Revlon Professional: Style Masters Smooth Iron Guard

Three weeks ago I was sent the Revlon Professional- Style Masters Iron Guard* to review and since then I have grown quiet fond of the product. I have natural afro curly frizzy hair and use extensions/ weave as protective styles for my natural hair, so when I found out I could use this not only on my extensions and weaves but on my natural curly hair too, it automatically received more brownie points. 
The Style Masters Iron Guard is said to discipline rebellious hair, straighten temporarily, tame/ control tangled or wavy hair, whilst adding a glossy silky effect. This post will have two reviews showing how the Style Masters worked for both my natural hair and extensions. Whilst using the products I found the  best way to use the style masters is after having freshly washed hair and lightly towel drying it after (this is in reference for both natural/extensions and weaves). 

For me to get the most out of the Iron Guard I only have to apply small amount of product (which comes out in a cream like consistency) to the roots of my hair and work it down to the ends. Now one thing you can be sure of, is that with this styling product being of salon professional quality, the product smells absolutely lovely. After applying the product all over my hair focusing on roots and ends, I blow dry my hair on a low setting for my natural hair and a slightly higher setting for my extensions. The Style Masters also works as a heat protector so as well as eliminating frizz adding a glossy shine and silky finish, hair is also protected from heat damage that may arise from hair dryers or straighteners. 
Now after blow drying my natural hair I have found the Style Masters doesn't necessarily give my hair the added benefit of a glossy look but it does tame down some of the frizz and makes it easier to comb/brush through to loosen up my curls before adding my other curl moisture products to finish the look. With my extensions I do usually go on to use other tools such as straighteners or curling tongs, so after reaping the benefits of the Style Masters on my extensions I came to find that as well as keeping my hair protected it also left my hair feeling extra smooth, silky and of salon quality- did I mention my hair extensions smelt gorgeous too?

The Revlon Professional: Style Masters Smooth Iron Guard has definitely become one of my most reached for styling products for my extensions as it leaves them looking and feeling brand new and as I use a lot of heat on them. But for my natural hair it is probably something I would use from time to time when I want to combat my frizz. All in all it gets a well deserved 9/10 for being a very versatile styling tool, but loses a point due to its claim to 'temporarily straighten' hair, which I couldn't see in either my extensions or natural hair. But it is certainly something I would pick up and repurchase once this can has run out. 

You can buy the Style Masters Iron Guard at Salons which you can find your closest here
Let me know what you think of your Style Master!


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