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Are you a lover of products infused with coconut? Well stop what you're doing and keep on reading. Dr. Organic has released an all new range and it's full of coco-nuty goodness, I simply can't get enough. The new virgin coconut oil range offers known benefits such as nourishing and hydrating properties, rejuvenates dry dull skin and hair, replenishing it back to its healthy state, and deeply moisturises. 

The new range allows you to nourish yourself from head to toe, not only being rich in coconut oil but also that of papaya and aloe vera leaf juice to leave you feeling relaxed pampered and feeling as though you are in a tropical paradise. Dr. Organic's Organic Virgin Coconut range is loved by celebs such as model Miranda Kerr and actress Jennifer Aniston. 
I was kindly sent over two products from the range to review and share with you all, which consisted of the 'Organic Virgin Coconut oil Body Soufflé' and the 'Organic Virgin Coconut oil Eye Perfect'. The range boasts of a variety of products from face, body and hair, with an amazing 11 products to choose from there is certainly something for everyone that won't cost the earth.
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Body Soufflé £9.29
The Oil Body Soufflé by Dr. Organic's is a light and very absorbent body cream, that I have started to use everyday as it leaves my skin very moisturised and smooth, and the benefits lasts all day without feeling greasy like you would from other oil products. The Body Soufflé is formulated with Organic virgin coconut oil and enriched with coconut extracts, with the added benefits of aloe vera leaf juice and fruit extracts to help hydrate, nourish and moisturise the skin. The Soufflé literally melts into the skin without the need for constant massaging and leaves the skin soft but smelling like a tropical paradise. It is perfect to use in these summer months as although I suffer with combination/oily skin the rest of my body suffers with eczema and dry spots, this little beauty has made a difference in the condition of my skin and has given it a new glow. Certainly worth a try!
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Eye Perfect £8.99
The eye perfect by Dr.Organic's is said to achieve an immediate anti wrinkle and smoothing effect within 15 minutes. The anti-wrinkle filler is said to instantly minimise the appearance of crows feet and fine lines and naturally plump/smooth the delicate eye area. When I was first sent over the product and whilst researching I thought the price was a bit steep for 15ml, but considering it is a anti-wrinkle product it makes sense. The skin under my eye hasn't always been a problem area for me, and although I do not suffer with crows feet or fine lines I do find that it tends to feel tight and dry in the mornings. I was keen to see whether the Eye Perfect would make a difference as I can not comment on its anti-wrinkle benefits. It has certainly helped my skin feel softer and smoother under my eyes and a lot more delicate making it easier to create a smooth base and less creasing for concealer which I am very happy with. On the other hand I am unable to comment on the anti-ageing effects, but non the less prime time to use anti-ageing products is in your twenties so I sure will be continuing to add it to my beauty regime to make sure I stay looking 21 when I turn 41. 
So if your looking to try a new range of eco-conscious beauty that doesn't cost the earth for fabulous skin and hair free from nasty chemicals Dr. Organics is the one for you.


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