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So hello my lovelies, I hope you have been having a lovely Sunday, full of family time, relaxation and Sunday roast. Today's post is all about hair, and keeping hair hydrated soft smooth and glossy. A while ago I was sent over the 'Kera Care Hydrating Detangling Shampoo and the Kera Care Overnight Moisturiser'.*
We all know (and if you didn't know now you do) that I have pretty long and big natural curly frizzy hair, so choosing the right products to use when it comes to hair wash day is vital, if you have afro or big curly hair then you know the struggles of how your wash day turns into an all day hourly shampoo and deep condition ritual. It takes hours to wash, hours to condition, de-tangle, moisturise... I think you get where I am going with this. So when I was sent a few of the Kera Care range I was ecstatic to give them ago, Kera Care are already one of my favourite leading natural hair care products for my hair so this was the perfect duo to add to my hair station. 

Kera Care: Hydrating Detangling Shampoo
As a natural, I have been through many of shampoo and conditioners finding the right products to cater for my hair and although I have an elite few that I love I am always on the hunt for something better something I can deeply adore. The Hydrating Detangling shampoo although not in my top three, is definitely number one for making sure all this bush hair does not tangle up and cause a huge mess in the process. It is such a smooth rich and luxurious product that creates a good amount of lather that removes excess dirt and oils from the hair and scalp without completely stripping the moisture from the hair. So many times have I used products that leave my hair limp, and without any moisture at all, so with that, I can fill you all in that the name does what it says on the bottle and leaves your hair hydrated and de-tangled.
Kera Care: Overnight Moisturiser
Now this is a beauty, I have already made plans to possibly write a post of this all alone, and share with you all the products I use to cater for my natural hair. The Overnight Moisturiser by Kera Care is something I can see myself purchasing and repurchasing constantly over and over again. This easily sits in my top three favourites for conditioning, moisturising and repairing my hair overnight. To be honest when it comes to my natural hair, these are the products I favour the most. The Kera Care Overnight Moisturiser is said to soften and smooth dry, rough, hard or brittle hair, but my natural hair is none of the listed adjectives. Instead my hair always after being shampooed and conditioned is left moisturised, but my hair always seems to be more grateful when I apply a night product, and by morning you can see noticeable results, my hair is a lot stronger, bouncier, shinier, curls become more prominent and hair full of life. If you are looking for something that will restore your hair or maybe just need to add that extra oomph this is the one for you, the product I am swearing by.
If you have never heard of Kera Care before now, then certainly find out more about the brand, i'm sure it is something you will be pleasantly surprised you picked up and tried, and believe me i'm sure you will be as hooked as I am.

Kera Care can be purchased in stores like your local beauty supplier and of course online. Kera Care is available online at Look Fantastic.

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  1. The natural hair moisture struggle! Kera Care and Shea Moisture do great products for natural hair. I love the Kera Care leave in from this range but I'm definitely going to try the Overnight moisturiser to try and bring some more life into my hair! Great post xx

    1. Yes the over night moisturiser is an absolute dream, defo give it a try and let me know what you think. xx


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