Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Revlon Professional: Style Masters Smooth Iron Guard

Three weeks ago I was sent the Revlon Professional- Style Masters Iron Guard* to review and since then I have grown quiet fond of the product. I have natural afro curly frizzy hair and use extensions/ weave as protective styles for my natural hair, so when I found out I could use this not only on my extensions and weaves but on my natural curly hair too, it automatically received more brownie points. 
The Style Masters Iron Guard is said to discipline rebellious hair, straighten temporarily, tame/ control tangled or wavy hair, whilst adding a glossy silky effect. This post will have two reviews showing how the Style Masters worked for both my natural hair and extensions. Whilst using the products I found the  best way to use the style masters is after having freshly washed hair and lightly towel drying it after (this is in reference for both natural/extensions and weaves). 

For me to get the most out of the Iron Guard I only have to apply small amount of product (which comes out in a cream like consistency) to the roots of my hair and work it down to the ends. Now one thing you can be sure of, is that with this styling product being of salon professional quality, the product smells absolutely lovely. After applying the product all over my hair focusing on roots and ends, I blow dry my hair on a low setting for my natural hair and a slightly higher setting for my extensions. The Style Masters also works as a heat protector so as well as eliminating frizz adding a glossy shine and silky finish, hair is also protected from heat damage that may arise from hair dryers or straighteners. 
Now after blow drying my natural hair I have found the Style Masters doesn't necessarily give my hair the added benefit of a glossy look but it does tame down some of the frizz and makes it easier to comb/brush through to loosen up my curls before adding my other curl moisture products to finish the look. With my extensions I do usually go on to use other tools such as straighteners or curling tongs, so after reaping the benefits of the Style Masters on my extensions I came to find that as well as keeping my hair protected it also left my hair feeling extra smooth, silky and of salon quality- did I mention my hair extensions smelt gorgeous too?

The Revlon Professional: Style Masters Smooth Iron Guard has definitely become one of my most reached for styling products for my extensions as it leaves them looking and feeling brand new and as I use a lot of heat on them. But for my natural hair it is probably something I would use from time to time when I want to combat my frizz. All in all it gets a well deserved 9/10 for being a very versatile styling tool, but loses a point due to its claim to 'temporarily straighten' hair, which I couldn't see in either my extensions or natural hair. But it is certainly something I would pick up and repurchase once this can has run out. 

You can buy the Style Masters Iron Guard at Salons which you can find your closest here
Let me know what you think of your Style Master!



Sunday, 20 September 2015


For the past two months I have been wearing purple/pink hair which has received a lot of attention. When I first purchased the hair from an Ali Express Vendor (a very popular site many have come accustomed to when reviewing hair from companies across the world). I scoured the site to find a vendor I would be happy to purchase from, and as I always go for my usual dark 1b colour hair with natural loose waves- which is very easy to find, I wanted to see what the coloured hair from these vendors had to offer. I have purchased time and time again from Ali Express and have never come across a bad company, majority are very friendly and approachable and have very good communication to ensure you are kept up to date. Just make sure your buying from a company with good reviews/feedback.
The company I choose to go with was from Carina Hair, in which I made sure to do my research before hand. I saw many YouTube videos reviewing black and brown coloured hair, so already had an idea how well the hair would be and the processing/delivery time. Before purchasing I got in contact with Carina Hair to discuss the hair I wanted, and asked if they could add a closure to my order in the same purple ombre colour. The communication between myself and the company was easy as pie they kept me updated with everything even with an estimated date when my hair package should arrive. The whole order cost me around £120 for 3 bundles of the Peruvian ombre hair and closure in 16/18/20inches and 12'' closure.
Upon receiving my package which only took just over two weeks shipping from China, there was a noticeable difference being in that the hair was a lot darker than the suggested picture (see initial hair install on my instagram compared to picture of the hair online). The difference in colour was not a big deal and something I was happy with regardless, the darker shade was even better and blended well with the dark roots.
Instead of installing the hair as a weave, I decided to make my own custom wig (Yes I can make wigs) using the hair that I bought. There was literally no shedding minus the odd one or two strands of hair that is expected, the hair takes well to curling irons and straighteners and can be easily manipulated and the closure is a dream, I have never had a closure that lays as flat as this one, (If you are interested in how I make my wigs leave a comment in the comment box).
Now two months in wearing the wig, I have obviously washed it numerous amounts of times and of course the dye has started to fade with every wash, turning into a powdery pink colour with the odd hues of purple in it. It still has amazing colour and body and is still as soft  as when I first purchased. So I would certainly recommend Carina Hair, and the services they provide. When looking after your hair, unit or weave make sure not to over do it with products as this can weigh down the hair and end up looking greasy, treat every unit like your own hair with TLC. 



Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Transitional Coats

It has officially come to that time in the year where we need to dust of those old coats from the back of the wardrobe, and huddle ourselves up beneath the warm wool, whilst we enter the crisp air of the British weather. Usually every year when the leaves start to change and it starts to get dark at around 8pm, the weather is trying to tell me autumn is upon us and soon winter will arise. During this time is when I start to scour the internet to find a new coat for the winter weather. So again I thought I would share my findings with you in this transitional coats post.

Now when it comes to my style I always try to go for something comfy and casual, something that can be very versatile and in turn can last a long time. I have no time to continuously purchase items of clothing, even if I did have the money, which I don't (#aintnobodygottimeforthat). So from a pretty casual and not so stylish style, I try to buy very well made coats, with gorgeous style, colour and pattern that is slightly more stylish, a coat is something that people notice first about an outfit so it becomes something I spend more time money and effort on. I try to purchase coats that can last me years and since 2012 I started my coat collection which has currently gone up to seven coats. So with that, here are a few coats I have been eyeing up during my latest hunt for a new transitional coat.
From Left to Right
ASOS  Fur Faux Collar Coat | ZARA Wool Coat | ASOS Coat in Borg |
NEXT 'FOREVER' Skirted Coat | RIVER ISLAND Red Check Coat
 Each coat has so much personality and character, and I guess you can tell I am fond of a faux fur collar haha. I have always preferred a wool coat compared to that of a trench coat or mac, as they definitely keep me warmer than a coat where I have to layer clothing, and I have never been one to layer clothes for several reasons- 1. I am very round in the middle so layering will make me look like a balloon, 2. I get hot easily and wouldn't want to faff around trying to take off layers and 3. Layering and wearing more clothes means more washing which means using more electricity and water and girllll.. I live alone and I'm trying to save those pennies lol. But yes these are my transitional coats of choice this year. 

And that's all for now folks until next year!



Sunday, 13 September 2015

Dainty Jewellery

Many of you may be unfamiliar with the brand that is Jewellery Box, but as soon as the brand made itself known last year I was hooked. It was a pleasant surprise to also see them at this years bloggers festival, and being able to speak with the team behind the brand and what they had to offer. 
Jewellery Box do a variety of dainty jewellery that everyone will fall completely in love with, from necklaces to earrings to bracelets and charms, and even personalised gifts, there is no one stone left unturned. Jewellery Box gifted some of their unique pieces during blogger festival, and I was gifted this beautiful daisy necklace and matching earrings, which is right up my street, if anyone knows me they would know I am a sucker for delicately made fine pieces of jewellery. I have never been one to be a lover of chunky heavy jewellery as I feel I just cannot pull them off, but this beauty has  definitely got me written all over it. I'm starting to think maybe they read my mind whilst I was at their stand, that's how they knew exactly what piece to gift me with. 
Jewellery Box offers beautiful jewellery that wont brake your bank balance, affordable jewellery that looks just as good as high-end ones but keeping in mind everyone's affordability. I already have my eye caught on other pieces on the site for myself and also possibly as a gift for my mothers birthday. 

Make sure you check them out and share with me some of your favourite pieces.


