Wish List.
These few brands have been products I reach for constantly, and as well as sharing with you a little about them, here are a few swatches:
There is many of things wrong with how the high-street stores are catering for women of colour, and although this doesn't show everything that is available on the market, it is a round up of the brands that are catering for all shades, that I particularly am fond of. No matter whether you are tanned, golden or deep in skin tone there is something out there for us all. Yes many of the brands featured are still more in price than your average high-street retailer, but at the moment why settle for average when you can have exceptional.


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