Transitional Coats

It has officially come to that time in the year where we need to dust of those old coats from the back of the wardrobe, and huddle ourselves up beneath the warm wool, whilst we enter the crisp air of the British weather. Usually every year when the leaves start to change and it starts to get dark at around 8pm, the weather is trying to tell me autumn is upon us and soon winter will arise. During this time is when I start to scour the internet to find a new coat for the winter weather. So again I thought I would share my findings with you in this transitional coats post.

Now when it comes to my style I always try to go for something comfy and casual, something that can be very versatile and in turn can last a long time. I have no time to continuously purchase items of clothing, even if I did have the money, which I don't (#aintnobodygottimeforthat). So from a pretty casual and not so stylish style, I try to buy very well made coats, with gorgeous style, colour and pattern that is slightly more stylish, a coat is something that people notice first about an outfit so it becomes something I spend more time money and effort on. I try to purchase coats that can last me years and since 2012 I started my coat collection which has currently gone up to seven coats. So with that, here are a few coats I have been eyeing up during my latest hunt for a new transitional coat.
From Left to Right
ASOS  Fur Faux Collar Coat | ZARA Wool Coat | ASOS Coat in Borg |
NEXT 'FOREVER' Skirted Coat | RIVER ISLAND Red Check Coat
 Each coat has so much personality and character, and I guess you can tell I am fond of a faux fur collar haha. I have always preferred a wool coat compared to that of a trench coat or mac, as they definitely keep me warmer than a coat where I have to layer clothing, and I have never been one to layer clothes for several reasons- 1. I am very round in the middle so layering will make me look like a balloon, 2. I get hot easily and wouldn't want to faff around trying to take off layers and 3. Layering and wearing more clothes means more washing which means using more electricity and water and girllll.. I live alone and I'm trying to save those pennies lol. But yes these are my transitional coats of choice this year. 

And that's all for now folks until next year!


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