Sincerely Shug has fallen in love with the Nip & Fab range so much so it is a continuous repurchase. These two products have fallen into my skincare routine and is now used religiously without fail. The Nip and Fab skincare range has always been spoken about on social media outlets and magazines but I had never taken that jump to pick it up and purchase the products.

The Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads are all the rage right now, even Kylie Jenner is obsessed. This is one product that you must of heard of by now, renowned for it's moisturising formula infused with glycolic and hyaluronic acid to brighten smooth and soothe the skin, leaving skin radiant and toned. I use the Glycolic pads every single day after cleansing the skin, and it is literally a godsend. I have found my skin is a lot brighter and less blemish prone, so I think I have finally found a winning combination of products here that I will be sticking too.
Nip + Fab Skin: 'Glycolic Scub Fix'
The Glycolic Scrub Fix is a 3 in 1 micro facial exfoliator infused wit 3% glycolic and salicylic acid to help refine brighten and renew the skin back to its plum and youthful self. Although I do not use this scrub every single day of the week, I like to use it at least three times a week or whenever I feel as though my skin has lost its glow and is looking rather dull. I always reach for it if I have had a heavy day of wearing makeup so turn to this beauty to help  make sure my skin feels squeaky clean. The Glycolic Scrub Fix penetrates deep into the skins pores to help remove impurities and reduce the build up of oil and dirt as well as the onsets of blemishes.

The Nip + Fab skincare range is fast becoming a holy grail brand. If your interested in picking up these two products or something from the range then head over to their website www.nipandfab.com. Or pop into your local Boots and Superdrug that also stocks Nip + Fab. 


  1. Seriously sold on this product! I'm struggling right now with my skincare routine as I feel like my skin is a bit tired of what I've been using for a while now.

    Thank you for your lovely review!!

    Kaleidoscopes & Polka Dots

    1. Hiya Jessica, I was having issues with my skin and felt my routine was falling me but these two as a duo are complete life savers. xx

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