Notting Hill Carnival is just days away and if your not sure yet, how you want to look so you can be *turnt up* then keep reading. I'm going to be sharing a few lip products with you all that I believe will get you carnival ready and looking on fleek. When going to rave it up on the streets no-one wants to be continually reapplying their make-up, especially their lipstick when the temptation of food is coming from every corner, and the music has turnt you into a twerking robot, all you want to focus on is getting your jerk chicken, plantain and hard soul food. So with that here are a few products that either need minimal to no maintenance once applied. 


By Fashion Fair
Now Ole Orange is actually a lip product I love to reach for when the sun is out and its blazing hot, although I don't do well in the blistering heat as long as my lipstick is on point and my make-up is in tact I don't mind if I be passing out haha as long as every one notices this masterpiece on the lips. Ole Orange is a very lovely orange with slight red tones, it is a rich creamy lipstick that easily glides on the lips effortlessly, it hydrates, moisturises and is long lasting as well as showing off its intense colour, there is no need to line with a pencil or prime the lips, this colour is exactly what you expect it to be. 

By Mac Cosmetics
We all have heard of Mac Cosmetics haven't we and we all know how expensive their lipsticks can be, but this colour is a beauty, a soft orange that can also look peachy, with an amplified finish this lipstick glides on with its pigmented colour like a dream, and also smells just as good I could eat it (but I won't). A lipstick I have held close to my heart ever since I was aware it existed, Vegas Volt can certainly make you stand out from the crowd, just make sure you don't pack it with you before you lose it whilst grinding down the street, that's a lipstick you don't wanna lose. 

By Collection
I am sure I have mentioned the Collection lipsticks before and I am more than certain I featured 'Perrie' in my 'Sweet Lips' post, so you can certainly tell that I am a fan. Jesy is a vibrant and very pigmented red lipstick, that feels so velvety whilst applying, you don't want to take it off. The staying power of this lipstick is unbelievable especially as they are so affordable, sometimes you just don't expect a finish and staying power from a high-street lipstick as you would a high end one. A drop dead red lipstick that can take you from day to night, if you are a lover of the red lipsticks then this is the one for you. 


By GOSH Cosmetics
GOSH has always been a favourite of mine not only for their great lip products, but for affordability and a great range of finishes and colours. If your the type that loves fun bright lipstick then this has definitely got you all over it. Bright fun and creamy Funky Friday is not only moisturising and pigmented but is glossy too, it's not necessarily a lipstick but I just had to throw it into this post. Funky Friday is from the 'Forever Lip Shine' range but does a job of a lipstick but in the form of a glossy pencil. The staying power may not be as good as a lipstick, but this is a product that is very easy to reapply.

By Fashion Fair 
Again another fun flirty colour, a bright pink with effortlessly amazing staying power and an incredible intense colour that lasts literally all day. Divine Pink comes from Fashion Fairs very own Carnival Collection so of course you know I had to add this one up into the mix. One of my favourite pink lipsticks and if I was heading up to carnival, this would probably be my lipstick of choice for the day/night. Divine Pink doesn't need any priming or pencil before hand, it does it's job exactly how it should be done, it does it RIGHT. 

By GOSH Cosmetics
Another GOSH product as you can see I am indeed a fan. Plum may not be the usual colour someone may reach for during carnival because it's not deemed as vibrant and bright, but girl you be acting crazy if you don't think this beauty can run with the big dogs. Plum is from GOSH's new range of Matte Lipsticks, and when they say matte they mean matte. This one needs a few coats if you ask me but that is only due to it's non glossy formula, but once you got it working then you be WERKIN it right. This lip product is certainly for those of you who want to stand out from the crowd, all you need is a little Vaseline or lip balm before application and your good to go. Plum lasts all day and I actually find it quite difficult to take off, but at least my lips were looking fierce even if I don't feel it by the end of the day. 
And that's it, all the lipsticks I think will have you carnival ready. Please if your going to carnival  enjoy yourself but be careful. 


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