Every one loves a pamper night, whether it be when you have come back from a long day of work, or its finally the weekend and you can spend some quality time with your bath salts. Sunday's have always been my pamper days, starting straight from the moment I wake up with a good hearty breakfast and binge watching episodes in my cosy dressing gown and slippers.
Although I do love to try and experiment with new products, I have my holy grail favourites which will always fall into a good old pamper sesh.

Dr,Organic Dead Sea Mineral Bio Plasma Mud Mask £7.99
I am a sucker for a mud mask and can hand on heart say I have tried plenty of mud masks in the past, and the Dr.Organic Dead sea mask certainly is one of my favourites. We all like to take time out relaxing in a hot bubble bath with bath oils and bath salts slapping on that mud mask and maybe even adding cucumbers to the eyes.
The Dr.Organic Dead sea mud mask is an oil regulating, detoxifying and anti-ageing face treatment which leaves skin feeling rejuvenated, penetrates deep into the pores to remove excess oil and impurities as well as stimulating cell regeneration. I particularly favour this mud mask over others as it leaves my skin ever so smooth without drying it out. Dr.Organics is well known for their natural products, their mud mask is paraben free, fragrance free and free from harsh preservatives. 
Mandara Spa*
Body Butter £6.00 & Bali Santi Body Milk £5.00
Mandara Spa is a fairly new brand that has landed into my pamper routines. The Mandara Spa range is a luxurious line of bath and body-care products, inspired by natural ingredients used in the unique treatments by the Mandara Spa brand across the world.
Diving in and letting your body immerse in the lavish hot bubble bath that you have been patiently waiting for whilst it rises, is the best part of the pamper routine. And once I have placed on my face mask and my candles are fluttering in the background whilst watching something on Netflix is when I lather myself in the Bali Santi Body Milk and I don't use it sparingly, I like to know my body is being caressed by the nourishing blend of coconut, essential oils and lotus flower milk and reap the full benefits this product has to offer. Unfortunately no bath pics this time haha.
I have fallen in love with the Mandara Spa Body Butter infused with lime and coconut. This is one of the products that I so often have reached for once climbing out of the bath, I lather myself in the sweet  exotic infusions, the body butter leaves my skin feeling pampered, nourished and delicate to touch. This is something I wouldn't use on a everyday basis but certainly on pamper nights, special occasions and maybe for a date night, when I want to smell like a tropical queen and feel as though my skin is as soft and delicate as rose petals.

And finally the last part of my pamper routine, whilst watching comedies or chick flicks and eating sweet  and salty popcorn is having a mini manicure hour to get those nails glossy and pristine, as well as wearing a colour that will see me through the week.

If you want a day, evening or night of pamper bliss then make sure to check out these few heavenly products sure to make you smell and feel amazing.


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