Wednesday, 9 September 2015


It is that time of year again, Pegasus Beauty Annual Showcase is back and bigger than ever. I was invited to pop down to the Pegasus Beauty Showcase on Tuesday 8th September in Central London at the lovely Mary Ward House. The doors opened from 2pm till 8pm giving guests a time to pop on by when they could during the day and mingle, network and sample new releases from brands such as Trilogy, Dr. Organic, Manuka Doctor, Avene, Collection and many, many more.
The room was full of bloggers and vloggers alike and not to mention other journalists and press all embracing everything that Pegasus had to showcase on the day. As usual the Pegasus team where as friendly as always and it was lovely to catch up with a few familiar faces that I will always pop over to have a chinwag with. The room was filled with a warm atmospheric roar of smiles and laughter, chit chat and excitement with plenty of nibbles and beverages to devour into. 
Every brand was releasing something new to their range such as Trilogy's new make-up be gone cleansing balm, which I tried on the same night of the event, and all I can say is I died and came back to life it was that good- expect a review on it soon. Dr. Organics also released their new Hemp oil range which I am dying to try it smells so fresh and I have always been a fan of the brand. Witch has also relaunched their exfoliating face wash, it was that good they made it again and better. Stay tuned to know about further new launches that have been released and the reviews that will come along with them!
I was particularly excited to meet new brands such as Ladival a sun protection widely known in Europe that is finally making it's way to the UK and Skincere  a skincare brand exclusively at Holland & Barrett to compliment their recently new free from range (this one I have certainly got my eye on). 
Bio Oil were asking guests to join their #bodyphilosophy to promote their campaign that is associated with 'Body Gossip', to empower young people and help them gain confidence with who they are. We was asked to write and hang up positive tips/quotes and things we would have told our younger self to add to the campaign. 

It was a lovely event and thank you again to Pegasus for inviting me to come along, it was a pleasure.


Sexy Hair for Days

After meeting the brand Sexy Hair* at the Catalyst PR showcase, trialling a few of their gifted sample products, I was contacted to try some of their full size products. Sexy Hair may be a brand that you are not necessarily familiar with but I can assure you will find something that you like from the ranges they have to offer. 
(Big Sexy Hair Range)
Already in love with the Sexy Hair 'Full Bloom' sample, I was ecstatic to receive the full size product as my sample is already reaching the bottom of the bottle. The Full Bloom hair spritz is from the Big Sexy Hair range, this little beauty rejuvenates limp hair to give hair the look of a fresh voluminous blow-out, and thickens hair to goddess looking locks. Now this refreshing spray has it all but best of all is the beautiful smells that oozes out of the bottle and leaves hair smelling like a bunch of flowers that have been freshly picked from a garden, the fragrance is infused with fruity floral musk and fruity apple pear. I am told this beauty should be used before blow drying hair to get the full benefit of the Full Bloom product, (which is what I do sometimes), but on occasions I can't help but spritz a little bit in the morning and let my hair take in the fruity cocktail so my hair smells extra summery and sweet as I leave the house.
(Healthy Sexy Hair Range)
Let's just stop for a second, who wouldn't want products to help keep your hair healthy and beautiful? If that isn't you stop reading... The Healthy Sexy Hair range, does just that, I was luckily sent over two products from this range and was really impressed with both products. 'The Soy Renewal Oil' is said to nourish protect and heal hair damage with its infused power of Argan Oil, which I'm sure all bloggers are a fan of, and if not, where have you been! It's certainly the in thing to use right now. I particularly enjoy using the Soy Renewal Oil as I colour my hair a hell of a lot so need to make sure I find products that will bring my hair back to life, and this does just that gets rid of crisp dry brittle hair, softens and gives it a healthy added shine that is soo needed when you colour your hair. 

