For the past two months I have been wearing purple/pink hair which has received a lot of attention. When I first purchased the hair from an Ali Express Vendor (a very popular site many have come accustomed to when reviewing hair from companies across the world). I scoured the site to find a vendor I would be happy to purchase from, and as I always go for my usual dark 1b colour hair with natural loose waves- which is very easy to find, I wanted to see what the coloured hair from these vendors had to offer. I have purchased time and time again from Ali Express and have never come across a bad company, majority are very friendly and approachable and have very good communication to ensure you are kept up to date. Just make sure your buying from a company with good reviews/feedback.
The company I choose to go with was from Carina Hair, in which I made sure to do my research before hand. I saw many YouTube videos reviewing black and brown coloured hair, so already had an idea how well the hair would be and the processing/delivery time. Before purchasing I got in contact with Carina Hair to discuss the hair I wanted, and asked if they could add a closure to my order in the same purple ombre colour. The communication between myself and the company was easy as pie they kept me updated with everything even with an estimated date when my hair package should arrive. The whole order cost me around £120 for 3 bundles of the Peruvian ombre hair and closure in 16/18/20inches and 12'' closure.
Upon receiving my package which only took just over two weeks shipping from China, there was a noticeable difference being in that the hair was a lot darker than the suggested picture (see initial hair install on my instagram compared to picture of the hair online). The difference in colour was not a big deal and something I was happy with regardless, the darker shade was even better and blended well with the dark roots.
Instead of installing the hair as a weave, I decided to make my own custom wig (Yes I can make wigs) using the hair that I bought. There was literally no shedding minus the odd one or two strands of hair that is expected, the hair takes well to curling irons and straighteners and can be easily manipulated and the closure is a dream, I have never had a closure that lays as flat as this one, (If you are interested in how I make my wigs leave a comment in the comment box).
Now two months in wearing the wig, I have obviously washed it numerous amounts of times and of course the dye has started to fade with every wash, turning into a powdery pink colour with the odd hues of purple in it. It still has amazing colour and body and is still as soft  as when I first purchased. So I would certainly recommend Carina Hair, and the services they provide. When looking after your hair, unit or weave make sure not to over do it with products as this can weigh down the hair and end up looking greasy, treat every unit like your own hair with TLC. 


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