Wednesday, 28 October 2015


Yesterday evening I was invited down into Central London to find out what La Roche Posay's latest new release consisted of. Of course as per usual La Roche Posay hosted in a swanky venue and the team were as lovely as ever to be around. This time, as I have converted my mum into using La Roche Posay products, I thought it would be beneficial for her to come down and meet the team and sip on a few cocktails. I arrived at the venue earlier than the expected drop in time of 6-8pm and was invited in to witness the unveiling of the newest product from the Effaclar range. 

La Roche Posay has numerous amounts of products from the Effaclar range catering for those with blemish prone, sensitive and oily/combination skin types. Many bloggers and vloggers have raved about the brands products such as their Micellar Water and Cleansing Gel, as well as my personal favourite Effaclar Duo [+]. 
So why were we all at the event? La Roche Posay launched their brand new skincare product Effaclar K (+), an innovative skincare product for those who suffer with combination/oily skin, blemishes and blackheads and irregular textured skin. The Effaclar K (+)  is a pro for combating and helping skin get through the effects of external aggressors (such as pollution and dust) that triggers blemishes and aggravates skin sensitivity, using the Effaclar K (+) daily can help to soothe skin, even texture of the skin, control and care for oily skin, and reduce the appearance of blackheads. Now if that doesn't sound like a miracle worker then I don't know what does. I will be sure to update you all with a review of how I get on with this product in regards to my oily/combination blemish prone skin in a few weeks time, so look out for that!
Although only being able to stay at the event for 30-45 minutes I enjoyed every minute of it with my mum, we even managed to have a cheeky selfie at the instagram wall, and the team at La Roche Posay presented us with goodie bags including the new Effaclar K (+) and two items of our choice from the Effaclar range. 
Thank you again La Roche Posay for inviting me, it is always a pleasure to connect and work with you.

Find more of the range here
W: La Roche Posay



Last night I made my way down to the Keziah Connections event, and although Keziah Connections have had events in the past, this was the very first one for me. I  didn't know exactly what to expect at the event and didn't know anyone that was going. But as Fashion Fair was collaborating and hosting the event alongside Keziah Connections I thought it would only be fair to bring the woman who introduced me to the world of makeup and this particular mother. So on the same day of the event I managed to get her a ticket to come along with me and experience exactly what it is I attend and get up to. 
The Keziah Connections event was hosted at Fashion Fair HQ kicking off at 6pm and ending the night at 8:30pm. We arrived (not on time, might I add #blackpeopletime) and met the amazing Natalie (BeautyPulseLondon) and was guided into the room with all the other brown beauties. It was such a relief to see the room buzzing with laughter, smiles and chitter chatter, the atmosphere was so relaxed. The beginning of the evening was full of networking, munching on food that was served, popping champagne bottles, having makeovers and our hair did... All in the name of Black History Month and celebrating/promoting the work us ladies do, as well as inspiring and being inspired by all the women in the room. 

During the event I had the chance to catch up with my bae Jo from PatentPurpleLife and finally met the beautiful Christine from YvesChild in the flesh! Amongst many other beauties networking their brand throughout the evening. There was then a talk by the inspiring Connie Jackson herself, educating us all on the history of Fashion Fair, the journey that the brand has been on till now and what their goals are for the future, it is a speech that I wont forget easily, especially these few words....
"We are not an after-thought"

"We have a superior product"
Woc shouldn't ever be an after thought, we are a consumer just like everyone else, but if no one wants our custom then a brand like Fashion Fair can, one that cares for their customers, and understands the pigmentation and varying shades women of colour have. Affordable, Unique and one of the Superior brands in the business. 

The night was truly amazing and I cannot wait for the next one Natalie, and thank you so much Fashion Fair for mine and my mothers goodies! 


Sunday, 25 October 2015


We are officially experiencing Autumn/Winter weather which means warm drinks, fluffy blankets, and cosy jumpers. Some times I want to steer away from the reviews and write something on a Sunday with a much more relaxed vibe, which got me thinking- I haven't done a tag in a while, so why not do the Autumn/Winter tag?