The 'Soy Tri-Wheat leave in conditioner' is the perfect product to use just before the Renewal Oil as it locks in moisture to freshly shampooed hair enriching it with protein to keep hair strong and healthy. After shampooing my hair, I towel dry my hair and spray in a couple of pumps into my hair and comb through, making sure I'm working it in from roots to the ends of my hair to ensure every inch of my hair can reap the benefits of this perfect little product. I then use a generous amount of Soy Renewal oil and work that into my hair massaging as I go along before I use my hair dryer to make sure all that frizz is kept at bay. For me it is certainly a really good duo to work together and does what it says on the tin, I have even got a few of my friends using the products now also, so that's saying something right?
(Smooth Sexy Hair Range)
Yass finally something that I can use whilst getting ready to tong my hair, now if you know me I do try to stay clear of using heating tools such as hair-dryers and straighteners/curlers but sometimes it just has to be done if I'm in a rush or if I'm looking to create a chic look with dead straight hair... The 'Smooth & Seal' is part of the Smooth Sexy Hair range, I particularly like to use this when I'm trying to create a specific look, or if I had to use my hair dryer due to little time and want to eliminate turning into a frizzy mess. So I spray the Smooth and Seal just before blow drying (or straightening) for heat protection and again just when I finish to get rid of any frizz, keep hair in place and to add that professional glossy finish. I am very fond of this product as it is infused with UVA/UVB protection, which I have never seen from other styling products, and helps to ensure coloured hair doesnt fade, WIN for us girls who like to rock colour in our hair ay! And that's it, a product that is easy to use without confusion.

If you hadn't heard of them before, then you have certainly heard of them now. Quickly write them down into your wishlists or even give someone a nudge Christmas is fast approaching haha.

Let me know if you have heard or ever used Sexy Hair!



Sunday, 6 September 2015


Evening all, so many of you may have heard or was at the blogger festival yesterday, and well what can I say?... It was amazing! I was invited by the lovely Scarlett, the genius behind the whole event, that was held at the ever so beautiful Conrad London St James Hotel.
Blogger's where invited down to the event to celebrate all things blogging as well as catch up with some familiar faces, or interact and meet with some new faces. There was also the chance to be able to meet with brands on the day to network and to try out samples that were being gifted. 
Of course I was ecstatic to be meeting up with some of my blogger babes, such as the gorgeous Mariah from Starla Says, Hazel from HazelJane (the same cuties that went blogger festival last year with me) and of course Sarah from Srftaylor. It was great to see so many smiley faces of people I could finally put twitter/blog names to actual faces. The event was buzzing with laughter chit chat and nibbles, everyone was in such high spirits. 
There were so many brands that attended, unfortunately I was unable to talk to every brand but was able to network with brands such as Nanshy, Jewellery Box, Simply Be, Natural World, The Perfume Shop, and Cloud 9.  Of course this gave me the chance to take full advantage of handing out my business cards to bloggers and brands. 
Thank you so much to the lovely Scarlett for inviting me along, as per usual the blogger festival was a huge success, and I am so proud in everything you accomplish. It is so lovely to know you, and you are certainly a very genuine and kind hearted lady and I wish you all the best on all your ventures. 

Where you at Blogger Festival, let me know? 


Wednesday, 2 September 2015


This afternoon I  attend the George Christmas press event, showcasing their Christmas 2015 launches from Ladies, Men's and Children's clothing to Homeware. The Christmas event was hosted at the beautiful Somerset House in Strand, and the weather was even more beautiful gracing me with plenty of sunshine. The Christmas fashion was lovely especially the children's collection which had me feeling extra broody, and I absolutely loved the lingerie range. I particularly was interested in what George had to offer in the home-ware department, as many of you know I had recently moved into my flat so was excited to see what home pieces I could fill the flat up during the soon to be festive season. As I went around the rooms, I literally was making a wishlist as I walked taking snapshots of everything that I couldn't get enough of, including the amazing faux fur throw and all the Christmas trinkets

Ladies Christmas Range 2015
Children's Christmas Range 2015
Lingerie & Accessories
Homeware Christmas Range 2015
Have you spotted anything that's caught your eye from George? Whether you have been naughty or nice I want to know what you have got on your wishlists...

W: George 

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