So we are back with the third instalment of Boot-Camp Diaries. If this is your first time reading this instalment, not to worry I will leave links to the first and second posts. Since we last spoke, I previously updated you about all things Herbalife and how I was getting on a few weeks ago, since then although I haven't lost any weight, I am certainly not gaining any and for me that is better than nothing.
Recently I have been trying to work really hard with my diet and with food in general before throwing myself back into rigorous exercises. I have changed up  my eating habits not only to be more healthy but also to ensure my general health is better in regards to my conditions. In doing so I have been swapping a numerous amount of things, white bread has literally left my flat, and I no longer take note of it when I'm food shopping, and I have made the decision to change white bread to gluten free, wheat free, and sugar free bread. This is not because of following any type of trend or fad diet but instead because I recently found out I have allergies to gluten, so it makes a lot of sense to cut it out of my diet as much as possible.  I have never been a big, big fan of milk, and when I did opt for cereals I would choose semi skinned over anything else, now I still do choose semi-skinned but have changed over to lacto free milk, not because I am lactose intolerant but because I find the lacto free to be a lot lighter and easier to digest, as I tend to feel nauseous when I have milk in cereal, once I tried lacto free the nausea stopped. I am also looking into venturing into oat-milk as this is known to be even more healthier and beneficial, and is my alternative to almond milk and alike as I cannot drink due to my nut allergies.
Having hypothyroidism means there are certain foods I can and cannot eat, I have been doing a lot of research in regards to my condition with food and medication, and have decided to trial the Carb sensitive diet (Thyroid Diet) to see if this helps my progress with weight loss and maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle. There are three types of diets you can try with thyroid disorders, but I have decided to start with the Carb Sensitive and take it from there, of course I will continue to update you with my progress, and this will more likely be a monthly post now, as I want to share the in and outs of the diet as well as my how I am coping alongside thyroid condition. I am still thoroughly enjoying my use of herbalife products and found their products to be very beneficial with my lifestyle change, especially when it comes to breakfast.
Coming this September, I am preparing myself for a sugar free month to test myself and see how much better my body feels without it, opting for only natural sugars from fruit etc. It will also be the month I bring back HIIT training into my daily routines as well as venturing into Yoga and Chakra as they are beneficial to my condition. All in all September marks a big change towards my healthy lifestyle, September 1st is the day I will put everything in motion, and in the mean time the research still continues. But I can honestly say I am excited to be trying new things such as the Carb sensitive diet (thyroid diet), going sugar free for a month, and bringing back HIIT workouts. Wish me luck.

With all this new additions to my lifestyle I will be ensuring to get my thyroxine medication monitiored and my blood levels checked to see if my medication is correct, as well as seeing whether I need further help with my Vitamin D deficiency, of course this is needed to keep on the right track of having a healthy lifestyle, it's not all about weight loss healthy eating and exercise, there are other factors that need constant monitoring and if your someone like me with a condition or two lol  then you know where I am coming from. My illnesses and conditions alter daily and can have an adverse affect on my mood, and whole body performance, therefore I need to make sure I take the right steps to ensure I reach my goals, such as keeping in good contact with my GP and support team to ensure I stay as healthy as I possibly can both physically and mentally.
As you can probably tell this was a round up post, but I am looking forward to updating you all with my progress.

Wish me Luck


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