Favourite Winter Drink? 
Most people would say something hot, and of course if your'e a blogger maybe a Chai latte or Pumpkin spiced latte to make sure they stay on trend lol, but I have never really been a fan of hot drinks ever! Only when I am under the weather with the flu I may stray and have the odd Cadbury's hot chocolate- I'm not really into rich chocolate either, so wouldn't indulge in something like Green & Blacks.

Favourite Autumn/Winter Album?
For me it would have to be that soulful chill out music such as Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Amy Winehouse, The Weekend, PND and Adele- especially knowing her new album will be dropping next month, it has got me and the rest of the world so excite.

Favourite Thing To Wear?
This time of year is my favourite when it comes to fashion, although I am not a fashion blogger I love the colours and trends that funnel down from the catwalk into the high-street shops. I'm not the biggest lover of sweaters and jumpers, as I don't like long sleeves, but I do love woolly hats, beanies, scarves and coats- oh I have so many coats for winter! 

Favourite Pumpkin Face?
If you follow me on twitter, you would know that it has become tradition for me and my best friend to carve pumpkins and make it a contest and the winner obviously wins a prize (CHOCOLATE). Last year I carved the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland and obviously won! Yay- although the loser also won chocolates too. So from that my favourite pumpkin face has to be the Cheshire Cat.

Favourite Movie?
It has got to be Harry Potter how could it not be? Magic, Fantasy, Wizards and Witches- it just fits so well with the whole theme of Autumn/Winter. But a close runner up is The Chronicles of Narnia, as when the children first enter Narnia it is always winter until they defeat the White Witch. These films fill me with nostalgia.

Favourite thing to do?
I guess this question kind of goes hand in hand with the last one, as when Autumn/Winter comes along and its cold and chilly outside, I love to light some candles, grab my duvet and watch some good old films with loads of snacks. 

Favourite Comfort Food?
I don't really have a comfort food, but this time of year I love home-made dishes such as Chicken Pie, Pasta Bake, Shepard's Pie... Good old hearty food that will keep you warm and full in the cold weather.

Favourite Candle To Burn?
Literally anything Vanilla scented is my go to candle whether it be £1 or £10 that will always be my first choice. I don't have time to spend hours searching for pretentious candles like Pomegranate Noir...

Favourite Lip Colour?
Autumn/Winter is notorious for its dark purples and reds which often get called every other name under sun than red or purple like Oxblood, Burgundy, Mauve, Plum, Wine.... You get the drift.

And that's it, Autumn/Winter Tag complete!
I'd love to see other people do the tag, so please let me know if you have done it.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Halloween is fast approaching, so of course I had to come at you all with a Halloween inspired post! I have always been one to get into festive holidays, may that be Easter, Halloween, Bonfire Night or Christmas, I make sure to get myself involved in every single one. So for this Halloween I have collaborated with the amazing people at HQHAIR* and ZAVVI* to share with you all how I created this Vampire look.  This can be created using the products you have at home, not all of us have makeup artists money or can run out on the streets buying all that sfx makeup, so I'm gonna keep it real and share with you how I created this look. For the post I also got my bestie involved and decided that I would use exactly all the same products as her (minus the foundation/base products as you know.. we have different skin tones).

