A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being sent over some George Asda clothing from their AW15 range. When Mr.Postman arrived at my door handing over the large box I was so keen to rip open the box, and pop the clothing on I forgot to say thank you to my lovely postman. George kindly sent over three pieces from their range, which you can buy here, and although I am not a fashionista or a really cool fashion blogger, I thought I would share with you the two ways I styled two of the items I was kindly gifted. The third item I was sent was a jumper, but it really didn't sit well and unfortunately bunched up in my chest area, probably due to my little A cups. But the longer tunic top and skater skirt were beautiful and both a size 16. 

I have always had issues with my weight so being able to share this with you showing my whole body is such a big step, I never thought I would see myself do this or reach the day where I would be typing away getting ready to post this. Even the idea of stepping in front of the camera is a big issue, all my flaws will be on show every piece of me will be out there for all to see... But I am doing it and it's a start, so I am sorry if you feel this is not a fashionista post but for my camera shy self this is the best that its gonna be at this moment in time, it may not mean nothing to you but its a huge leap for me. 

Tunic Top: George Asda | Belt: Dorothy Perkins | Skater Skirt: George Asda | Tights: Primark
This for me is an outfit that is comfortable and on the go, something I can just throw on that can work with this ever so changeable weather, all I need to take is a light jacket and an umbrella and I'm set to go. The tunic is actually quiet long, but I chose to tuck it into the skater skirt for this outfit and add the belt to break up the navy blue colour. I particularly love the tunic top and the pattern it has. I have always been one to love brash and loud patterns but always heard it makes you look bigger but I still wear them anyway. 

Tunic Top: George Asda | Belt: Dorothy Perkins | Jacket: Newlook
I thought I would switch it up slightly and show another look to the tunic top that I am so fond of, as I said above it is long enough to be worn as a dress with tights. And I am really feeling this look, whether or not I actually have the confidence to wear it out is another story though.  The belt helps to break up the pattern and help me create the illusion of a waist as I have no shape, i placed the sunglasses at the top of the outfit to also help with the illusion of curves as I have no breasts sometimes I dont feel very womanly. My boots and jacket add to my biker look, and my hair is just an added bonus being purple. And there we have it, two looks from a camera shy girl learning to be confident.
Sunglasses: H&M | Necklace: H&M | Boots: Newlook | Bag: Dorothy Perkins
My accessories are always basic and something that can be used in other outfits, I have never been the type to purchase something and only use it once, it's just not in my nature. I am a comfortable clothes wearer and never try and dress too daring or out of my comfort zone.
And as I said before I am certainly and never will be a fashion blogger but I thought I would pick up the courage to share with you all what I mocked up. 

And that's it. Hope you like 

Photography: SRFTaylor Photography


  1. I love your hair colour Hun! You look amazing too! And don't sell yourself short Hun! Good on you for having the confidence to start doing fashion posts! Hope to see more xxx

    1. Thank you honey, your kind words are much appreciated. Just need to buck up the courage to try and do another. xx


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