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After meeting the brand Sexy Hair* at the Catalyst PR showcase, trialling a few of their gifted sample products, I was contacted to try some of their full size products. Sexy Hair may be a brand that you are not necessarily familiar with but I can assure you will find something that you like from the ranges they have to offer. 
(Big Sexy Hair Range)
Already in love with the Sexy Hair 'Full Bloom' sample, I was ecstatic to receive the full size product as my sample is already reaching the bottom of the bottle. The Full Bloom hair spritz is from the Big Sexy Hair range, this little beauty rejuvenates limp hair to give hair the look of a fresh voluminous blow-out, and thickens hair to goddess looking locks. Now this refreshing spray has it all but best of all is the beautiful smells that oozes out of the bottle and leaves hair smelling like a bunch of flowers that have been freshly picked from a garden, the fragrance is infused with fruity floral musk and fruity apple pear. I am told this beauty should be used before blow drying hair to get the full benefit of the Full Bloom product, (which is what I do sometimes), but on occasions I can't help but spritz a little bit in the morning and let my hair take in the fruity cocktail so my hair smells extra summery and sweet as I leave the house.
(Healthy Sexy Hair Range)
Let's just stop for a second, who wouldn't want products to help keep your hair healthy and beautiful? If that isn't you stop reading... The Healthy Sexy Hair range, does just that, I was luckily sent over two products from this range and was really impressed with both products. 'The Soy Renewal Oil' is said to nourish protect and heal hair damage with its infused power of Argan Oil, which I'm sure all bloggers are a fan of, and if not, where have you been! It's certainly the in thing to use right now. I particularly enjoy using the Soy Renewal Oil as I colour my hair a hell of a lot so need to make sure I find products that will bring my hair back to life, and this does just that gets rid of crisp dry brittle hair, softens and gives it a healthy added shine that is soo needed when you colour your hair. 

The 'Soy Tri-Wheat leave in conditioner' is the perfect product to use just before the Renewal Oil as it locks in moisture to freshly shampooed hair enriching it with protein to keep hair strong and healthy. After shampooing my hair, I towel dry my hair and spray in a couple of pumps into my hair and comb through, making sure I'm working it in from roots to the ends of my hair to ensure every inch of my hair can reap the benefits of this perfect little product. I then use a generous amount of Soy Renewal oil and work that into my hair massaging as I go along before I use my hair dryer to make sure all that frizz is kept at bay. For me it is certainly a really good duo to work together and does what it says on the tin, I have even got a few of my friends using the products now also, so that's saying something right?
(Smooth Sexy Hair Range)
Yass finally something that I can use whilst getting ready to tong my hair, now if you know me I do try to stay clear of using heating tools such as hair-dryers and straighteners/curlers but sometimes it just has to be done if I'm in a rush or if I'm looking to create a chic look with dead straight hair... The 'Smooth & Seal' is part of the Smooth Sexy Hair range, I particularly like to use this when I'm trying to create a specific look, or if I had to use my hair dryer due to little time and want to eliminate turning into a frizzy mess. So I spray the Smooth and Seal just before blow drying (or straightening) for heat protection and again just when I finish to get rid of any frizz, keep hair in place and to add that professional glossy finish. I am very fond of this product as it is infused with UVA/UVB protection, which I have never seen from other styling products, and helps to ensure coloured hair doesnt fade, WIN for us girls who like to rock colour in our hair ay! And that's it, a product that is easy to use without confusion.

If you hadn't heard of them before, then you have certainly heard of them now. Quickly write them down into your wishlists or even give someone a nudge Christmas is fast approaching haha.

Let me know if you have heard or ever used Sexy Hair!


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