To achieve this look the only steps that are different throughout the whole routine are the base products but after that every single step is exactly the same from the lips to the eyes.
To create the base for Sarah I first primed her skin with the NYX Photo Loving Primer (green) to correct and cancel out the redness in her skin, and then used the lightest shade from my camouflage concealer palette, (this can be bought from eBay for as little as £10) I used this as her base shade instead of foundation to achieve the pale vampire inspired look. To create the base for myself I primed my skin with the Laura Mercier Primer (which is still my favourite primer to date) to ensure all my pores were covered to get a smooth base and to keep my face free from excess oil. I then applied a generous amount of the Vichy Dermablend Foundation in Coffee as my base.  To achieve the dark vampire eyebrows, I opted for the Collection Eyebrow Kit using the darkest shade in black for both of us, and neatening it up to make our eyebrows stand out with the camouflage concealer palette (lightest shade for her and lightest brown for myself). To set our base I chose to use the Collection Lasting Perfection Powder in Medium for Sarah, as it gives such a flawless finish. I used the Ben Nye Banana Powder under my eyes and let it bake slightly, then went over both our faces with a light dusting of Vichy Dermablend Translucent Powder. We all know when you add foundation products and concealers, you can look a little washed out, so I decided to contour both of us to bring back some dimension to the face and also to achieve high cheekbones (that Vampires seem to have in movies) and a well  defined nose. I contoured Sarah with the Sleek Contour Kit in Light and used this to contour her nose, chin, cheek bones, forehead and jaw line and also used it  lightly on her cheeks to give her a sun-kissed look for her pale skin. For myself I contoured the same areas using the Sleek Luminous Pressed Powder in 04.
To create the Vampire eyeshadow I wanted to go for something that would be easy to follow, without the need for so many different colours that you could recreate with what you have at home. I used a combination of different palettes, such as my 88 Eyeshadow Palette (this can be bought from eBay) and the Sleek Blush by 3 Palette. By using a dark purple I lined the bottom of our lid (near the lash line) blending it up slightly, and also used this to line under the bottom lash water line, I then dusted over an iridescent red/gold colour from the Sleek Blush by 3 Palette to the middle of the lids packing it on to ensure the colour payed off for both of us. I used a matte black colour (from my 88 palette) in the crease and worked it along the crease to blend the colours together, and kept doing so until I reached the desired look I was going for. By using a clean brush I went over the eyelid to ensure the colours were blended to get rid of any harsh lines. This is the perfect time to add that no specific fancy brushes are need to create this look, use what you have, even your fingers will do- remember this is for fun, it's Halloween!
To get that perfect winged liner cat eye (well as perfect as I'm ever going to get it) I used the Maybelline Master Ink Eyeliner in Black* using small strokes along the lash line and followed it out like the eyeshadow, the Master Ink gives a very dark black colour so is perfect for this Halloween tutorial look. And to finish the eyes, I went for my new mascara which is the the Kiss Cosmetics Beyond Limitations Mascara- this beauty has been compared to that of Benefit Mascaras- it's that good! I am particularly fond of this mascara as it elongates lashes, and gives them a generous coating with just one use ensuring all lashes are coated, making them stand out from the crowd.
Lipsticks and playing around with lip colours are one of my favourite things to do, for this occasion I didn't want to go with your average dark purple or dark red for a Vampire tutorial, so used a few colours to get this purple/pink look. What if Vampire's like pink? To achieve this plumpy lip, I outlined both our lips with the NARS J.Mendel Palette (limited edition) in Scarlett Empress, slightly going over Sarah's lip line (like Kylie Jenner used to) to give her the illusion of bigger plumper lips. I filled the middle of the lips with a touch of Viridiana (from the J.Mendel palette) and went over with Rimmel lipstick in Heart-breaker* to add the red tones. To get that glossy finish I used a little bit of Chicaboom (lip lacquer) from the J.Mendel palette to finish the look. Once the whole look was coming together I picked up the Makeup Revolution 'Hot Spice' Blush Palette and used the light pearlescent colour to dust over our cheekbones, cupids bow, forehead, bridge of the nose and chin. I made sure to go over the cheekbones continuously really building up the product on the face as it has such great iridescent  hues of purple, gold, silver and shimmer- which reminds me of the Vampires from Twilight- and when they shine/glisten in the sunlight.... To finish off the look I painted my nails the perfect shade for Halloween in Orange Punch & Goth: Orly Nail Polish* to get into the spirit of Halloween, and that's it!! My Halloween Vampire tutorial that is hopefully easy to recreate- maybe rope in a friend and get him/her thirsty for Halloween!
Above shows the products used for both myself (picture 1) and Sarah (picture 2) not including the 88 eyeshadow palette which unfortunately broke in the making of this post. R.I.P Eyeshadow Palette... To achieve Sarah's manic hair I backcombed her hair slightly and teased it with a comb whilst using the Label M Texturising Volume Spray to give her hair extra volume and texture, I back combined her hair once more and went over with Elnett Hair Spray to keep that thing in place. This is what we will be recreating for Halloween whilst eating all the popcorn and pigging out to scary movies that were kindly sent to me by ZAVVI. Who doesn't want to see ZomBeavers (Zombie Beavers!) attacking people? And my beautiful husband... Man like Luke Evans playing Dracula, it all makes sense now... He's playing Dracula and I'm a blood thirsty vampire DUH!? Now all I have to do is pop my fangs in and be that Blood Sucking VAMPIRE of course... whilst munching on Maoam in a candle lit room...



