Amie Skincare Round 2

Many of you may remember a few years ago when I first reviewed Amie Skincare, back when they first graced the blogging community, and I was very impressed by the brand and what they had to offer. Previously I reviewed the 'Spring Clean Deep Cleansing Mask' which you can read here. This time I was fortunate enough to be sent and review the ever so sought after Morning Light- Hydrating Daily Moisturiser and the Morning Dew- Matte Finish Moisture, which I hadn't heard much of before trialling it for myself.

I was sent the products just little under a month now, and I wanted to ensure that both moisturisers received the same amount of time, to make sure I got a proper feel for each product individually- giving them both two weeks to trial. 

Morning Light- Hydrating Daily Moisturiser (£4.95) : Once Mr Mailman knocked on my front door and handed me over the package, I ripped it open with excitement, once I noticed the Hydrating Daily Moisturiser in my hands- almost to the point I clicked my heels together; as I had heard such good things. Amie's moisturiser is said to be gentle and infused with rich rose extract, rosehip oil and mallow to help keep skin soft and nourished, as well as being able to be absorbed quickly- giving skin long lasting hydration. Over the two weeks of using the product and trialling, I came to find that it is incredibly lightweight, and I was very fond of the smell but found it was probably better suited for those with a normal skin type. Of course it gets extra point for not breaking me out- which is always a plus, but I found that it wasn't suitable for my combination skin, I literally am oily all over my t-zone then have normal skin in some areas and dry patches in others and don't feel as this  was catered for my skin type at all. On the plus side it is a lovely product that does not break you out, as it is free from parabens and mineral oils, and all that other unwanted nasties you wouldn't want to be using in your skincare routine. For me personally it gets a 5/10 which is only because it wasn't very suitable for my skin type. 

Morning Dew- Matte Finish Moisturiser (£4.95) : After the first two weeks of trialling the Hydrating Daily Moisturiser and not doing so well with it, as I had to use other moisturisers throughout the day to keep hydrated and dry skin at bay, I was eager to give this one a whirl, and was pleasantly surprised with how well this product worked for me. From the first day it made contact with my skin I haven't put it down. Amie's moisturiser is said to be a gentle and effective formula bursting with high quality, deriving from plant extracts that work to keep skin clear, soft and radiant. The Matte Finish Moisturiser is a light and mineral oil free daily moisturiser infused with natural plant sugars to hydrate the skin, and the rosehip and bilberry nourishes/softens the skin without excess oil or shine leaving your skin soft and matte. Now this sounds right up my street, and lord behold it was, although similar to the previous moisturiser, I feel that this product is richer and hydrates the whole of my skin, but as it mattifies also it stops my t-zone from being oily and keeps my shine at bay. Now you may think this is the end to my glorious rant, but guess again- let me tell you my friend it is not. To this day I have been using the Morning Dew moisturiser, as my moisturiser of choice especially when I know I am going to be wearing make-up for the day, of course I do my usual primer foundation etc but this moisturiser helps to keep my skin matte soft and hydrated and acts as a perfect smooth base for my make-up to glide on, making it look flawless! We all know that old trick to mix your foundation with your favourite moisture- and let me tell you I think I'm onto something here with this one. The two combined create the best home-made BB cream ever- covers blemishes, stays matte and doesn't oxidise- what more could you ask for? This product from Amie deserves a 10/10, and I don't give that score out lightly haha, it is certainly going to be repurchased once I'm done with this one.

Check out Amie Skincare for yourself, let me know what you think?

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