Who said that winter means no more strobing and goodbye to drop dead gorgeous glowy skin, not me! Just because summer is over let's not stop our routines of being effortlessly gorgeous, during the winter I find I have to work extra hard to care for my skin and change up my skincare routine, and with this sometimes my makeup has to change slightly too. During the past summer strobing was the IT thing, I saw it on the red carpet, in fashion week, bloggers and vloggers were adopting the new in trend of highlighting and I wanted a piece of this too, but how was I going to achieve this look without looking like a shiny mess due to my oily combination skin.

As with everything, skincare is key- in order to achieve a flawless makeup look, you have to make sure your skin is in the best condition to give you a perfect smooth base for easy application. I have recently been in complete awe of Temple Spa and their products to achieve radiant skin and a sun kissed glow- who and why was this kept from me for soo long!?! I want radiant sun-kissed skin too- especially in these dismal winter months. I have always been a fan of Temple Spa's skincare products for pampering but this is in a complete league of its own! And here is my winning combination:

To achieve the perfect base, this is what I have been reaching for on every occasion, like a moth to a flame, I cannot explain just how much my skin has benefited from this product. As mentioned it is important to create a smooth base pre application in order to have a smooth and immaculate finish,  to achieve an immaculate base and a natural glow to my skin I have been reaching for the Temple Spa: The Big Reveal. Whenever I hear a product reaps of glycolic properties I am like a girl on a mission to obtain it, (think of me as the next Katniss Everdeen). The Big Reveal is a glycolic gel peel that has a unique blend of exfoliating ingredients with detoxifying pomegranate extract and moisturising raspberry seed oil that lifts away dead skin cells and surface debris to leave skin ultra smooth, clear and gloriously radiant. 

Now I am almost certain you want my opinion otherwise why are you still reading haha, at first glance when I got my hands on this beauty I fell in love with the packaging- I didn't expect anything less from Temple Spa of course, and their products take pride of place on my dresser. My mum is a little magpie (not really but you'll see where I am going with this) because of the packaging she literally swooped over to find out what the luxurious product was due to its bright polished packaging- and after trying it, guess what... She's hooked, sorry mum you will have to get your own. 

I use a pea sized amount up to three times a week, (maybe more if I have somewhere special to go and I am aiming to look pristine) by massaging it into the skin and leaving it on whilst brushing my teeth, then continue to massage it in further to ensure it is being penetrated deep into the skin, with this it also starts to pick up excess oils and dead skin and once I see this I cleanse my skin with a warm damp muslin cloth to get rid of the left over product. You can literally see the dirt leave your skin and the product works so well to leave my skin rejuvenated and youthful, certainly one I have left on my Christmas wishlist as I am already starting to think what am I going to do without this product in my life when it finishes- hello Santa!

Once my skin has been cleansed and moisturised, I head to my makeup station to start the transformation- music in full swing- foundation, concealer, powder, contour, blush... But what about that highlight though? Highlighting and Strobing has certainly become very popular in the social media world and the blogging community, but I always kept highlighting to a minimal as I was always unsure whether I would end up looking too shiny. Temple Spa: Look On The Bright Side is a liquid highlighter in a pearly champagne shade available to suit every skin tone, with sheer formula you can either achieve that high end dewy cat walk radiant look or add a hint for a touch of a lustrous natural sun-kissed glow. As well as being able to create the perfect radiant look this beauty is packed with brightening anti-ageing ingredients including B3, pomegranate and red clover extracts blended with ginger and mint to cool , purify and soothe the skin. Move over Disney princesses, there's a new queen in town with glowy radiant wake up in the morning skin and I'm not sharing my secret with you. 

Just like The Big Reveal the packaging for Look On The Bright Side is just as gorgeous, with its clear bottle you can see the radiance boosting out of the bottle like sunshine that creeps through the curtains. As well as this beauty looking pretty it's also versatile too, it can be mixed with your BB cream to achieve a dewy luminous finish, used on its own after moisturising to give the skin a youthful glow, or on-top of your makeup to look like a gorgeous goddess! If your trying to achieve master strobing then you need to add your highlight to areas where your face is naturally hit by the light: above your cheekbones, bridge and tip of your nose, your brow-bone just under your eyebrows and your cupids bow and chin. 

My experience of highlighting has certainly improved by using Temple Spa: Look On The Bright Side, so much so that I even have another blog post coming soon showing you how to get the look! The pearl champagne colour with flickers of gold certainly gives my skin a natural glow, and because it is so build-able (due to being a sheer consistency) I can add more if I want to accentuate those areas of my face without looking like a hot mess. 

These two products have become a winning combination in my eyes, but you can also see more from the range to get red carpet ready with the It's All A Blur primer and the Temple Spa Glint luminous concealer over on the website.


Sunday, 18 October 2015


On Sincerely Shug the posts I write are not always about lipsticks and wishlists, sometimes I get a little bit more serious and write about things that are happening in real life- lifestyle posts.
You have seen me cover things from mental health, to what it was like being homeless, this time I want to bring to you something that previously I only spoke about with family and friends. The topic that we hear about but never act out- Blood Donation and Organ Donation. More specifically I want to talk about donors from Black and Ethnic Minority Groups. We need more black people to register and become donors to help save lives, black people are the most under represented as blood donors with less than 1% of active donors- now what does that say about our community? 

This month is BLACK HISTORY MONTH, and the NHS is calling upon black and ethnic groups to register as blood, organ and stem donors and BE THERE for people who need life saving or life enhancing blood transfusions, stem cell transplants and organ transplants. With black, mixed-race and ethnic minority groups having the least registered donors, it takes longer for those people awaiting donation to get the help they need, those waiting for blood donation/cell transplants will averagely wait longer to find a match. With currently 600 people waiting for an organ transplants; black people will often wait a year longer for a kidney transplant than people from white backgrounds. 

''We need a new generation of life savers from the black community'' 
[George The Poet: The Human Story- Awareness Video]

Humans have always been selfish beings, but when it comes to a loved one we would do anything to see them smile, watch them grow and hear them laugh. If your mother, brother, sister, cousin was in this position needing a donor- you would jump at the chance to help- because you care, so why does it become a different story trying to save another persons life. Life is life and everyone's is just as precious as the next mans, think about this as you walk in full health to the shop or as you tuck yourself in at night.
In order to save a life we need to see lives as equal, let's stand up and make our community proud, spread the news WE NEED MORE BLACK DONORS.
I'm donating will you?

Why watch people DIE if we can watch people LIVE
Find out more on becoming a donor here

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

An Affair With Fashion Fair

So if you have been reading the blog for a while (which hopefully you have haha), I have always had the biggest beauty crush on Fashion Fair products since the age of sixteen, when I knew absolutely nothing and couldn't tell the difference between eyeliner, eyebrow pencil and lip liner..... oh how things have changed. After working and reviewing Fashion Fair products on the blog several times, I thought it was only right to put together a makeup tutorial, focusing and featuring majority of products from Fashion Fair of course. So on this occasion, I thought I would put together an everyday look and hopefully soon a nighttime/evening date look.
To achieve this look I made sure to have exfoliated my skin the night before by using Nip+Fab's Glycolic fix scrub to ensure on achieving a smooth base for my makeup application the next morning.  After cleansing my face with the Harley Medical Gentle Cleanser in the morning and moisturising with Amie Skincare Morning Dew Matte Moisturiser, which helps to keep my skin matte before makeup application, I choose to matte my skin before as I suffer with Oily/Combination. Even after this step to avoid shine I use the Laura Mercier foundation primer. (I have not yet found a primer better than this one, but if you could send me recommendation of your primer of choice that is on par with this one,  I would love to look into it).
My base follows a pretty simple routine something I can do in a jiffy, so I can pop out as quickly as possible. Using a stipple brush I apply my Fashion Fair True Finish foundation in Alluring Cocoa all over the face ensuring to build coverage over those blemishes, I then highlight under eyes with the True Finish foundation in Rich Toffee (a slightly lighter shade) to give dimension to my face. On an everyday look I reach for my Makeup revolution Focus and Fix Eyebrow Kit in darkest shade, to achieve my desired look I use long soft strokes following the natural shape of my eyes (nope no HD brows in this post, I am aiming for something natural), then I neaten my brows with the La Girl Concealer in fawn, And that's how quickly I achieve my base,
Powdering is as simple as 1,2,3. By applying Fashion Fair loose powder in Golden Dore, with a beauty blender- I use the powder in the same way I would my banana powder (for evening looks), under my eyes, my temple, chin and the button of my nose to act as a highlight and let it bake slightly (ensuring I'm not using lots of product) and the rest of my face, I dust lightly using a powder brush and a light hand of Vichy Dermablend Translucent powder.
As I wanted to use a spectrum of browns purples and golds in this look I opted for using the Fashion Fair Eyeshadow in Plum Sunset as my blush on the apples of my cheeks, to give me that ever so sought after flushed rosy cheeks. Many people love to highlight and even I do on an everyday basis but with a light, light hand so it's not very noticeable, to achieve this I use the Fashion Fair compact powder in Air and tap that onto my cheekbones, cupids bow and on my eyebrow bone.
My eyes and lips are my favourite of them all, using a combination of Fashion Fair Eyeshadows in Safari Brown and Ginger Snap, I worked and blended Safari Brown into the crease of my eyelid and worked it upwards, then applied Ginger Snap over the eyelid for a copper glint in the middle and viola, a perfect everyday eyeshadow combination. My winged liner was created by using the Collection 24 felt tip liner- as it gives such easy precision when creating lines and gives a deep black that doesn't budge. To elongate my lashes I used the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara to give the illusion of long separated eyelashes.
The beautiful lip colour is by Fashion Fair in Royal Orchid, I first applied this beauty by using a lip liner brush to outline my lips and then filled in my lips with lipstick on top. To make my lips pop I used a smaller concealing brush to neaten my lips with a little concealer. And to finish the whole look I blend with a powder brush to tone down my highlight baking of Golden Dore and make sure everything is blended and I am ready to WERK IT!
Products Used:
Laura Mercier Primer
Fashion Fair- Allurnig Cocoa
Fashion Fair- Rich Toffee
Makeup Revolution- Focus + Fix Medium Dark
La girl Concealer- Fawn

Fashion Fair Loose Powder in Golden Dore
Vichy Dermablend Translucent Powder
Fashion Fair Eyeshadow in Plum Sunset as Blush
Fashion Fair Highlight in Air 

Fashion Fair Eyeshadow in Safari Brown  
Fashion Fair Eyeshadow in Ginger Snap
Collection Extreme Liner Black
Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara Black

Fashion Fair Lipstick in Royal Orchid

Hope you enjoyed this post, and I look forward to doing more posts like this giving particular brands the spotlight creating different looks. Sorry for the change in light for pictures- I am awaiting new lights which will make photos even better. New posts every Wednesday and Sunday!


Sunday, 11 October 2015

Bare Minerals Christmas Party

Thursday evening I was invited down to the Bare Minerals Christmas Party to kick-start the festive season, hosted at the swanky and enchanted Avairy Bar on Little Portland St. The evening was full to the brim of bloggers and professionals alike, conversing about all things Bare Minerals, lusting over all the Christmas goodies, pecking at the appetizers and sipping on gin and juice haha (joking- but no really we all were sipping on a whole load of cocktails) whilst swaying to the music, enjoying getting our nails, hair and makeup did. 
The whole evening I felt like a little kid waiting up to see Santa and wanted to indulge in all the goodies surrounding me, the Bare Minerals event captured me with their Enchantment- A Bare Christmas Story and made me fall under their gift-giving spell and fantasy, The Christmas sets are a thing of beauty, I particularly was fond of the 'Love at First Kiss'- a collection of 10 creamy and pigmented lipsticks, a shade for every moment. 
The night was magical and every single Christmas collection is one you will want to get your hands on. I know exactly what I've got on my wishlist and even now have a few early Christmas ideas i'm tempted to purchase for the lucky ladies in my life. 
Of course I couldn't end the post by just sharing the nights events, I had to share with you a little sneak peak of what's on offer  from Bare Minerals, so that you can grab one of these beauties or even write it on your Christmas wishlist to Santa. 

Thank you for inviting me down to preview the Christmas collection and gifting the Precious Gems set.

Make your Christmas magical with a touch of BareMinerals

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